Thursday, 24 June 2010

nail marbling fail

I saw a water nail marbling tutorial on Wasted Seventeen's blog. She managed to create amazing patterns on her nails, and I wanted to try it out too. Her tutorial is very good, and very easy to follow.. She really made nail marbling look like an easy thing to do. But well, everything isn't really like it looks like...

I told my sister Janika about this, and showed her the pictures and the tutorial, and straight away we went to try it out. The nail marbling failed, but we had fun.

The surface of the water looked so weird after our experiments.

Here's how Janika's nails turned out.

 And here's mine. After cleaning the excess nail varnish on my skin, the left one actually looks quite ok. Practising makes perfect... So I think I have to try this out later again.

Have you ever tried nail marbling? How did it turn out?


  1. at least you tried and had fun :)
    better luck next time!

  2. well, i had a similar idea i never tried out. i wanted to paint my fingernails with different colours, so the colours flow inside eachother... difficult to describe but it´s like the marble effect. But only that i want to have the surrounding clean ;)

    lg from Berlin-City :)

  3. I never tried, but try it again and show us the result :)

  4. Hi Jonna! :D

    Haha thanks for trying it out! I'm sorry it didn't turn out the way it was supposed to, but I'm really glad you and Janika had fun! :D

    You guys look so cute in the photo haha! <3

    Love ya loads!

  5. Oh I saw this somewhere it sounds so great! I love this!

    Thank you so much for visit and leaving a comment, always so nice
    Love, johanna

  6. whoa I never knew you could do that such a great idea.

  7. Some nail polishes don't work as well as others... keep trying with different brands and colors until you get it right!

  8. hahaha, let's hope you could get the excess nail polish off alright!!

  9. i love your unique style. im following you. lol

  10. Have never tried this. Crazy nails...i like them!SarahD:)

  11. haha, never mind! looks like you had a lot of fun trying this out xx

  12. elfpixie: Yeah, having fun is the most important thing :D Hopefully better luck next time though!

    katjusha: I recommend trying it out ;) Though sometimes the ideas are better only as ideas... The execution isn't always so easy :') I cleaned the surrounding of my nails.. But my sister didn't, she cleaned all the nail polish off so I had to upload these pictures. Hahah :D

    liloo: Yeah I'll show the results when I try this next time :) If it works then.. I don't want to post same fails too many times, lol!

    Gets: Hi! Thanks for your tutorial! :D You managed to do your nails so well.. I hope I can do it after little practising too, haha! At least we had fun trying it :) And thank youu!!

    Johanna: It sounds so great and looks so easy but it isn't as easy as it looks like.. but fun to try :D You're welcome! And thank you for visiting and commenting, I like it!

    prettyneons: It is such a great idea! I never knew you could that either, when I read about it on that blog it was the first time I heard about nail marbling :)

    tasha~: Thanks for the tip.. I will keep trying!

    rebecca: Lol, I could.. Nail polish remover does miracles hahah ;)

    couture whore: Thank you!! I'm happy to hear that :)

    SarahD: This nail marbling thing is amazing... At least if you manage to do it as well as the girl from Wasted Seventeen blog.. So beautiful!

    Sarah: Yeah, we had lots of fun trying this out.. :D


  13. wow looks interesting :)
    I've never done something like that bevore but it looks like smth I'd like to try out xD :D

  14. I saw her blog post too and wanted to try! I'm sad it didn't work for you, because now I know it won't work for me =( I lack ANY sense of creativity =(

    Maybe next time??

  15. I just read her post and now I'm going to have to have a go at it. I'm almost positive my results will turn out more like yours...I'm not very crafty and don't have much patience, but we'll see. :)

  16. wow never try nail marbling!! now i want it ! haha nice one :D

  17. Aww, E for effort! I thought that Gets made it look a little too easy...props for tyring it out.

    xoxo, Ashley

  18. Siz: Try it out and let me see how it turns out :D Hope you have better luck than I did.. lol :D

    xsumzx: Heeey don't think like that! Even though it didn't work for me, it doesn't mean it wouldn't work for you! Try it out!!! :D Good luck!

    Ashley: Awesome! Good luck with it! Let me see how it goes :D

    ipehishere: Try it and let me see how it turns out :)

    Ashley: Hahah. :D Maybe it was easy for her.. Talented girl ^_^ I'm going to try it till I manage to create beautiful nails..

  19. well ^^ perhaps next time you get a perfect effect on your nails :D
    yeah after exams :) I'm goin to try it out ^^ (and after my polish faded xDD ...) I'm curious if I can do it but I'm not sure if I'd have mor luck xDD I don't think I'd have mor luck ^^ but we'll see then

  20. so original blog..
    very good.
    Nicola FreshONpr.

  21. Siz: I don't know about perfect... But I hope it goes better next time than this experiment was :'D You can leave one polish under! If you watched Wasted Seventeen's post, she had pink nail polish on her nails when she started nail marbling :) So it doesn't matter if your nail polish hasn't faded!
    You're right.. We'll see then! Good luck :D

    Nicola: Thank you!!


  22. I was just looking up marbling yesterday and it looks too messy to do, but I might try it anyway because I've seen that the results are worth the messiness! =)

    Thanks for visiting my site!..if you like it, please follow me..thanks!

  23. yeah I'm curious about it ^^ if the result'll be nice :)
    but I really let first my polish fade coz I made purple french ^^ once again..

  24. You actually tried on it! Looks rad, and I guess practice makes the master. I would like to try on this too just for fun :))

  25. Caramelcutie0215: You're so right, the results are worth the messiness (if you have better luck than I did!) :D I'm sorry but at the moment I think I'm following too many blogs, I have no time for everything :( But I'll save interesting sites (including your blog) to my bookmarks and visit them every now and then when I have time :D Trying to control for a while how many blogs I follow.. lol

    Siz: I love your purple french manicure :DD Yeah, let it fade and try this out then.. ^_^

    Tinja: You're right, practise makes the master.. :D Try this! I was really fun to do :)

  26. Omgosh! I want to try this. I think it'd be so fun...and maybe it'll help me sell a lot of nail polish, haha!

  27. yeah :D this purple french style looks good =) and it's easy ^^ you could do it too =D (or you could use different colors)

  28. Try it in a smaller container, like an old cup! Mysimplelittlepleasures on youtube has good tutorials about things like water temp, etc :)

  29. I have tried this with the same crappy results =[ if you find the trick to it please share

  30. Julissa: I saw your nail mabling pictures and wow they were so good!!

    Siz: It really looks good :) Yeah I should use other colours because I don't have purple nail polish.. I have really few colours :/ I don't know how to do it though really, how to get those tips so perfect :D

    Robyn: I'll try that next time.. And check out those tutorials on youtube, thanks for sharing! :)

    DreamingCrush41: I think the trick is: be patient, try again, and again, and again, you might succeed eventually if you're lucky... :/

  31. I haven't worn nail polish in about 7 years...and never did marbling, I'd suck at this so bad I'm sure. You should do more with it and show us your progress. :-D

  32. well you first put on the lighter polish ^^ so you only have to make the tip ^^ and this one is goin to need some practise ^^ but you'll see you get the tips quite nice very soon ^^ after 2 or 3 nails ;D you're into it ^^ (or you could buy stencils.. but I hate them I say they ruin the polish!)

  33. @BLIX: Wow, 7 years and no nail polish :o I haven't spent even a day without nail polish for the last year or two.. My hands look so empty without nailpolish! :D

    @Siz: I have to try... But before trying anything, I should buy nail polish remover XD


  34. I just tried it, it turned out awesome! You have to use water that is exactly room temperature, maybe that's where you went wrong? I left a dish of water out overnight to be sure

  35. I tried this once before and my nail varnishes didnt work in the water either!

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