Friday, 29 October 2010


I'm back in Finland again :( Sooo busy and tired and everything, I'm going to catch up reading all blogs and replying to comments and also blog about my trip to London someday when I have time.. But before that, you can find me on facebook! (There's also some pictures of my London trip.)

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

packing for London

I've been super busy lately. I've been sick, spent lots of time at school sewing, going to gigs, drawing, qruising (hahah) and all kind of stuff.. so I haven't had much time for blogging..

But here I am now... super excited, without any make up on, messy hair but at least it's pitch black now (just dyed.. bye bye blonde roots!).

Today I've been packing for my trip to London.. I'm leaving tomorrow!

I'm so excited! So many amazing things happening there! Trannyshack, The Face ...

Nea and I are going to have soooo much fun ♥

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Jann Wilde @ Basso on 16th Oct

It didn't even feel like I was in Turku. It didn't look like Turku. The gig place, Basso, was so far from the centre where I've used to be.. :D
Anyway, this was my 40th Jann Wilde gig.. and the last one this year. Oh, these are going to be sooo long months for me without the gigs.. hahah what am I going to do??

(It was too dark there, I should have used a flash but I couldn't because my camera was running out of battery.. That's why the quality isn't the best possible)

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Gaga dolls

I saw pictures of these Gaga dolls on Youri's blog and I just had to post about them too. Simply amazing!
Chinese designer Lu Wei Kang has recreated Lady Gaga's wardrobe in miniature for his barbie doll collection. So, precisely, these aren't Gaga dolls but Gaga costumes for barbie dolls. I'd love to have barbies with costumes like these!

"Nobody else dresses like Lady Gaga. She's a fashion leader - just look at her in those amazing wigs, make-up, and outfits. I pay close attention to her music, clothes, glasses and make-up. Every detail makes me love her more and more and I thought it would be fun to make those wigs and outfits for Barbie dolls," he's said.

All pictures from @flickr

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Alexander McQueen spring 2011

The collection is amazing. Alexander McQueen was a genious designer.. Sarah Burton did a great job, she worked with him for so long and it can be seen in this collection which is very McQueen.

It's all in the details.

 Shoes were breath-taking.

all pictures from

I'm In Love With A Killer

Jeffree Star's new song... I LOVE it. ♥

Download for free here!

Jann Wilde @ Bar Bulldog on 8th Oct

An unplugged gig in Riihimäki. We had so much fun there! Playing cards..heh. Drunk old men.... hilarious. Again, I was told I look like Boy George!

outfits of the week #9


dress H&M
cardigan Cellbes
belt Europehouse
hat Anttila
leather jacket some store in Germany


lace shirt second hand
top some store in Germany
skirt made by me
leather jacket some store in Germany


dress H&M
cardigan H&M
hat Anttila
leather jacket some store in Germany


dress Topshop
lace shirt second hand
hat Anttila
leather jacket some store in Germany


shorts made by me
top some store in Germany
lace shirt second hand
hat Anttila
leather jacket some store in Germany
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