Monday, 29 March 2010

no phone

There's been something wrong with my mobile phone.. When someone calls me, it turns itself off and on and I can't answer. So I had to take it for repair today. So, I have to live without my phone for I don't know how long! And what does that mean.. No listening to music outside of my room, no internet enough, no texting at all.. I can't even check what time it is where's no clocks around! How will I manage to live without my phone??

It just makes me much busier online as I can't reply to any messages via phone..  I've been without my phone for only few hours now but there's just so many things to do already, many new videos from my subscriptions to watch on youtube, many message from friends to reply to, and I should also post pictures here of my Lady Gaga - Telephone make up looks I recreated last weekend .. But I've so limited time to be online via pc, as I've said, it's not easy to have only one pc for 6 people.

Well, I'll try to survive... Hopefully they'll fix my phone soon! Though it's not nice to be so dependent of technology.. But I can't help it. It's not my fault almost all my friends live too far so I can't meet them and I have to text and talk in facebook/youtube/twitter or somewhere with them! :D

Btw. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VOODO, HARIKAMURU! ♥ Wish I could be there eating cake with you!

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Is there anything better than..

it's weekend, you don't have to do anything, you're just playing with make up in your room and listening to good music? ♥

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Boy George bag

The first thing I sewed for myself at school was a simple bag. My friend Siz wanted to see it, so here's the picture!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

new room, new wardrobe

I used to think my old room as the best room of our house, I once moved to another room (my sisters') for a while but I've never even thought about moving to my brother's room because I've never liked that room. Well, one night few weeks ago I happened to ask him to change rooms with me. Not because I wanted his room... But because I wanted his wardrobe!

Well, the next day he moved to my room and I moved to his. But it wasn't until last weekend when I managed to get my room 'done'. Don't know how long it would have taken otherwise but because my friend came here last weekend, I had to clean my room.. And I also finally managed to put a carpet to my floor and also change the curtains. Me, lazy?? Haha.

I couldn't take any good pictures of my current room and why would I even introduce my old room then. But if you wanna see my room, you're welcome come here for a visit! ;) Haha.

But I can show you now why I wanted to move to his room. As I said.. Because of the wardrobe.

This is my old wardrobe. Couldn't take a better picture but you see.. There was only few shelves where I had to keep my clothes.

But what have I always wanted.. A bigger wardrobe, where would be a bar for hangers! I have so many shirts with zippers or buttons in front of them and of course I have lots of dresses too.. And they just didn't like staying as a pile in shelves. Everytime I took a dress from between the dresses in the dress pile, almost all of them fall off a shelf! It's so annoying.. I like folding clothes and arranging my wardrobe, but I like doing it only when I want to do it, not everytime I take clothes from my wardrobe!

Dresses and those shirts with zippers or buttons or something in front of them they would be some much better to keep in hangers than in shelves.. And when I realised that my brother has better wardrobe than I did, I wanted to move to his room. He doesn't care where he keeps his clothes, and he doesn't even have dresses or anything and he didn't use those hangers..

So, this is my new wardrobe! Well, I'd need even bigger one but this is much better than my previous one.

A walk-in closet. That's what I'm dreaming of. Someday when I'm living on my own, I'll have a walk-in closet..

Sunday, 21 March 2010


Yesterday my friend from Hämeenlinna came here. She has just got a driving licence and we went to drive all around Tampere and Nokia for more than 5 hours. It was fun. I love sitting in the car. We were listening to good music too! The Cure, David Bowie, Nick Cave (never heard before), David Bowie, Dead Or Alive, Cristal Snow..

Dead Or Alive - it sounded amazing. I haven't been listening to it in ages, just because there's so many other bands I've been listening to lately and I also knew bands sounds even better after a little break and I was right.. I hadn't forgotten how great voice Pete Burns has but still it sounded so new and fresh and strong and stunning.. and everything. I just love it.

And while I was walking in Tampere before I met my friend, some guy asked me if I was going to a punk party! I looked like I was?

too much variety

The next thing I'm going to make at school is a shirt dress with bow collar, gathered 3/4 sleeves, buttons.. (I think I should somehow start studying cloth making vocabulary in english, as I don't know how to describe or call all those things...)

It's so fun, and difficult.. When you're drawing patterns, there's so many different options.. You can do absolutely anything. And also when choosing fabrics.. You can choose whatever you want.

I went to take a look around the fabric store yesterday, but didn't buy anything because I'm not sure yet how much I need to buy it. And I'm not sure what I want.. At first I thought I'd make a black blouse with bit of red or pink in it, but then decided not to as it would be so boring, and almost everyone of my classmates are going to make black blouses. I found amazing zebra fabric, but there wasn't so much of it and I though that maybe there's not enough left on Monday when I'm going to actually buy fabrics.. I went to look some other fabrics and when I looked back to the zebra fabric, there was already someone buying it. What a surprise.

My other option is to buy bright red fabric. Even though I'd look like Little My if I was wearing a red shirt dress! Haha..

Well.. I'll see tomorrow. I hope there's that zebra fabric left in another fabric store where I'm probably going tomorrow. Or maybe I'm not even sure if I want it.. Choosing is so difficult! Well, it's good that I don't like so many colours, and that limits my options. And I know I'm not going to make leopard shirt dress, I've too much of leopard stuff already, even though I found lovely leopard print fabric as well.. But, what do I want then? Zebra? Red? Polka dots? Something else?

Friday, 19 March 2010

Crazy Color

I just dyed my hair. This was probably the last time I used Crazy Color- Fire. I bought this bottle in August, and I was like oh, having red hair will be expensive. The bottle is so small, only 100 ml, and I thought it's not enough for dyeing my hair with it many times. But surprisingly, it has lasted already 8 months! Even though I've dyed my hair at least once a month.

Anyway, now the bottle is empty and I think I'm not going to buy the same again, I want to start dyeing my hair with some other hair dye.. Still red, though. I think the hair dye my friend dyed my hair last month is better than this one I've used. It didn't fade so fast, don't know if it was because of the dye or because of the way she put it to my hair though. And I think the colour my friend used was brighter red than this one and I liked it more. So I'm going to buy it (Directions) next.

I love my hair after dyeing, it's so smooth, soft and red! And as I'm going nowhere tonight, I don't have to do anything to my hair.. I think it's good to let it just be sometimes without mousse and hairspray and also without burning it with my hair straightener.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Fresh snow kills the old?

Well, that's what they say. But.. There has been few days or weeks (really, I have no sense of time anymore..) when it's been very nice weather, not so cold and sky has been blue and sun has been shining.. And snow was melting, you could even see the asphalt in some places! But today, it's been snowing! Again.. We already got the fresh snow after few sunny springy days earlier. So why is it snowing again? I want it to melt away already.. Where are you spring, I miss you?? 

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

real life horror

Dentists! I hate them. And it seems like they hate me even more, at least they always want to hurt me. I went there today. She was checking my teeth and then some old filling got loose.. She had to put a temporary filling and even it hurted a lot.. She told me to come back next week so they'll put a real filling. But even local anesthetics usually hasn't worked and it hurts so much when they put fillings.. Now I'm afraid to eat anything hard because I don't want this temporary filling to accidentally get loose as in that case I should go to dentist and take the pain sooner..
Really, there's only one thing I dread more than dentists.. And it's presentations in front of everyone at school. But that's something I haven't done in ages, because I've refused to do it since I was about 12 years old. But I have to go to dentists and let them do whatever they think is best for my teeth..Otherwise it would just get worse..

Sunday, 14 March 2010

This video may not be suitable for minors.

 Heaven forbid someone under 18 years old to watch a gorgeous guy taking one bite out of an ice cream bar!

Mickey mouse porn!

I have two accounts on youtube.. My real account, and the second account for my "19 years old boy- identity" who's old enough to watch flagged videos on youtube! Haha..

Friday, 5 March 2010

black H&M order

I got my H&M order today. The delivery was so fast! I made the order only few days ago.

I needed a new black knit jacket and went to buy one from H&M online shop, and saw this dress on sale and bought it too. The next day I went to H&M online shop, there weren't those dresses anymore! Well, there was one size but it was far too small for me. I'm so happy, for once I managed to order something in time!

When ordering clothes from the internet instead of going real shopping, the clothes are often wrong size because you can't try them on before buying. But surprisingly, this time the clothes I ordered, they happened to fit me perfectly!

It was really impossible to take good pictures of these black clothes! They looked too black in every picture, and you couldn't see the details. And when I added light to the pictures, then they started looking blueish and the quality of the picture turned bad!

I love the bow thing in front of the dress.

I love the puffed sleeves!

pink tights

Haha, I shocked my family today by wearing my neon pink tights at home. They haven't seen them before.. And their reaction just made me love these tights more.

I'm just so happy. It's been a lovely sunny day here. I love it, I can feel the spring coming.. And it's exactly 6 months till my 18th birthday! I'm going to London then.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

diamond dogs

It's good that my collie Nana got a friend now, she's been alone since Leevi (our rottweiler) passed away.. Sometimes Nana likes Rölli, but sometimes not.. She's jealous because he's getting so much attention! Haha.

Having such a tiny, energitic puppy here..

it makes Nana look so big, old and lazy though!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

new phone + twitter

I got a new phone (nokia 5800 xpress music) and now I'm able to use internet from my phone! I'm so happy. Having an access to internet from my phone, it will save me from lots of arguments that having only one pc for 6 persons causes.

I downloaded a free twitter application to my phone, Gravity. And I think it's good! Much better than the twitter application that was already installed to my phone when I got it. Or mobile twitter.. I don't like it at all. It's too simple. You can't even reply to tweets there?!

I love twitter. Even though I don't have many friends there.. Only few who I can talk to there. But well.. It's still difficult to write so short tweets, only 140 characters.. But I'm slowly getting better at it! I'd love to get loooong messages on facebook or on youtube or anywhere.. But there's no many people who'd like to write long messages, or read the long messages I send, so I think twitter is the best as I can't bother anyone with long messages there.. I can't control myself when writing but now twitter does it for me!

And I'm also able to text a lot with new phone. The montly payment includes 1000 txts! So please feel free to text me.. I'd love it! I used to have those 1000 txts per month some years ago.. But it was when I had many friends to text with. Don't know how will I manage now, hahah. I know I don't have to send all 1000 txts, but anyway.. It's fun!

lazy day

I look like a mess. No make up at all.. I'm feeling so lazy today.. But I don't mind. I think it's nice to be free to be lazy and do nothing sometimes.

Monday, 1 March 2010

purple Monday

I'm tired of looking like I normally do at home. So today I wanted to wear a dress instead of the clothes I'm usually wearing when I'm going nowhere.
 I also put on make up, different than my normal everyday make up.

Something In This World

Check out the new track "Something In This World" from the upcoming LP "Don't Play With The Flame On Your Hand"!

Jann Wilde
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