Wednesday, 18 January 2012

back in Finland, back in the blogosphere

Hey everyone! I went to London to do my practical training last September as I mentioned in my last post here forever ago.. Well, I'm back in Finland now, and also decided to start blogging again!  

I was going to start with few picture heavy posts about my time in London but .. Well. Ended up deleting the first new post as suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable with sharing so much here. I've just  checked the statistics of my blog and I'm soo surprised that so many people are visiting my blog even though I've been so inactive! I don't want to let this blog be too personal, I want to focus on make up looks and clothes and stuff like that, and keep most of the personal stuff like pics with friends etc on FB and on my computer. .

Anyways, I had an amaaaazing time in London! Not going to post many pics here, but let me tell you about some highlights of my time there.

  • I got closer with my friends, also made some new friends, and even met some internet friends for the first time in real life! Miss them already. ♥
  • Went out at least once a week, sometimes twice or even three times. Had so much fun partying with my friends! I never really go out here in Finland..
  • I was working for Minna Hepburn , and really enjoyed it. 
  • The house I was living in, it was great, my room was like 3 times bigger than my room in Finland.. And all my flatmates were very nice too!

  • Went to my first fashion show ever! Kristian Aadnevik. Was amazing, I love his designs.
  • Saw Toyah performing..
  • and Massive Ego and Dusty O..
  • and Joe Black !
  • Almost went to Boy George's gig too, already bought the ticket... but the gig got cancelled. :( (I've seen him 3 times before, so it wasn't the end of the world.)
  • Also went to a club where Boy George was supposed to be DJing, but he got ill and didn't come there. Had a great time anyway!
  • Amanda Lepore was also hosting at some party where I went to!
  • My family came for a surprise visit! They just UNexpectedly turned up at my work place one day, I was so shocked.. Even my mum came, even though she's terrified of flying!
  • Also two of my friends from Finland came to visit me, and few sent me letters! I love real letters!
  • Spent the christmas with two of my friends. My first christmas away from my family.. Had a great time! But from now on I wanna spend every christmas at home.. Christmas is a family event for me. 

Going to post about couple other events I went to in London, and then I'm ready to start posting some make up looks and outfits again! And yes, I also have looots of catching up to do with all the blogs I'm following as I've been away for so long .. (Ughh and the photo uploader on blogger hates me.)
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