Monday, 4 October 2010

TheBodyNeeds giveaway prize

I was lucky enough to win Bec's The BodyNeeds giveaway a while ago. The prize was five mineral eyeshadows, but Bec was so kind and sent me also some BYS nail polishes too!

 Eyeshadow swatches: Golden Peach, Heliotrope, Amethyst, Silver Struck, Alt Gold

This is a very quick look I made using Silver Struck and Amethyst.

I LOVE this sparkling rainbow nail polish.You can't even see in pictures how gorgeous it really is.

Thanks Bec!! :)


  1. Yay, congrats! Isn't it winning giveaways an awesome feeling!

    I love those eye shadow colours!

  2. You are absolutely welcome my dear.


  3. congrats :D
    nice things :) the eyeshadows are great & I love the nail polish I have a similar one but not rainbow sparkling ;) it's just blue and green sparkling ^^

  4. @Pili: Thanks!! It's sooo awesome to win something. And yeah those eyeshadows are amazing!

    @Bec: Thanks ♥

    @Siz: Thanks! Very nice things :) I adore this nail polish ♥ I love everything sparkling, heheh!


  5. aww really? Amazing stuff you got

  6. Congrats for winning! You're so lucky :) Kiitos oikeesti hirveesti kaikista sun ihanista kommenteista, piristi päivää kivasti kun huomasin että olit jaksanut kommata niin moneen :) vitsit kun toi kynsilakka näyttää niin mageelta!

  7. :) yeah sparkling is nice but I don't like too much sparkling ^^

    but those nail polishes which sparkle are great :) I have a nailpolish which is kinda transparent but there are purple sparkle things inside :) looks nice! ^^

  8. Alt gold looks aaaaaaawesome! Winning stuff is the bestest :)

  9. love the color and obviously the sparkle!!!!


  10. Wow you are so good at applying eye makeup! It looks so good on you, I wish I knew how to do that

  11. the nailpolish is epic!
    I feel like I'm staring into gazillion stars in the night sky
    Sooo pretty!


  12. aww congratss on ur winning :D

  13. wow! you're so lucky. i love the swatches of eyeshadows

  14. love the nails so much! and i love your looks! you are gorgeous! :D

    The Coronet

  15. CONGRATS! makeup is always so much better when it's free :) Love the Alt Gold and Amethyst shades - such awesome colours!

  16. CONGRATS! makeup is always so much better when it's free :) Love the Alt Gold and Amethyst shades - such awesome colours!

  17. awh man that gold is awesome!!

  18. oh love the sparkles!

    Cheers, B & Liv

  19. @Johanna: Yeah, really. Indeed!

    @Pusuhuulet: Thanks! :D Eipä kestä, yritän aina mahollisimman moneen lukee kun kuitenkin luenkin kaikki uudet postaukset blogeista mitä seuraan :) Toi kynsilaukka näyttää oikeesti viä upeemmalta, tossa kuvassa ei ne värit näy niin hyvin!

    @hiven: me too!

    @Youri: :)

    @Siz: I love sparkling, can there be TOO much of it?? heh :D Purple sprakle ... sounds awesome!

    @nookie: :)

    @Robyn: Yeah :D

    @Johanna: I love it too!

    @Style, She Wrote: Me too!

    @Coily Mystics: Yeah!

    @sayablack: Yeah it is :)

    @ryan: Thanks! This is VERY simple and fast look.. You can do anything, just try different things and you'll learn! :D

    @Stevia: Yeah!!:D

    @ipehishere: Thanks!

    @Nadine Natalin: Yeah :))

    @Bernadette Bianca: Thanks! ♥

    @All Made Up: Thanks! You can never have too much make up so it's awesome to get some stuff for free! Especially brands which you couldn't even buy in stores in your country :D

    @mytigerly: Yeah!

    @blivbook: Me too!


  20. wow amazing ,, loved the nail polish <3

  21. :D well yeah it can be too much for my taste ;)
    but well ^^ everyone has his own taste when it comes to that ;D

    yeah the purple sparkling is really nice :D

  22. @Princess Feef: I love it too ♥

    @Siz: Yeah... We all have different tastes :D Purple sparkling sounds lovely ♥


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