Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Penelope Cruz make up tutorial

Beautiful  xshumzx asked me to do a step by step tutorial on how to do Penelope Cruz's brown smokey eyes make up look from this L'Oréal mascara commercial. I haven't ever done a tutorial before, but I definitely wanted to try. 

Hopefully this tutorial is helpful and you like it! I enjoyed doing it. If there's any tutorials you'd like me to do, or any other suggestions for my blog, please let me know!

I actually really like this look. I wore this for the whole day. I've never used brown eyeshadows before, I have been more like a fan of black and bright colours. But this looks surprisingly good!

I'm also extremely happy about this Hello Kitty eyeshadow palette by H&M. The colours stay on very well! I wore this look for the whole day, even though I didn't fix it during the day, now after about 10 hours my make up is still exactly the same as it was when I had just applied it!

     How to achieve this look:

Step 1: First apply foundation, concealer or whatever you want to use. Then apply light brown eyeshadow all over the lid.

Step 2: Apply darker brown eyeshadow on the outer corner of the eye, and pull it towards the inner corner through the socket.

Step 3: Apply even darker brown, or little bit of black eyeshadow to the outer corner of the eye, and blend it.

Step 4: Line the waterline and the upper and lower lashlines with black eye pencil.

Step 5: Fill in the brows with brown kohl pencil and highlight the brow bone with white eyeshadow.

Step 6: Apply mascara. If you want, you can add false eyelashes too.

The final look:

Products used:

1) H&M - concealer
2) H&M - Kitty Beach Party light brown eyeshadow
3) H&M - Kitty Beach Party brown eyeshadow
4) Bobby Brown - charcoal 12 black eyeshadow
5) Wet N' Wild - kajal & eyeliner black black
6) Ludinelle - khol pencil, brun syrien 04
7) Oriflame - beauty power curl mascara 
8) Rimmel London - stay matte pressed powder 001
9) Markwins International - blush


  1. Beautiful recreation! Love the tutorial as well, I did a few but got out of the habit. I did like doing them so maybe I'll do some more :)

  2. Awesome, I love step-by-step tutorials! More plz :)

  3. wow that's fantastic :) this brown really looks good xD I'm usually no fan of brown shadow never used brown only "brownish" one I've used was some cream shadow called "copper"
    so it's no real brown ^^ I used it when I went to my schoolprom

    and this step by step you did great work on it :) perfect and I think it's easy to follow ^^

  4. Love this look. I'm all about naturals

  5. This look is wonderful! And you have such beautiful eyes!

  6. Beautiful.. Great tips for the girls!
    Thanks for sharing.. LOx

  7. Amazing!
    It looks great on you, it's a super nice look to wear any day and I now, doing a step by step tutorial ensures I can try successfully to recreate myself!

  8. So nice and wearable make-up! Seems you like HK palette a lot.

  9. u always have new ideas :D do you know the 88 eyeshadow pallette you can buy cheap on EBAY?! its wonderful... i think u need one ;)

  10. this is so so so so pretty! im definately going to try this soon!

  11. That looks fabulous! I think neutural colours really suit your skintone.


  12. Really love this look on you!

  13. OH awesome, you did a really good job =) A+ for doing this

  14. LOVE IT
    Thank you so much for your adorable comment, you're soo lovely.
    Keep following,
    Love, johanna

  15. I love the brown eyeshadow! great! I want to be as great as you!

  16. Thx for this tuto :)
    This look is great on you, love it :)
    I just came back from London huny ;)

  17. YAYY!! Thanks so much for doing this!! I'm def going to try it during the weekend =] I'm excited to show you the results. They arent going to be as great as yours but your tutorial will def help me =]


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  18. Hello,

    A superb photograph, beautiful day with you. Roland.

  19. RaeRae: Thanks! :) Would be nice if you do more tutorials! I haven't followed your blog for long enough so I haven't seen what tutorials you've done previously.. But looking forward to see if you do more :)

    Robyn: Thanks! :) Yeah I'll probably do more tutorials!

    Siz: Thanks! :D I was so surprised that I liked this brown look.. As I'vee never liked brown colour and I've thought brown make up is booooring, I'd rather use black or bright colours.. But again, it's proven that you have to just try different things despite of your prejudices :D
    I think I'm going to do more step by step tutorials.. I like to see others doing them so why not to do some myself ^_^ Though it's even moer fun if I do step by step tutorial of looks that are requested! Then I know for sure that at least someone will probably find my tutorial helpful..

    Ansa: Thanks! I'm more like all about brights but I liked this look anyway..

    T, the Bee: Thanks! :)

    Lee Oliveira: Thanks!

    Pili: Thanks! This definitely is a look that can be worn any day.. + It's super easy to do :) Yay I'm so happy to hear that people find my tutorial useful and want to recreate the look :) Please let me see your recreation!

    Anastacia: Thanks! Yeah I like the palette.. I don't really own lots of eyeshadows yet (unfortuantely) and this palette has quite many colours and it was cheap, and the colours are quite pigmented so I like it. :)

    Katjusha: I have my own ideas but sometimes people give my ideas :D Like this look was requested.. So it wasn't my own idea. ^_^ Wow thanks for letting me know! I jsut went to ebay and checked the palette.. WONDERFUL. There's so many of them and some of them are like cheaper than CHEAP O___o I'd definitely need one.. and I'd love to get one.. But, all that I checked, the payment method is 'paypal only' .. And I can't use paypal, it doesn't work :(

    Eye of the Beholder: Thanks! Let me see it when you've tried :)

    Rebecca: Thanks! I'm glad I tried this look, I really like it and probably going to wear neutral looks more often. Though I think bright colours suit my personality more :D

    Ariel: Thanks!

    Amandita: Thanks!! :)

    Johanna: Thank you! You're lovely too :)

    Mae Manahan: Thanks! Practise.. Experiment.. You'll be at least as great as me if you aren't already! :)

    liloo: Thanks! :) Wooow lucky you!! I love London! ♥

    xshumzx: Thanks, comments like yours are exctly the reason why I want to keep doing tutorials of requested looks! I'm so happy if you find this tutorial helpful :) Looking forward to see the results! I'm sure this look will look amazing on you, as you got such beautiful brown eyes too! :)

    foto-rolero54: Thanks!


  20. well your blog is well visited so there will be few ppl who think these upcoming tutorials would be helpful ^^...

    I love your brown make-up look it really is pretty but xD I'm not sure if I'd like to wear brown make-up ^^ think I stick with black, grey, purple or leo xD

    btw now that my holidays started you'll soon see some make-up styles ^^
    jut have to think what the order would be ... :D
    I'm already packing for styria^^ plus making the list for suomi ;D
    and well tomorrow we (the girls of uni + me) will be celebrating juhannus (I know it already was xD.. but we couldn't celebrate that day coz we had to learn
    so the make-up things I perhaps do this weekend :D

  21. Oooh I'll have to try this out! I love how it looks and I adore Penelope Cruz so it is a must do for me!


  22. Wow!! It looks really pretty!! Looks like very easy to do it too!! Can you do a makeup tutorial for Natalie Portman? I really love her makeup style because it looks so natural. xxoxoxooxxoo

  23. thanks so much for the tutorial
    you have gorgeous eyes,
    and that brown shadow looks so good
    my make up never lasts all day unfortunately,
    hope you're having a nice week


  24. Siz: Well, you're right.. :'D I think I'm going to do more. Though I don't think I could be btoehred to make a tutorial of every single look I do :D
    Hahah well yeah you have such a stunning goth style so of course black, grey and purple suits you much better :) I have no specific style really, I can wear whatever and any make up look can suit me XD Though of course I don't mean that they wouldn't suit you.. If you want to wear different make up, like something yellow (your fave colour), it would suit you XD
    But yeah I did like this brown look when I wore this, but after washing it off.. Made me think that why would I wear brown when I can wear colours? Yesterday I wore make up like this, but used purple. :D This tutorial is good, you can use it to create this look with whatever colour you want ^_^
    Yaay I'm excited :D Looking forward to see your make up styles! Hahah the order is difficult to choose. XD If you don' have any specific make up style you definitely would like to do first, make a list with random order and start doing make up looks from it :')
    Oh that sounds fun, enjoy your juhannus celebration :DD

    Clare: Thanks!

    Vicky: Let me see the result :D Thank you!!

    Fashion Cappuccino: Thanks! It really is very easy to do.. :) I can do a makeup tutorial for her, lol I jus have to google who is she.. I've heard the name but don't know how she looks or what is her make up style like :'D

    fashionstoned: Thanks :)

    Marley: You're welcome! And thank you! Do you use any primer or something to help your make up to last longer? I'm sure some primer would be helpful.. I don't have any though, I've noticed that when I put concealer all over my eyelid, the makeup lasts longer. And the concealer I use is by H&M, and it wasn't even expensive, only about 5€. :)

    michelle_: You're welcome :)


  25. Thank you so much for your comments, they made me really happy! You are so sweet! xxxx

  26. Ps There is a tag for you on my blog!

  27. Fantastic.... amazing hair! <3

    *Giveaway on my blog, come on .... participate!

  28. Ariel: You're welcome :) And thanks, I'll check it out!! You're awesome :)

    Ivania santos By DIAMOND: Thanks :D


  29. I wore this look today. So pretty
    Ohh and thank you so much for your comment. You're LOVELY
    I'm developing my own awards, keep watching my blog and facebook for my details .
    Keep following,
    Love, johanna

  30. yeah it would've been fun but we couldn't celebrate =( the girls got ill.... sad next time we will definitely have our celebration :D

    aww thanks ^^ I think my make-up looks (everyday) are quite boring xD coz they look so normal not quite goth like haha ^^ but well that's the way I feel about xD

    I'm sure there are so many colours that really suit you :D and your make-up looks are fantastic! =)

    well I made a list already perhaps you're right and I do it in that order ^^
    so lets see what comes first ^^
    and I definitely wrote on that list this silver style you said you'd like me to do ^^ so I have to think what way I am that doing ^^

  31. beautiful!! really, damn you're good! <3<3<3 i'm surprised the helly kitty H&M make-up stayed on that long! :D good to know :D

  32. Ohh dear Jonna, I found this and I thought that you might like it

    Take a look, so pretty
    Love, johanna

  33. This is a much softer look. It works well with your features.

  34. your eyes look gorgeous here! ♥

  35. I love it! :D I would so try this out one day, and of course definitely link back to you (:

    I've never ventured too far with eye makeup before, since I think most looks would look different on a monolid, but you make me want to try! :D

    And again, you have the most beautiful irises I've ever seen, seriously. They're like grey and blue and golden! :D

    Keep posting! Loving them all.

    <3 Gets

  36. You are so talented Jonna!

    Merci beaucoup for stopping by darling, and for your lovely comment =]

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  37. Johanna: Oh that's awesome! Would be nice if you showed me a picture of it too? :)
    Yeah I'll definitely keep watching your blog!

    Siz: Oh :( Too bad.. But next time then ^_^ It's never too late to celebrate juhannus! lol.
    Hahah :D Well, everyday looks usually aren't even meant to be soooo gorgeous I think.. Well, some people's every day looks are but not majority of people's. :) But I think you wear a bit more make up than "normal" people ;) At least what I've seen on your pics.. Looks like that.
    I think really that all colours I want, suit me. And I also think that whatever colour you like, it suits you too. :D
    yay looking forward to see :) I'm so excited.. Your manga look and the flag lips looked amazing!

    Tinja: Thank you!! :) ♥ I actually think that it was the concealer that helped it to stay on so long.. I forgot about it when I wrote this post so I didn't mention it :'D But it's H&M concealer.. So the H&M make up products are surprisingly good, though they're so cheap. :) So nice!

    Johanna: Oh thank you!! :) I think I could recreate that make up!

    Alee: Thank you!

    Francesca: Thanks :) ♥

    Gets: Aww thanks :DD yeah I'd definitely want to see pictures if you try this out :) And of course you could use whatever colours you want! One day I wore a look like this but instead of brown I used purple. It was nice. :)
    Aww thank you!!! ♥

    English Rose: Thanks!! :)

  38. yeah next time perhaps even in time ;) haha ^^ well we'll see =D

    yeah but if I'd have enough time all the time xD perhaps I'd try to have a really stunning everyday make-up haha ^^

    hm.. you think? I thought I wear quite little make-up xD... coz it's always kajal + eyeshadow
    sometimes kajal, eyeshadow, mascara + powder xD

    let's see what's coming next to do ^^ or what my mind is up to ;D... haha ^^

  39. i think it's really pretty, well done and beautiful.

  40. Siz: Stunning everyday make up would be awesome :D I'd need to do that too.. But nowdays I don't even have any specific everyday make up, lately my everyday make up has been different every day XD
    But well I don't know, haven't you ever posted a picture of your everyday make up on your blog.. But like this one , I think that you wear more make up than many others.. :D

    Tinja: Thank you!


  41. yeah stunning would be so great :D

    hmm.. I don't really posted a picture of my everyday look... but on those pictures like that one you linked.. there I have my everyday look ^^ btw.. on that picture my lips look so pinkish xD that's no lipglos or smth it's just the camra did that with my lips haha!

  42. Great tutorial! It's a very nice neutral look for you.

  43. Siz: After a while it wouldn't probably take so much time to do the stunning make up everyday.. When you get used to it, it's much easier ^_^
    Yeah, so your everyday make up is definitely more and darker than many other people's everyday make up which are much more natural :D

    BLIX: Thank you!


  44. haha yeah xD I don't like that natural look on me xD coz I'm so used to wear that dark shadow ^^...
    isn't it funny I started wearing make-up quite late well when I was uhm 17 or 18? ... every girl used it before as everyday thing ;) and since I've started I didn't use any light colours ;) not even at the beginning xD

  45. The dark shadows look great on you :) If I had stunning lashes like yours, I'd probably wear something natural and simple when I'm having lazy days.. :'D
    Just like me! I started wearing make up late too.. I was 16 when I started wearing mascara and tiny bit of kohl, and now when I'm 17 (almost 18) I have started wearing more make up... :D Most girls have started wearing make up when they were very young.. My friends wore make up too, but I wasn't interested then. :D

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