Monday, 26 July 2010

Tampere Pride 2010

When my friend Nea & I heard about Tampere Pride, we instantly knew we have to go and see what's going on there.

On Thursday, there was Sinivalkoisin höyhenin - book releasing. It's a book about Finnish drag, written by Tiia Aarnipuu. Nea bought the book, and I already borrowed it from her. Haven't started reading it yet, but I'm sure it's an interesting book!
The book releasing ceremony included drag artist NikoLa's performance, which was amazing! (He's the one on the left of this picture, on the right is the writer Tiia Aarnipuu). He sang a song which had so funny lyrics! We took a video of it, but unfortunately it looks like I've lost it, I can't find it anywhere...

After the book releasing there was Night of the Finest Drag gala show. The tickets were quite expensive so we didn't go there.. Even though it would have been amazing to see all those drag artists. Instead of that show, we went to the church.. There was rainbow prayers. I was curious what would it be like, but actually it was quite boring event really.

On Friday, I woke up too late and didn't go to Tampere at all, unfortunately. Nea went with her another friend, and they managed to see a play 'Sex & Propaganda' for free. It sounded interesting..

On Saturday there was supposed to be an open-air event, but unfortunately it was moved to inside Yo-talo, probably because it was supposed to rain on that day. Would have been nice to spend time outside though, have a picnic and so on..

This is the make up I wore on Saturday. At first I created a rainbow eye make up, but then I thought it's a bit too much and took some colours off. The blue & pink eyeshadows I used, are from Nea's neon colours eyeshadow palette, which is an awesome palette. I also love the make up Nea wore on that day, it's simple but colourful.. I hope she's going to post pictures of it on her blog! ;)

But well, we went to Yo-talo. There was performing a young drag artist, Linnea Von Kattendam. The stage was only small, but the performance was great! He's different that most of the drag artists, he was playing old crazy ugly lady. And he played her so well.

After the drag show, Nea & I went to my house. We were drinking and playing board games. We had so much fun! We were also planning what make up to wear on Sunday.

Yeah, we thought about wearing manga make up. I love the pink manga make up Nea did! It's so cute. And her eyebrows... so funny!

On Sunday, we didn't really wear the manga make up looks though, it would have taken too much time and we didn't want to wake up so early.I wore black cut crease make up. Even the drag artist liked my make up!

There was Night of the Finest Talent! happening. There was some girl singing, some girl band playing, and magician performing. And what's the best, the same drag artist who was performing yesterday too, Linnea Von Kattendam! Today (s)he played only 3 songs but it was awesome show. The stage was bigger than on Saturday, and it just was sooo good. We took videos of the all songs yesterday so I didn't want to take videos today. I took only two pictures, because he was moving so much and I didn't want to chance the settings of my camera so I could get better pictures, I just wanted to enjoy the show and not focus on my camera.

After the show he came to talk to us, he remembered us from yesterday. Later on I added him on facebook, and we talked there. He's a very nice guy! I definitely want to go to see his shows more often. :)

Wanna be featured?

Ashley from All of Your Beauty asked her followers to send her their beauty blog buttons so she can feature them on her blog. I sent my button to her, and I also featured her blog on the sidebar of my blog.

Now, I also want to ask all of you to send your blog buttons to me so I could feature you too! I think blog buttons look much nicer and more interesting, and for sure they'd get more attention than just the names on my blogroll.

So, if you're a follower of my blog and want to be featured on the sidebar, please send me your blog button (190 x 65) to my email

Here is my blog button, (created by Nea!), please feel free to copy the following code and feature my button on your blog if you want! :)

Friday, 23 July 2010

black cut crease make up tutorial

I've always admired this make up look when I've seen some guys wearing this, but it was for the Tammerfest when I first time recreated this look for myself. I absolutely love it, it's my favourite make up look of all the looks I've ever done. Long false lashes would have made this look even better though.

Hopefully you like the tutorial! If you try this look out, I'd love to see the results! :)

How to achieve this look:

1. Apply primer, foundation or whatever base you usually use for your make up. Then apply white eyeshadow all over the lid.

2. Take a black eyeliner pencil and draw a line following your crease.

3. Take a brush and blend the colour outwards.

4. Apply black eyeshadow and blend the colour outwards. (instead of applying black now, you can use whatever colour you want!)

5. Add white eyeshadow to the brow bone and blend it with the black colour so there's no any harsh lines.

6. Line the waterline and the upper and the lower lashlines with a black eyeliner.

7. Apply mascara and fill in the eyebrows.

The final look:

Products used:
1) H&M concealer 
2) H&M - Kitty Beach Party blue eyeshadow3) Wet N' Wild - kajal & eyeliner black black
4) Bobby Brown - charcoal 12 black eyeshadow
5) Max Factor - False Lash Effect mascara
6) Ludinelle - khol pencil, brun syrien 04
7) Rimmel London - stay matte pressed powder 001

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Tammerfest 2010

I've had great time with Siz. She really chose the perfect time to come to Finland, she had a chance to see all the best finnish bands with me!

Tammerfest this year was AMAZING!

I managed to get in to Telakka on Friday 16th, no one asked to see my ID! Those bands at Telakka.. Well, it all felt so surreal.

First there was playing The VooDoo Nights. I was so happy to finally see them live again. When JWRA split up in 2007, I was so looking forward to start going to the gigs of Arde's (JWRA's guitarist) new band. But, they've had mostly gigs with age limit so far, so I've had a chance to see them only once before. But well, that's about to chance soon, after my birthday I can go everywhere!

It was so nice to see Arde again and talk with him after the gigs! He's such a gorgeous guy and I love his style too!

Then, Jann Wilde played with his band The Neon Comets. I didn't take many pictures, because I had to save battery for the night's special guest band, and also because for the most of the time some of the band members were hiding behind the bar which was in front of the stage and I couldn't see them from where I was sitting. It doesn't matter, I already have so many pictures of that band.. They played a brand new song, 'Jello', which I loved!

And the so long waited special guest band. Jann Wilde & The Rose Avenue!! That band split up three years ago.. I didn't think I'd ever see them again but well, never say never! Jann,Tender, Arde and Rene. Just absolutely amazing and nostalgic to see them playing together again! I have only 3 pictures from that gig, because the gig was so special, I wanted to have videos of all the songs they played!

On Saturday 17th we went to Viikinsaari. It was fun too! There played many bands, but Siz & I just sat somewhere drinking and talking for the most of the time. We went to the front of the stage watching few bands though.

At first, Skin Alive. It's Arde's another band, where he only plays guitar and sings backing vocals. Also Pappa from The VooDoo Nights plays guitar in this band. I've never seen Skin Alive live before, only listened to some songs on myspace, so it was nice to see them.

And then, Jann Wilde & The Neon Comets again. The set was exactly the same as it was yesterday, but it didn't matter, somehow it sounded different anyway.

After the Viikinsaari gigs Siz, Nea and I were sitting in the harbour and having fun.

Jann Wilde also wrote about the Tammerfest gigs in his blog, so check it out!

I'm just sooo happy now. Somehow it feels like it's 2007 again! ♥

I'm sure many of you are waiting to see the make up looks and tutorials, and I promise I'll do them soon.. I already have pictures for one make up tutorial (the make up I was wearing during the Tammerfest, you can see it on the pictures), all I need is time for posting them and writing the tutorial, and more is coming too so stay tuned! x

picnic in Hämeenlinna

It was Siz's last day in Finland yesterday, and we decided to go to Hämeenlinna. Siz wanted to see the castle, and I've never seen it before other than only through the windows in train so it was nice to go there.

We didn't know how to get there from the railway station, so we just started walking and it happened to be the wrong way. But it didn't matter, it was nice to walk there and take pictures.

On the way to the castle, we got the idea that we could go and buy some food and do a picnic before going to the castle. And yeah, that's what we did. We bought soo much food!

We found a nice place near the castle where to do the picnic, we managed to sit there for a while until some guys told us to go somewhere else, they wanted to put some toilets there. (for some festival, I think)
It was just so weird and fun, why shoould they put the toilets just there where we where  having our picnic! Hahah.

So we had to find new place. It was so nice to sit there; eat, drink, talk, laugh, listen to good music!

Then, after we had eaten enough, we went to see the castle. It wasn't open anymore so we couldn't get in, but it was nice to see it even outside.

Then we went back to Tampere, to get Siz's luggage and then went to Nokia and spend few hours sitting in my balcony, watching old gig pictures taken by me and also some other pictures, and we were talking a lot. Before 4 in the morning my mum and I went to take Siz to the airport and she went home. :/ I really enjoyed this week with her! And I'm so glad, she's coming back already in September when I have my birthday!
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