Sunday, 6 June 2010

Worried About The Boy make up

I really enjoyed watching this drama about Boy George's early life before Culture Club and the stardom. I loved the make up, costumes and the music! Douglas Booth was stunning as George! As soon as I saw this movie, I also knew I want to try out some of the make up looks. This is the look I tried out today.

I didn't make yellow face though.. And I wanted to use brighter pink blush. But here's how my version turned out.

Products used:
Wet N' Wild - ultimate minerals powder foundation
Rimmel London - stay matte pressed powder 001
Bella Oggi - pocket colour powder eyeshadow
Bobby Brown - charcoal 12 eyeshadow
Liquid eyeliner
Luminelle - black kohl
Rimmel London - colour rush duo eyeshadow 621 brit cool
Oriflame - beauty power curl mascara
Grimas - eyeshadow rouge 544
Markwins International - lipstick

Few songs from the Worried About The Boy soundtrack:
David Bowie - Heroes
OMD - Electricity
Human League - Empire State Human
Kraftwerk - The Model
Soft Cell - Memorabilia
Visage - Fade To Grey
Culture Club - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me


  1. Looking awesome! I loved the make up and styling in Worried about the boy.

    tweet tweet tweet


  2. wow, great job. You have the beautiful complexion as did george, needed to pull this off (not me sadly).

  3. wow you've done a really good job on it :D
    as it's only inspired the yellow face isn't a must :D and it looks so good!! =D

  4. omg ur make up AWESOME!! Great i love it.. soo cool! :)

  5. Wow that make-up is so rad, it's really cool!

  6. Clare: Thanks! Yeah, I loved them too. :)

    melina bee: Thank you! :)

    Siz: Thanks :D Hair wasn't easy as I run out of hairspray.. lol. This would be such a nice wearable look if I draw the eyebrows a bit more natural and use less bright blush. Actually, looking at these pictures, I think I look quite boyish! Not like Boy George.. but a boy. XD lol.

    ipehishere: Thanks :D

    Tinja: Thanks! I love rad make up :)

  7. wow this is cool!

    Came out pretty well.

    (check my blog out & follow please)

  8. Awesome! You did a great job!

  9. yeah you're right it is wearable :D
    so you could change it a bit and have a nice new make-up style to use =D
    but you could've used hairgel instead of hairspray? :) or ask one of your shiblings to make it easy xD

    hm... I don't think you look like a boy in those pix ...

  10. Makeup by Kim Porter: Thank you!! Yeah I'll check out your blog.

    BLIX: Thanks! :)

    Spephane: Thank you!

    Siz: At first I thought about changing it after taking pictures and taking pictures of the wearable look too but then I decided not to, dunno why.. lol. I don't have hairgel.. After trying to do it with only mousse and hair straightener, I asked my sister to lend me her hairspray but she told me not to use much XD hahah-
    I look like a boy!! :DD Even my brother just said it when I asked him! I was like yaaay thanks, I'm so happy to hear that! And he was surprised.. "I wouldn't take it as a compliment if someone said I look like a girl", he said. XD hahah but I like androgynous look :)

  11. wahahahahahaha xDD you're brother surely was surprised xDD... I'm right now imagining how he could've looked when he heard you saying thanks xDD lol

    well some ppl don't understand the bauty of androgynous looks :D so he sure can't understand your thank you xD

    well I don't own hairspray at all O_o no hairgel or mousse ^^ xD so I couldn't have done such hair

  12. Siz: Yeah... XD He was so surprised... Though I wonder why, I think he should already know me better and know I'd be glad to look likea boy XD I love androgunous look, I wish I was more androgynous.. Would be great to be a person who people look at the street and wonder if you're a boy or a girl!
    You have such a beautiful long hair.. If I had a hair like your, I wouldn't put any mousse or haispray or anything to it.. Feels much cleaner and nicer then. :) But I need mousse & hairspray to my hair..

  13. well shiblings are like that ^^
    at least brothers don't understand...
    yeah I'm always facinated when I see someone where I'm not sure weather it's a gir or boy... :D

    oh thanks :D
    true I think I never put mousse in my hair... but I already had hairspray in ^^... it's nothing that I'd like to use often but with some hairstyles you'd need it...
    good that I'm not talented with hairstyles xDD so I have no reason to own some hairspray

  14. Siz: I'm just surprised that he didn't understand, I'm always talking about these things at home.. (well, no one seems to be listening to me.. lol)
    I love seeing people and being unsure about their gender! Very fascinating :) Guys who like girls... ♥__♥ Or girls who look boyish! Like, I was watching The L World for the first time, with my brother and I said to him "look, such a cute gorgeous guy!" .. Shane. Who was actually a girl :DD
    Yeah much easier to have hair that doesn't need hairspray or other products to it.. No need to spend money, and also probably don't have to wash your hair so often. At least my hair is dirty sooner when I use those products.. But when I put nothing to it, it feels cleaner for longer time. :)

  15. I wash my hair every 2nd day... :) and you surely need to wash everyday when u put in those things...

    yeah I like such ppl too ... I love to think about it I think it's cool :D if someone looks like that ^^

    haha xD noone really listens to me when I'm talking bout music or movies or make-up xDD

    seems like you don't know the brand of your liquid liner xDD...
    fascinating brands :) I like the name oriflames :D

  16. I loved this film! I love Boy George and I thought the makeup in the movie was better than his own makeup sometimes! Love your blog- Finnish girls are awesome :D

  17. Oh I don't wash my hair so often.. I used to wash it every day or every second day, b ut it was too difficult as my hair kind of got used to it and then it felt so dirty if I didn't wash it so often.. But now I was it usually every 3rd day :D
    Yeah those people are amazing.. But I hate when people call guys who wear make up gays O_o
    Awww :D Same here... No one listens to me, no one's interested :'D
    I don't know the brand of the liquid eye liner... Only thing that reads in it is "liquid eyeliner" .. no brand :o but whatever, it's not good eyeliner so I wouldn't even recommend it to anyone at all so it doesn't matter ..

    Robyn: Aww great! Boy George is stunning :) And the make up in the movie.. Don't know if it was better than his own but at least it was amazing! They did great job :) And thank you for following! I'm happy to hear you like my blog :)) I love yours too! ps. I wouldn't want to be Finnish girl... I want to move out of Finland.. Someday I'll become Londoner! :DD x

  18. :) well I could wash 'em every 3rd day too but my hair feels dirty to me when I'm not wahsing it every 2nd day xDD seems like my long hair isn't always that clean as it looks haha^^ (or it's just my imagination *g*)

    so true I think those ppl don't understand that no guy has to be gay to wear make-up...

    haha well I'd recomment my liquid liner ^^ but you said you don't have that shop in suomi so.. well ^^ I only can tell the name but you couln't buy coz it's a brand of that store...

  19. Siz: I'm sure it would feel dirty if you haven't used to it... But if you just started to wash it not so often, it wouldn't feel so dirty :D Sooner than my hair looks dirty, it starts to feel dirty.. Or I'm just imagining but I wash my hair then :D
    Those people are so annoying who think every guy who wears make up is gay.. It would be the same thing if they said every girl who doesn't wear make up, is a lesbian O_o
    Yeah :/ It's a cheap eyeliner but good? Awesome! I bought mine in London, it costed 1£ so it was extremely cheap.. But as I never use liquid eyeliner in my everuy day looks or when I'm going out, it doesn't matter that it's not good.. It's good enough for make up experiments at home :)

  20. well :) perhaps you're right but I'm so used to that every 2nd day thing xDD...

    so true... >.< I can't understand that thing I mean it's okay to some that celeb. guys wear make-up (30 seconds to mars etc) and look still male they don't say oh the singer is gay coz he wears make-up
    but on the otherhand everyone who isn't famous should be gay?... when wearing make-up.. ? that doesn't make any sense at all!
    also that thing that guys shouldn't be wearing skirts.. why not? looks good ^^

    yeah it cost 2€? or something like that xDD... don't know ^^ I don't need to buy it that often coz I don't use it everyday.. :) but I use it quite often :D I love liquid liner :) (you can draw ornaments next to your eyes with that!!) ;D


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