Sunday, 21 March 2010

too much variety

The next thing I'm going to make at school is a shirt dress with bow collar, gathered 3/4 sleeves, buttons.. (I think I should somehow start studying cloth making vocabulary in english, as I don't know how to describe or call all those things...)

It's so fun, and difficult.. When you're drawing patterns, there's so many different options.. You can do absolutely anything. And also when choosing fabrics.. You can choose whatever you want.

I went to take a look around the fabric store yesterday, but didn't buy anything because I'm not sure yet how much I need to buy it. And I'm not sure what I want.. At first I thought I'd make a black blouse with bit of red or pink in it, but then decided not to as it would be so boring, and almost everyone of my classmates are going to make black blouses. I found amazing zebra fabric, but there wasn't so much of it and I though that maybe there's not enough left on Monday when I'm going to actually buy fabrics.. I went to look some other fabrics and when I looked back to the zebra fabric, there was already someone buying it. What a surprise.

My other option is to buy bright red fabric. Even though I'd look like Little My if I was wearing a red shirt dress! Haha..

Well.. I'll see tomorrow. I hope there's that zebra fabric left in another fabric store where I'm probably going tomorrow. Or maybe I'm not even sure if I want it.. Choosing is so difficult! Well, it's good that I don't like so many colours, and that limits my options. And I know I'm not going to make leopard shirt dress, I've too much of leopard stuff already, even though I found lovely leopard print fabric as well.. But, what do I want then? Zebra? Red? Polka dots? Something else?


  1. hmm :) you could also look around on the web :D perhaps you'll find something nice :D
    btw.. I'm sure this blouse will be amazing when you've made it :D no matter what fabric you choose :)...

  2. Looking around on the web is too late now, I already bought the fabric as I you know :D I'll post pictures in few weeks when I've finished it.. I hope it will be amazing but we'll see.. :')

  3. sure it'll be amazing :D ...
    all the things you sewed and uploaded pix were amazing!... so why shouldn't this blouse be amazing too? :D

  4. WEll.. Maybe I've already created enough amazing stuff and now it's going to be ugly? XD Hahaha.. Thanks :D You'll see soon.. I think it's going to be ready next week :))

  5. no it won't be ugly ^^ it'll be amazing! :D
    I'm excited about it :D can't wait to see it =D

  6. It's finished.. WEll I only need to sew those little buttons to sleeves and I'm going to do it on my holiday.. But it's actually very nice! :DD I'll post pictures later.. Well, on Tuesday I have to take it to school and give it to my teacher so she can check it but when I get it back home I'll post pictures ^__^

  7. I'm so excited about it :D

  8. yeah :) can't wait to see it :D


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