Friday, 27 August 2010

outfits of the week #3

It's Friday again, and time to do outfits of the week post! I can't be bothered to write any comments about these outfits, I'd rather hear yours. ;)

This outfit challenge is going so well; already 3 weeks and 14 different outfits. And still, no problems to come up with new combos.


dress Topshop
t-shirt H&M
leggins H&M
hat Anttila


tunic flea market
leggins H&M?


dress H&M
shirt some store in Germany
leopard hoodie made by me
leggins H&M


dress flea market
knit blazer H&M
leggins H&M
scarf friend gave me


shorts made by me
t-shirt H&M
shirt Cellbes
leggins H&M
hat Anttila
leather jacket some store in Germany

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Liya Kebede - Vogue Italia September 2010

 Leather, fur and fishnets. Love how the model looks so androgynous and edgy in these pictures!
Gorgeous photography by Tom Munro.

Friday, 20 August 2010

outfits of the week #2

It's Friday, finally!! This week has been so hard, and I'm so happy to have some time for myself. Blogging, TV, fashion magazines, inspiration book, drawing.. Now when school started again, I really can appreciate the free time so much more than I did when I still had holiday!

So, here's the outfits of the week.


dress Veljekset Keskinen
knit jacket H&M
leggins H&M
hat Anttila

Yesterday I was told like I look like a goth when I'm wearing such a dark outfit so today I wanted to add something pink.

dress H&M
blazer H&M
leggins H&M
hat Anttila
shoes Dinsko

I love combining dresses with large shirts.

dress flea market
shirt Cellbes
skirt made by me
leggins H&M
hat Anttila

This has been one of my favourite combos and the outfit I've been wearing often lately.
The only day without a hat this week!

tunic Veljekset Keskinen
knit jacket H&M
leggins H&M

Almost two weeks I managed  to take pictures in the morning before leaving for school, but today I didn't have time to do it until I came home.  The lighting isn't the best possible to show the outfit though..
This was the first time ever I wore  this dress, I bought it only couple days ago.

dress flea market
knit jacket H&M
leggins H&M
hat Anttila

Thursday, 19 August 2010

purple cut crease make up

Time to post some make up look again!

This is one look I wore to school one day last week. I was about to do black cut crease make up look, but instead of black I decided to try to do it purple. Quite nice!

Products used:
H&M concealer 
H&M - Kitty Beach Party white eyeshadow
(unknown brand) - purple kohl kajal
Rimmel London - colour rush duo eyeshadow 621 brit cool
Wet N' Wild - kajal & eyeliner black black
Ludinelle - khol pencil, brun syrien 04
Oriflame - beauty power curl mascara
Rimmel London - stay matte pressed powder 001

Monday, 16 August 2010

outfits of the week #1

I've already posted these pictures of this outfit when I posted about going back to school but I had to post them again, as this is the first outfit of my outfit challenge.

(my sister's) shirt H&M
Seppälä (?)
leggins H&M
blazer UFF

Tight high waisted shorts are better when combined with loose shirt. I don't like full tight outfits. I had to wear the leopard hoodie, because I needed the hoodie to protect my hair from getting wet because it was raining. Umbrellas aren't enough, and I don't want curly hair.

(my sister's) shirt H&M
grey knit blazer  H&M
shorts  made by me
leggins  H&M
leopard hoodie  made by me

While doing this outfit challenge, my aim is to learn to use all of my clothes, combine them in different ways... And how do I start this challenge. Wearing my sister's shirt for the first three days. Hahah.

top - H&M
(my sister's) shirt  H&M
skirt Topshop
leggins H&M
blazer UFF

I love this leopard shirt, it's the most comfortable shirt I have and it's amazing and cool in summers, but still wearable when the weather is colder too if I wear some shirt under it. I just love it, and the hat ♥ I'd never want to take it off.

top H&M
shirt H&M
skirt made by me
leggins H&M
hat Anttila
shoes Dinsko

Sunday, 15 August 2010


I finally bought myself a hat. Well, two hats. I haven't ever had a hat, even though I've been "mentally wearing a hat" for the last two or three years. (meaning= I've wanted to buy me a hat but for some unknown reason I haven't bought one)

I was meant to buy only the black one, but the red was so cheap and I just couldn't leave it there.

I adore the black one, it suits with any outfit and saves me from 'bad hair days' too!

Friday, 13 August 2010

wake up my wardrope

I have lots of clothes, but there's lots of them that I've never worn or I used to wear them only ages ago. I'm sick of feeling like I have nothing to wear, or wearing the few same outfits over and over again when my wardrope is full of clothes.

I want to wake my boring wardrope up, instead of keeping buying new clothes all the time.. (the latter I couldn't even really do a lot because of the lack of money!)

I decided to challenge myself, to try how long I can come up with new outfits. I try to create different combos everyday. After wearing all my safe normal outfits, I must to start finding new ways to wear clothes I haven't lately worn. 

(I've forgotten to mention, I finally got a clothes reck when we went to IKEA with my mum a month or two ago!)

I'm going to take pictures of my outfits during the week, and post them here at the end of week. :)

Such a great way to find new things to wear, for free. I have to take pictures of the outfits so I don't forget what combos I have already worn, and when I post them here, I can't 'cheat'. hahah.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

everyday make up

Today was my third school day after holiday, and for some reason I did the make up look I used to wear for the whole last year at school. Well, the title isn't the best possible, because as I've said, I haven't had a specific everyday make up look lately, I've been trying so many different looks almost everyday during my summer holiday..

But yeah. This is the look that used to be my everyday make up look.

I don't think this will become my everyday make up look now when schools started again. Even though I don't have lots of time to to my make up in the mornings, I've experienced so much with make up during my summer holiday that I have other quick make up looks in my mind that I can do. Not the same everyday anymore, it would be too boring for me now. 

I'm suffering from the lack of time now because of school, so I don't have so much time to spend online as I used to have when I still had my holiday. I love reading your comments, and I'm going to reply to every single one of them as soon as I have time!! And I'm going to check out your blogs, and also new blogposts from the blogs that I follow, as soon as I have time!

And I have sooo many ideas, what to blog about.. Yeah, of course. When you have lots of time, you don't know what to blog about but when you're busy, new ideas just keep coming to your mind. Well, I'm trying to everything I can with the little time I have. :)
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