Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy new year!

First of all.. I wanna wish you all a very happy new year!! May it be even better than the last one! ♥

I spent new years eve with my friend Heidi. We had soo much fun playing with make up, and taking pictures and videos!

She wanted me to do her make up too.. This was the first time ever when I did make up for someone else than myself. The looks came out surprisingly good, considering that we were also drinking ..

I wanted to try blue blush and I loved it! A bit different than my normal everyday make up looks ..

Wigs ! ♥


  1. The blue blush is cool and the wigs are amazing, ha ha! I like how you did your friends makeup, very Jeffree Starr!



  3. You're amazing ~ so talented! I'm surprised you havent done make up on anyone else before! Happy New Year xxx

  4. Absolutely amazing make up looks! Happy New Year!!

  5. you guys are awesome... LOVE IT

  6. @Robyn: Thank you! I loved the blue blush.. So weird, why haven't tried anything like that before :D The wigs were so fun! Ahh, now I want to die my hair purple..
    Yeah, it wasn't my intension to make it so jeffree star, lol but it just happened :D

    @Nancy: Aww thanks Nancy! Yeah, the septum really suits her!

    @eirryn: Thanks hun! I definitely want to do make up on others in the future too :D

    @Pili: Thank you!!

    @Amandita: Thanks!!

    ♥ xxx

  7. Happy new year to you!

  8. Jonnaaaaaa, you are the MASTER of make up, gosh!!!! I LOVE your and HYeidi's make up so much!!!

    Bow to you in respect my dear
    xoxo :))

  9. 6th pic: Drunken Jonna hair :'D I feel like I've seen that hair style before.. hmm :DD But yaaay WIGS! <3 I want a wig (or ofcourse so many wigs!) too! ^^
    And yes, you have done someone elses makeup once before.. remember that salmiac eyes makeup....? XD Ok.. maybe we can't count it. :DD But Heidi's makeup is awesome! I think it's so much harder to do makeup for somebody else than yourself. ^^ Love your lips <3
    Btw ! I bought a skin glue by Grimas (do not use near eyes... uhm OFCOURSE not... ^_^) and noticed that it includes lanolin oil! So seemingly it isn't only in lipsticks :S Just incase you didn't know that..

  10. @Tinja: Thanks, to you too!!

    @Jemina: Aww thank you!! ♥

    @Amy: Thanks!

    @Nea: Hahah.. Hmmh can't be bothered to count the pics but well yeah if you mean that hairstyle.. Heidi put my hair like that, she loved the way I was wearing my hair in London :'D Wigs are amazing, I want wigs too! I loved Heidi's purple wig I was wearing ♥ (and I want purple hair!)
    hahahah lol ... We can't count that make up XD It's really much more difficult to do make up on someone else than yourself.. But I wanna learn, and get used to it :D
    Skin glue... Hmmh, for what? beard? moustache? fake nose? lol :D cool! I don't even know if it's lanolin I'm allergic to .. It's just what someone said that usually causes allercig or something.. But all I know is that to some ingredient I am allergic, whether it's lanolin or something else .. But lips are the only part of me that die because of it XD


  11. I love these looks! You are so talented!

  12. Haha :DD I have a purple hair right now.. or something like purple.. violet.. whatever! :D No pink.. I miss it so much !
    Glue for.. I don't know! Sequins? XD I just wanted to buy it.. and glitter stays soo well with that. Well I'm sure there is some better way to stick glitter than glue but it works. I also thought that it would be so funny to buy some nice eyebrows haha! :D
    So lipstick on your hand doesn't irritate? That's weird. Or maybe lips are more sensitive area... Hm. You should try my glue. There's only few substances in it ^^

  13. @kathyeffinjacobs: Thank you! :)

    @Nea: You have?? Cool! I haven't seen in ages 8(( Why did you get rid of pink then if you miss it?
    Sequins ... ;DD Heheh! Ahh, I want to play with sequins again someday.. ! You can glue anything to your face ;)) Yeah it surely helps the glitter stay if you don't know better ways to do it.. Michael James uses mixing medium to stick the glitter, and he said also Illamasqua's sealing gel works as well. ^_^
    And no, lipstick doesn't kill my hands :D It's just the lips .. So annoying, as I'd love to wear lipsticks but my lips are too sensitive and they only like my lip balm 8(

  14. Yessss I have and ofcourse I didn't miss pink then.. but now I do. :D And my plan was that I'll do something different now and then when this colour isn't good anymore I'll dye them pink again .. or something like that. I knew I'll miss pink because.. I'M PINK! <3 But wanted some change as I got bored.
    Great you have to come here someday! We can play with sequins and everything ^_^ This time without allergic reactions, please!
    And yeah I've watched that video but I haven't done any search for them yet. But I will.

  15. wow such beautiful colors...yoo girls it!!!

  16. Such beautiful makeup, you are so talented at makeup art : )

  17. completely loving this look :)
    so creative!! x

  18. wow, what amazing colours! you really have an awesome talent! :)
    Olivia x

  19. OO.. you should know that u have a big talent in make up!! :)
    the result is greaat,. it's very artsy and looks super great..

  20. Hi Jonna! I really love your style and that's why I gave you an award. Find out more here at

  21. Omg I didn't leave a comment here! I was a bit surprised about all of these comments. Someone even liked my septum! Thanks :DD. Jonna, we have to do things like this more often! My new year was great because of you! Thnx hun! <3

    - Heidi

  22. great pics, looks so cool! xx

  23. @Nea: Yeah it's always good to change sometimes and try different things! And then dyeing it pink again when you're bored ^_^
    Hahah yeah I definitely should come there to play with you and sequing someday! Without allergic reactions XDD

    @Orchid: Thank you!!

    @ryan: Thanks ♥

    @R May A: Thanks! :)

    @Olivia: Thanks! :)

    @inge luciana: Thank you soo much :)

    @Glytten: Oh thanks! I'll check it out!

    @Klisia: Heheh thank YOU for making my new years eve so great ♥ Indeed, we should do things like this more often !

    @Luci Ana: Thanks!!



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