Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Lady Gaga make up

This is just a random quite quick experiment, I hadn't planned to do it. But, one day when I was about to go to facebook or something, my sister didn't want to leave from our computer yet though she had spent the whole day online already.. She googled this picture and told me to recreate this look and let her spend time online a little bit longer. That's what I did then.

I had to add more of the pink eyeshadow, because my face looked so empty if I made it exactly like Gaga's make up. But I love this pink eyeshadow by Grimas, it's so bright and pigmented! And very long lasting too. Before this look I've used it only as a blush, but of course used much less of it so it weren't so bright. When I bought this eyeshadow from Punanaamio, I was disappointed because I asked for bright RED eyeshadow but this is what I got.. I was so sure they'd have real red eyeshadow too but apparently they didn't. It looks red in its case but when applied, it's pink instead of red. Have you ever found real red eyeshadows??

Products used:
Rimmel London - stay matte pressed powder 001
Bobby Brown - charcoal 12 black eyeshadow
Wet N' Wild - kajal & eyeliner black black
Bella Oggi - pocket colour white powder eyeshadow 
Grimas - eyeshadow rouge 544 
Markwins - blue eyeshadow
Ludinelle - blue kohl
Luminelle - Péché mignon eyeshadow amande vanille
Markwins International - light pink lipstick
Oriflame - beauty power curl mascara

Few Lady Gaga's songs
Boys Boys Boys
Disco Heaven
Beautiful, Dirty, Rich


  1. yeah this is so cool! Loe this kind of look :)
    well done bee :)

  2. I've always loved this look and you did a great job... though you look more David Bowie-like with your hair! :D

  3. Awesome recreation indeed! Love the pink though! Too bad it was sold as a red...

  4. Awesome, love the bright pink eyeshadow!

    tweet tweet tweet


  5. I really like the modification you did on this one... great job!

  6. The color of your eyes is very pretty!

    xo nancy

  7. soo cool!! i like ur red eyeshadow :D

  8. You nailed it, awesome have a nice day =)

  9. liloo: Thank you! :)

    Robyn: Thanks! You're right, my hair isn't so gagaish anymore.. I should have done this look an year ago when my hair still was like this ,haha. But thanks for the idea, maybe I should recreate some Bowie look someday too!

    Pili: Thank you! Once I asked for the brightest red haircolour, the the hair dye I got was quite pinkish red.. And same, I bought red lipstick which was more pinkish when applied.. And also one of my bright red nailpolishes seems to be pinkish too! And, if some red isn't pinkish, it's quite orangish.. It's difficult to find anything really RED. :/

    Clare: Thank you, me too!

    T, the Bee: Thank you!

    Nancy: Thanks! It seems my eyes are different colour.. I don't usually notice it when I look in the mirror but it's very noticeable in the pictures.. I've always wanted to have brown eyes, but all I got is the little brown spot in my other eye. lol.

    Anastacia: Thanks!

    ipehishere: Thank you :D Me too.. Even though it's not so red :(

    Amandita: Thanks! Have a great day, you too! :)


  10. This is such a cool make-up! I love bolts. In my early days I loved doing these bolt- eye- make-ups! Haven't done that in a long time, so nice to see this :) No I have not seen a true red eye shadow, I will keep my eyes open :)

    ps. the best things about meeting them is that they are so nice!

  11. Amazingly awesome job! You can get some RED eyeshadows from She has some wonderful reds in her Rocks! collection. :-)

  12. OMG this is amazing
    thank you so much for your comment.
    Keep following.
    Love johanna

  13. Reminds me of David Bowies Lighting bolt!! HA

    Love the blog - Immense Talent!

    Yours truly


  14. Didn't pay attention to the makeup I was too busy looking at how cute your haircut is :)

  15. Tinja: Thanks! :D Awesome, I'd love to see your bolt looks too! And yeah, let me know if you happen to find a true red eyeshadow :)
    I'm sure they're so nice! You're so lucky to have a job like that so you get to go to such interesting events :)

    BLIX: Thank you! And thanks for the red eyeshadow hint too, I checked Aromaleigh site and there's some stunning eyeshadows, especially those reds, but unfortunately I can't buy anything from that site.. They only accept payment via paypal, and I can't get paypal work :( For some reason my bank doesn't allow me to attach my visa electron card to paypal.. I never find any sites where I could shop online, except some finnish sites where they send the products to me with the bill.. :/

    Johanna: Thank you! :) And yeah, I'll definitely keep following!

    WE SPY WITH MY LITTLE i: Hahah yeah, I started to think of him when you said that.. :') His lighting bolt looks nicer though I like the colours on this Gaga bolt more! And thanks, I'm glad to hear you like my blog :)

    Shop N' Chomp: Thanks!

    Alee: Aww thanks! :D

  16. Wooow this is amazing!! It looks great! Really good job! :)

  17. Christina: Thank you!! :)

  18. fantastic! O_O
    I think I couldn't have done it so great :D ... I really really think you're so talented with make-up :D

  19. I so love Lady Gaga, I'll admit it. And this is so awesome! I wanted to do something like this for Halloween but didn't have the artistic talent.

  20. Siz: Thanks!! :D I'm sure you could have done it so great.. maybe even more great :D I want to be talented with make up... I'm practising a lot to get better ^_^

    Cydonian: Thank you! Lady Gaga is awesome :) The only female artist I like even a bit. I think you could at least try to do something like this or something else.. Stop thinking that you don't have the artistic talent! I think everyone can be talented... Practising makes perfect ;)

  21. you are talented :D
    haha I could try so we could compaire xDD... (when I'm healthy again) :D
    practising is very important :D with out practise I'm sure.. we couldn't do anything ;D

  22. I think everyone is talented! Everyone who can be bothered to try... They're talented :D
    Yeah do it!! ^_^ Would be nice to see your version of this :D
    Practising really is important... And it's fun! :D

  23. okay xDD I'll do it ^^ but I'm sure yours is better than mine will be :)
    practising sure helps us :D and we know many things we want to try ^^, so we'd have so much practise then xD

  24. Ewww!... What's with you and trying to put on makeup like celebrities? The makeup looks nothing like hers! Lady Gaga's lightning bolt on her face is a sticker. They sell them on Ebay. Do a little more research before you try to put on makeup like celebrities... And at least try to be observant when you try to put on makeup the way other people do! Ok? :) The shape of Lady Gaga's make up is way different than yours!


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