Thursday, 18 March 2010

Fresh snow kills the old?

Well, that's what they say. But.. There has been few days or weeks (really, I have no sense of time anymore..) when it's been very nice weather, not so cold and sky has been blue and sun has been shining.. And snow was melting, you could even see the asphalt in some places! But today, it's been snowing! Again.. We already got the fresh snow after few sunny springy days earlier. So why is it snowing again? I want it to melt away already.. Where are you spring, I miss you?? 


  1. :) well that was happening here too :)
    finally I think now it's too warm to snow again ^^
    up to nearly 20 degrees O_o... oh I think there's no "spring" anymore xD it's been winter and now the summer comes xD... weird! ^^
    in vienna it was like one day quite cold and the next day 15 degrees xD and I was like.. OMG xD

  2. Yeah I'm sure it's too warm to snow again there! :D In the morning it was snowing here.. Not much though... Can't it ever melt away O__o I want summer, or even spring!
    Weird, summer straight after winter there! :DD

  3. xD yeah it seems like there's no spring anymore O.o so weird!... not healthy... xD but well the weather don't ask ...
    you really can't wear the right things for that kind of weather change..

  4. So weird.. O_o But well, summer is much better than winter.. Who cares if spring is missing XD

  5. well I don't know xD summer is some time of the year where I have to be careful... 'cause my body doesn't like it if it's too hot.. xD else I collapse... and that wouldn't be good ...
    but I like summer as long as it isn't too warm.. :D

  6. Aww.. :/ When does it start to be too warm?? Is there often too hot day for you in summer? : ( Not nice..

  7. well I can't say.. xD I only feel it ^.^ I can't say 20° are too hot.. it depents on my body.. O.o so I never know when it is too hot..

    no but I survived until yet.. so I will later on too :)

  8. Weird.. :o

    But yeah, you've survived and you will!


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