Monday, 21 January 2013

elecric blue

Here's a look of the day from last week! I had a day off, and spent it at home dressing up and taking pictures. This is me trying to be colourful… I've been talking about adding colour to my wardrobe for a year or two, and all I've got is couple of blue garments. Well, you have to start  somewhere.

I miss my old balcony - it was so easy to take good pictures there in perfect daylight! Our new home doesn't have a balcony, and it was far too cold to go outside to take pictures. So, unfortunately I couldn't get any good pictures of my make up this time - thanks to the not-so-good light inside. But there's more make up looks coming soon, hopefully with better pictures then!

Camera stand - one more things to add to my 'the best things ever invented'- list! It makes it so much easier and more fun to take pictures, you can take pictures anywhere you want and doesn't have to worry about where to put your camera! Can't wait till it's spring/summer and I can go outside to use it and take pictures anywhere!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

new year, new start

I've decided to do lots of things this year - but blogging wasn't one of them. I woke up this morning and thought, why not! Maybe sharing some things here would give me more motivation. It feels so meaningless to do your make up and wear nice clothes if you're going nowhere - at least I could share them online, and it's always been awesome to communicate with my followers and other bloggers!

At first I should give you small update as it's been like forever since I last shared anything. Last year went by so fast, nothing happened but still at the same time, everything happened. Everything's changed and life is so different now.

So, I'm a dressmaker now. It's about impossible to get a seamstress job here.. If you wanna make clothes for a living, you should start your own business but that's definitely not an easy, stable and secure way to make a living. Maybe someday..
Currently I'm working in a clothing store - I really like it too. I should sew more so I wouldn't lose all my skills, and that's definitely what I'm working on a lot more this year.

I even have an industrial sewing machine and overlocker at home now!

The biggest thing is that - I'm still living in Finland! All those years that I had waited for my graduation and move to London... But still I'm here! Things don't always go the way you had planned, there's always something unexpected waiting for the perfect moment to happen...

So that's my life now; living in Helsinki with my girlfriend Jessica and my dog. We have a perfect home and I really like living here. Hoping not to get an overdose of purple! Almost everything is purple here - from my hair to the walls and even to the toilet seat cover - also the christmas tree was purple! (Unfortunately the pictures don't really show the real colours...)

I didn't really do much last year. I didn't spend much time sewing, and the times that I wore nice make up - I can easily count them on the fingers of one hand. Of course I did wear make up almost everyday, but it was only some black smokey eye. Nothing bold and exciting and colourful.

 I've felt so inspired and motivated lately and wanted to really start doing things again. Especially making clothes - that's what I really wanna do. Also, I wanna start experimenting with make up again. When I post pictures of my outfits to Lookbook - of course there has to be also matching make up to make the look complete!

So, stay tuned for the forthcoming posts this year!

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