Friday, 19 March 2010

Crazy Color

I just dyed my hair. This was probably the last time I used Crazy Color- Fire. I bought this bottle in August, and I was like oh, having red hair will be expensive. The bottle is so small, only 100 ml, and I thought it's not enough for dyeing my hair with it many times. But surprisingly, it has lasted already 8 months! Even though I've dyed my hair at least once a month.

Anyway, now the bottle is empty and I think I'm not going to buy the same again, I want to start dyeing my hair with some other hair dye.. Still red, though. I think the hair dye my friend dyed my hair last month is better than this one I've used. It didn't fade so fast, don't know if it was because of the dye or because of the way she put it to my hair though. And I think the colour my friend used was brighter red than this one and I liked it more. So I'm going to buy it (Directions) next.

I love my hair after dyeing, it's so smooth, soft and red! And as I'm going nowhere tonight, I don't have to do anything to my hair.. I think it's good to let it just be sometimes without mousse and hairspray and also without burning it with my hair straightener.


  1. :) pretty cool that you had not to buy new color for a few month :D... =/ wouldn't happen with my colour xD... I don't have to die them that often 'cause they're naturally dark ^^... *lucky* ;D
    but I really should die 'em again... soon ^^ which means I need 2 packages O.o because of my hair xD... so you definitely saved money :P

  2. Yeah that's cool.. Having red hair isn't so expensive as I don't really need much of that dye to make my hair red again.. So I don't need to buy it often.
    I've wished I had naturally dark hair though! It would be so easy... No need to dye it all the time. But my hair is naturally so boring, light brown.. But not blonde.. I don't like it :(
    2 packages O__o Well, at least you don't have to dye them often :D I should dye my black hair too, they're turning brown already.. But it can wait.. :'D I don't have to dye my black hair so often, only in few months.. It turns brownish but it doesn't look as ugly as faded red :D

  3. :D true.. I'm glad my black doesn't turn brownish .. else I would dye my hair more often.. and then it surely won't be that healthy anymore O_o...
    I really 2 would like to have darker hair.. I mean yeah it is naturally quite dark.. some weird shade of all kind of darkbrown shades xD with some redish shimmer... xD.. really weird! ^^ that's why I dye hair are so much better :D
    but red hair are so cool 2 ^^ ... I once had red undercolour.. :D looked so nice but it made my hair dry and unhealthy.. and I don't like my hair being dry and unhealthy xD.. so I don't dye my hair anymore in some color where I need to bleech my hair...
    (though that neon green would be nice :D)

  4. It surely wouldn't be healthy to hair hair too often.. Lol I have some redish shimmer in my natural hair too :D
    Would be so much better if our natural colours would be some that we like.. so we shouldn't be dying them. But I don't like mine :/
    I love red hair! But it's so annoying that it fades so fast and I havet o be dying it so often.. But I don't think that hair dye I'm using is so harmful to hair.. I don't even have to bleach my hair to dye it red. Because my natural hair colour is so light enough :) Though this colour doesn't dye my roots well.. so in every few months I have to bye "real" red hair colour and dye my hair with it so the roots are red again too.
    Neon green! Wow :D But it wouldn't kill your hair if you bleached some little part of it and dyed it neon green.. But not the whole hair :D

  5. yeah ... would be nice if you could choose the natural haircolour xD...

    the problem with neon green is that it fades after 1 week.. then you got yellow hair O_O that would be like a nightmare to me!.. xD yellow hair.. even if it's just one streek...
    bleeching is something my hair don't like they get soo dry.. and when they are dry xD I get unhappy.. because I'm so used to my healthy hair xD...

  6. It definitely would be nice.. :'))

    Hahaha yellow would suit you .. Now when it's easter XD After 1 week.. That's very short time.. But if it was just one streek, it wouldn't be that difficult to dye it once a week? :D
    Bleaching is something that no one hair likes.. :D

  7. yeah it would xD

    xD I really can't imagine me with yellow hair xD... that really scared me off that neon green hair thing xD... I'm not sure maybe I'll buy me a streek and get it somehow made into my hair just like extantions or something like that.. :D then my hair would stay healthy.. :D

  8. Your hair wouldn't die if you bleached a little streak and dyed it neon green :) But maybe some little extension streek would be easier.. No need to dye it every week :D

  9. true plus xD I wouln't have to worry that they'd turn yellow xD... that's like a nightmare thing to me xD

  10. Haha maybe after a while.. you'd love the yellow hair and you'd keep it! :DD

  11. no I don't know yellow hair is kind of a nightmare to me xDD

  12. XDD But never say never.. Someday yellow might be your fave colour XDD (somehow I couldn't imagine that lol)

  13. haha xD well I didn't say never or did I? ^^
    maybe nightmare turns to sweet dream (though I really really can't imagine xDD haha)


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