Saturday, 26 June 2010

Purple & Black dramatic make up

I watched Michael James' Blue Black dramatic eyeshadow makeup tutorial, and wanted to do quite similar look. Instead of blue I used purple. I really like this look, this is actually something I could wear everyday. It's very simple and easy to do, and you can change the colours if you want. 

Don't forget, blending makes perfect! 

I really should wear this kind of dramatic make up more often. It made me feel so comfortable, and somehow super confident! In this picture I don't look so happy though but you can see my gorgeous wedges!

Ipehishere suggested that I'd take a picture of the products that I use to do my make up. I think it's a good idea, and I'm going to continue doing this from now on. But now I'm thinking.. Should I list these products here on the end of the post or at the beginning? Somehow I'd prefer if the close-ups were the last pictures, but on the other hand I don't know if I want to start posts with the products list... What do you think?

Products used:
1) H&M - concealer
2) Bobby Brown - charcoal 12 black eyeshadow
3) H&M - Kitty Beach Party purple eyeshadow
4) H&M - Kitty Beach Party white eyeshadow
5) Luminelle - Péché mignon eyeshadow amande vanille
6) Wet N' Wild - kajal & eyeliner black black
7) Ludinelle - khol pencil, brun syrien 04
8) Rimmel London - stay matte pressed powder 001
9) Grimas - eyeshadow rouge 544
10) Oriflame - beauty power curl mascara


  1. I love purple eyeshadows. That look is amazing. I'm loving yr blog. I followed =)

  2. Awesome look! The pics are really great, who took them for you?

    And I think products last, pretty pics first!

  3. i love the dramatic look <3

    i might have to recreate this! where are your wedges from? they're beautiful

  4. Good job with the blending! It's a really stuning dark make-up, love it. i want to try this out :)

  5. Ansa: Thank you! I love purple eyeshadows too :) Thanks for also following my blog, I'm glad that you like it!

    Robyn: Thanks!! I took all the pics myself in our balcony.. Used a self timer for most of the pics! :)

    elfpixie: Thanks! I really fell in love with this look too.. Definitely going to wear this more often. If you recreate this, please post pictures on your blog! I'd love to see :)
    The wedges are from Dinsko . Seems like that store is only in Finland, Sweden and Norway..

    Tinja: Thanks! :) If you try this out, please let me see the results! :D


  6. thanks for the comment on my blog!! i love yours! it's so cute! and you are beautiful! i love your hair!!!!

    *paislea elyse

  7. I love everything about this look, the pics are amazing too!

  8. I wish I could do eye make up like this.

    Thanks for your comment.

  9. That is great makeup love it very dramatic

  10. WOW so gothic! Love it!
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment. You're so nice
    Keep following
    ♥ Johanna

  11. Your hair style is amazing! Love your red hair!

    ou know, those purple sooo suits you! Nice make-up!

  12. O-M-G!!! I want the whole damn look! Man, I looooove those shoes!!!!

  13. You should definitely wear something dramatic like this out! You look so awesome, and it really suits your style. :)

  14. wow, awesome make up!!! xo M

  15. The color of your eyes is so pretty! I love this darker look. The purple is perfect and the shoes are so hot! Those are by far the cutest wedges I have seen in a long time. The red in your hair is also very nice.

    xo nancy

  16. Love it and love your shoes:)

    Join my Chanel pin giveaway.

  17. i love this make up! i have try this on myself!

  18. this make-up fits very good to you :D and it looks fantastic!!

    that picture of products thing is a good idea ^^ but I would keep it at the bottom of the post...

  19. Thank you :D and nice makeup you did :D


  20. Wow, this make-up looks wicked awesome! It really brings out the colour of your eyes! You could always put up one or two photos, then the list of make-up, and then the rest of the photos!

    Unfortunately, I did not make up the pattern for the shirt, I just used one that I bought at a store, but I was looking for an easy one-day project, and it's soooo much easier to use a ready-made pattern than to make your own! I've tried making patterns up before, but I don't think I have quite enough experience to do it as efficiently as I'd like to.

    Ce qui m'inspire

  21. loveee how you KNOW how to blend perfectly! you have amazing eyes so of course thatt helps the makeup look good =]

    Heres a link to the simple Penelope Cruz...its semi smokey-eye without going overboard

  22. I RILLI wanna learn how to do something like it!! A Step by Step tutorial would be sooo tighT!

  23. thx for ur sweet comment :)

    i love purple !
    cool make up .

    check my new post,

  24. your wedges look so pretty,
    and your make up too, I'm not so talented (in make up terms)
    nice pictures
    hope you're having a nice week


  25. your make up is flawless, i could never do a make up post as mine is always a mess up close, lol my eyeshadow is never the same shape on both eyes, luckily i hide behind glasses! :) x

  26. WOW..really emo..
    u so tallented..


    hug and kiss^^

  27. I really like the purple one....
    and I'm generally a big fan of smoky eyes.coool

  28. What about a summer look for the beach? Something wearable?!
    Thank you so much for you lovely comment
    keep following
    Love, johanna

  29. That is some seriously badass makeup, love it! And I'm diggin your shoes as well!

  30. hello....
    is very nice anda trendy your blog...

  31. You look so rock and roll - i love it!

    Merci beaucoup for stopping by darling, it means so much that you like the blog and I really hope you become a regular visitor =]

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  32. Oh you really nail it with this one, I think this look really agrees with your look, so cool and fierce I love it =)

  33. WOW, I spend two days not reading my new comments and there's 30 new comments on this newest blog post! I'm amazed!! Thank you you all, I appreciate all your comments!! ♥ I could save time and just reply "thanks all!!" but it would be too easy.. I want to reply to every comment personally :)


    Allister Bee: Aww thank you!!

    Eye of the Beholder: Thanks!

    Vans: I'm sure you could do it :)

    Sparklz and Shine: Thanks!

    Pina Colada Kisses: Thank you!

    Johanna: Thanks!! You're so nice too!

    Anastacia: Thank you!

    Kimberly: Thanks :D

    Julissa: I will definitely wear something like this :) Thank you!!

    Michaela: Thanks!

    Nancy: Thank you!!

    Mose Coco: Thanks! I'll check it out.

    Martwa Marta: Thank you! Try it and let me see how it turns out :)

    Siz: Thanks! I really like this make up too and I'm so going to wear something like this.. And it was so easy to do! Yeah, I thought so.. I'm going to keep that picture at the bottom of the post :)

    The-Chanel Girl: Thanks!!

    Ce qui m'inspire: Thanks! Oh, the shirt looked so different and interesting and I somehow thought that they wouldn't sell patterns like that at stores.. But nice. I know, it's much easier to use ready-made pattern.. I have to make patterns myself at school, so I'm learning it.. But I can just imagine how difficult it would be somehow who's just trying on her own to do them.

    Queni: Thanks!

    A Stylish Mixture: Thanks!

    xshumzx: Thank you! :) All I knowabout blending is that you just keep going till it's perfect..
    Thanks for the link! I've made a list, what make up looks to do and I added this one.. So stay tuned, I'm going to do it in the near future :) A step by step tutorial on that look.. Well, I can try. I've never tried tutorials before so I don't know how it's going to turn out.. But I'm going to try. :)

    Rebecca: Thank you! Yeah I'll check it.

    Marley: Thanks!! :) I'm sure you could be talented in make up terms.. Practise, experiment.. I think I have to make a post about that thing :DD

    Vicki: Aww thank you! I'm sure your make up isn't always a mess up close.. But yeah I always have problems with making the both eyes look the same, I've always wished that I'd have only one eye.. Make up would be so easy to do! And also eyebrows.. I could shave them off and have drawn ones because wouldn't have to worry about how to make another to look exactly the same.

    Queen D: Thanks!! :D

    SarahD: Thanks! :)

    DafnaDiamant: Thank you :) Me too! Fan of smokey eyes and bright and colourful make up looks..

    Johanna: Thanks for the suggerstion again :D I can do that! I just have to think of something wearable.. My make up looks often become quite not-so- wearable for most of people.. But I'm going to try to do something like that :)

    Sarah: Thanks!

    SandrHa: Thanks! I'm happy to hear that you like it and follow :) I'm going to check out yours!

    English Rose: Thank you!! :) I'm surely going to visit your blog more often, it's one of those I've bookmarked.. I don't allow myself to start following new blogs anymore because I run out of time, unfortunately.. But I save the interesting ones to my bookmarks and visit them every now and then when I have time :)

    Amandita: Thanks!! :)

    ♥ xxx

  34. Oh my god that's amazing! I wish i could do make up like this! Thanks for the comment :) x

  35. Just Another Londoner: Thanks!! I'm sure you could do make up like this.. Try it out!! :D x

  36. Hello what you have to hold together around your products? =)

    Perfectly AMU! <3

  37. Ooh that's lovely, I might have to copy you tomorrow!

    tweet tweet tweet


  38. GORGEOUS! keep on going, and i´m sure people will permanently follow you. You definetely have the feeling for colour. Eyes make-up great!!!

    greetz from berlin

  39. wow...... the eye makeup is amazing. Great look.


  40. you have a real talent when it comes to doing makeup !
    i LOVEDD your blacken nail tutorial on the prev posts !!

  41. I love smokey looks. This is totally drool worthy!

  42. wow! skills! cool how you showed all the products used, and I'm sure it was a great time putting it on. :)


  43. i love this looks.. purple for smokey is soo good.. hehe may i know what is ur camera please? :D

  44. yeah ^^ it really can be used as an everyday thing :D
    well I use similar everyday make-up ^^ only that it is one colour ^^ and this colour changes from grey to black ^^ or sometimes purble xD
    and if I use 2 colours it's often silver and black ^^ or silver and grey but I have to get me a new silver xDD

  45. I love this look! Purple looks really nice on you :)
    btw I was going to ask you, how did you get so many followers? Do you also have a youtube account? :)

  46. thx for ur sweet comment :)

    keep updating and have a nice day ! :D

  47. oooh
    i love the colors!

    your make up is flawless <3

    followed you on google
    follow back?

  48. Love your make up and your hair style!

  49. Dang this is definitely one of my favourite posts of yours! :D Your whole look is awesome, the top and the wedges go so well together, and your makeup is so amazing! :D

    Really love it! Great pictures too ^^ You definitely look good with dramatic makeup <3


  50. Sunny189: You mean in that products used picture? I just put those products on the white paper and took a picture :D

    Clare: Thanks! Yeah feel free to copy, and let me see it! :)

    katjusha: Thank you!! :) It makes me so happy when people follow me and like what I do..

    Lee Oliveira: Thanks!

    michelle_: Thank you! I'm practising a lot.. I want to be talented ^_^ Did you try nail marbling? :D

    BLIX: Thanks!

    Alive: Thanks :) It didn't took so much time to put it on though..

    ipehishere: Thanks! I'm using Sony DSC-H3 :)

    Siz: I've thought about posting my 'everyday make up look' here but I don't know if I should do it anymore.. As I haven't worn that make up lately at all, I've worn lots of different make up looks and avoided black :o I used to wear only black eyeshadow.. Now I've used turquoise and purple.. And today I had brown make up which is weird, I didn't think brown would look good but I actually like this :D Going to post here later today, maybe.
    I love silver! What silver colour you use? :) I don't have a good silver one, if I want silver I have to create it using black and white and glittery white eyeshadows.. But I'd love to get Illamasqua's silver cream.. It looks fab :)

    FashionGirl: Thanks!! :) i really like purple. I don't know how I got so many followers.. They just appeared :o Probably it helped a lot, that I follow many blogs and I visit many blogs and comment on their post.. That'show people find me :) I have an youtube account but it hasn't affected my blog at all, I only upload videos from gigs..

    Rebecca: You're welcome :) Have a nice day!

    Stevia: Thanks for the compiments and following!! :) I'll check your blog out!

    Sarah: Thanks!

    Marina e Camilla: Thanks!

    Gets: Thank you!! :D ♥

  51. Marilyn is really an icon.
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment
    Keep following
    Love, johanna

  52. well I have 2 types of "silver" it's not perfect but it looks good with the black
    one is called Eyefusion it's a set where 3 colours are in it's kind of smokey eye thingy...
    and the other is color workshop or something like that xD some really really cheap halloweenspecial ^^ hahah ^^

    yeah ^^ usig different colours is good :) to not get bored of that look but I still keep on using my really many different types of "black" xD and grey and well ^^
    though I should think of some new everyday thing ^^ coz it's really getting boring.. xD

  53. Love purple eyeshadow. I always thought it would only go well with brown eyes, but your pictures show it's great with blue and green, too! xoxo

  54. Johanna: She definitely is. Soo beautiful. I still haven't seen any movies where she's acting though. :o

    Siz: Cool :D You have to do a silver look and post it on your blog ;) My friend and I bought silver lipstick once, when we were buying products for our entry for Shiva Queen's makw up contests.. I think we didn't use the silver lipstick though for it, my friend kept it.. But I think it would probably be awesome as eyeshadow :D lol..
    Even though you'd use only one colour, I'm sure the make up isn't the same everyday.. So you won't get bored :) My normal black make up was different like everyday O_o Even though I tried to do the same as the previous day, it always ended up looking different.. :D
    Heey soon we can put on make up together and think of gorgeous looks together!! :D

    SabinePsynobsis: Thanks! I love purple eyeshadow too.. I don't like those "common rules" of what colour goes well with what coloured eyes.. etc. I think everything can go well with anything! :D


  55. okay I have to think of some look where I use my different types of silver ^^ ...
    silver lipstick? sounds interesting ^^ perhaps you should think of a look where you use that one :)
    yeah not 1:1 xD but it's nearly the same everyday incase I won't be thinkin to draw it higher or lower or use more different grey and black tones... xD but yeah during school it was nearly 1:1!
    (except when I used leo but this is no everyday thing xD)

    yeah :D can't wait ^^ ... I'm so happy I finaly can come and visit you in that lovely country :D

  56. Siz: Yeah, looking forward to se your silver looks :)
    They sell silver lipstick in Punanaamio where's some make up stuff and also costumes, face paints, etc.. If you want, we can visit that shop when you're here :D
    I could think of look where to use that lipstick but... The lipstick is my friend's XD
    Yeah.. :D The leo as everyday thing would be nice. XD Though it would take probably so much time to do it..
    Me too!! So happy for you and so happy to finally meet you :D

  57. oh xD well I thought you too bought such lipstick ^^

    yeah we could visit that shop :) would be nice

    nah it's not so much time to do ^^
    if you know how to do it's quite fast :)

    I feel like a little child on christmas or even happier about it xD haha


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