Thursday, 4 March 2010

diamond dogs

It's good that my collie Nana got a friend now, she's been alone since Leevi (our rottweiler) passed away.. Sometimes Nana likes Rölli, but sometimes not.. She's jealous because he's getting so much attention! Haha.

Having such a tiny, energitic puppy here..

it makes Nana look so big, old and lazy though!


  1. aww they're so cute :D
    I just love pets ^.^

    and rölli really looks so little next to Nana :D
    sweet ^.^
    I'm sure Nana will get used to Rölli and his energy :D

  2. Yeah they're cute ♥ :D I love pets too..
    Haha even when Rölli will be adult and full grown, he'll still be so tiny when compared to Nana :'D It's so strange.. We have to get used to be always careful at home so we don't walk over him XD We've always had big dogs.. Rottweilers, and collie.. And sometimes we even stumbled over them XD But Rölli is so small, if you accidentally stepped on him, he'd probably be dead O_o

    Leevi was 'the boss" when he still was here.. Because ge was older and bigger.. But now Nana can be the boss and it's cool :'D lol...

  3. :D I'm sure you won't step on him ... :P ^^ I managed to not step on my cats ;D...
    (though sometimes it's hard) xD I often nearly fall down the stairs 'cause suddenly the cat walks upstairs when I walk downstairs xD... and the cat really runs towards my feet! xD

    ^^ well at my home it is the way that the cats are the boss and the dog has to do what they want him to xD.. though he is much taller xD and probably stonger due to his size xP

  4. Hahaha :D It's difficult but.. WEll, I'm getting used to be careful all the time when walking here XD

    Lool I can imagine that.. XD A little cats telling a big dog to do something XD

  5. fine :D
    getting used is the only thing you can do xD

    yeah ^^ my cat used to run after the dog when he was little xD so she made him run through the house .. :D was funny to look at ^^

  6. Hahah I can imagine that :D It's so fun to look at our dogs playing too..

  7. :) yeah ^.^ so funny when the pets playing around...
    the most funniest moment I think was when the dog wanted to lick the cat's face haha.. ^.^

  8. Hahah :D Pets are so fun..

  9. yeah ^^ I really couldn't imagine a life without pets.. they're so much fun :D

  10. Me neither.. Though I don't know if I'll have pets when I'm living in London.. WEll, at least dogs.. I don't know if I'd have time to take care of a dog! Though I'd like to have a rottweiler :) Maybe later.. But for the first years I'll probably be without, or buy some other pets.. I've always wanted a parrot or some other bird !: D

  11. I know that I'm goin to have a pet :D at least a rat ^^ or two xD... oh those such lovely animals.. and so much fun as a pet :D

    parrots are pretty cool :D my grandma once hat a grey one and he was really good with that talking stuff and he knew exactly what he was saying :D
    so much fun.. he always said hello to us.. and loved singing and dacing xD so cool ^.^

  12. Ohh sounds fun :DD I wanna have a talking and singing and dancing parrot :DD

  13. yeah it was so much fun :D I really liked him ^^ so sad he doesn't live anymore but he got quite old O_x didn't know birds could get that old... as my grandma said he was about 20!

  14. 20! Wow, somehow I also imagines birds would live only few years :o But it's much better that they live longer :))

  15. yeah (could even been a bit older?!)
    but it's so fascinating that such a little animal can live that long..
    and well this bird was (I think) really something special he so exactly knew what the words mean he uses ^^...
    did I mention he also knew the names of the cats? ... ^^ and our names?! he was so intelligent!


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