Thursday, 25 November 2010

blue dramatic make up

It's been a loong time since I've posted any make up looks. I've been too busy (or lazy) ... But last weekend I had a date with my make up boxes and mirror! And this is the look I came up with.

Most of you have already seen these pictures on facebook, and Nea also used these to make a new banner for my blog. Do you like it? She's sooo good.. She's my official banner maker :D

Products used: Illamasqya eyeshadows, Grimas blush and Lyra kajal/eyeliner. If you need details, just ask. 

 Playing with make up and listening to good music = ♥
(in this case, Soft Cell)

It was so difficult to take good pictures, due to the bad lighting. Oh how I hate winter, it's so dark (and freezing!). I miss the daylight.

I'm sure there'll be lots of new make up looks coming in the near future. As some of you might know, I've shaved off all my eyebrows! So I have lots of space in my face now.. I can do anything!

Antti Tuisku @Loco on 5th Nov

Heh, our teacher offered free tickets to this gig and I wanted to come and asked some of my classmates to come with me .. None of us are any fans of Antti Tuisku or anything, but we just thought it'd be fun to go anyway! Also gor some free drinks. Fun!

And few pictures of us ..

Monday, 22 November 2010

Kinky Kabaret @ Freedom

On Monday 25th October we went to Camden Town, to My Elastic Eye gig. My friend Rich said he's going there so we went to say hi.. And the band was good too!

After the gig we went to Kinky Kabaret at Freedom. Dusty O was DJing there. We were drinking and dancing and having lots of fun ... There was also a very cute french bartender who we were talking with!

Dame Vesta Blues

Dusty O

I guess this is the last post about my trip to London. Looking forward to the next one!

Friday, 19 November 2010

THE FACE - Alejandro's birthday party

On 22th October at The Green Carnation, Soho ... THE FACE featuring Alejandro's birthday party!

Before going to the Green Carnation, we were spending time outside in Soho and drinking. Talked with some old punk! Also chatted with a nun who was laughing at our looks. Some guy called Nea Lady Gaga and proposed her too.

Then we went in .. At first there wasn't so many people, we were so early.. Took pictures of our amazing make up looks created by Mark.

The jacket & the skirt are made by me. I also made the bag. (black furry bag with red PVC bow)

The night was SO much fun!! The best party I've ever attented. Was lovely to meet Alejandro and Nejc again.. Also randomly met Joseph Harwood (who's been my facebook friend for a long time but haven't talked much with him before)! And also got to know some other amazing people too. Even Steve Strange was there!

I might have been a bit too drunk though so can't remember everything though.. We asked the bar staff to recommend the strongest, sweetest, cheapest and biggest drink. Heheh..
Alejandro was DJing too, and the music was amazing! 80's ♥

photo by Taku

photos by Nea (I guess)

photo by Naddy

photo by Dragazzi de Jonge

 photo by Dorota Mulczynska

photo by Alex Gerry

video by BasementFilm

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Illamasqua @ Selfridges

On Thursday we went to Selfridges, went to look at the make up products there.. We got an amazing idea, to go and get our make up done by some talented Illamasqua make up artist next day for THE FACE. Mika doll was working there, and we asked if he'd be there tomorrow and could do our make up. He wasn't, but he arranged an appointment with some other make up artist, Mark.

So, on Friday we went to Selfridges again, to get our make up done. We had to go there without any make up on our face ...

At first Mark did Nea's make up. WOW ...

I think these pictures could be some Illamasqua ads.. Nea looks amazing!

Then for me..

I loved my make up!

And Mark wasn't just a very talented make up artist, he was very nice guy too! We went to say hi to him some other day too.

And on our last day we would have wanted to say bye but he was off.. Mika Doll was working, and we were talking with him. He's such a gorgeous guy too!

I also bought some products .. I love Illamasqua. Those eyeshadows are sooo good! Love the vanilla smell of the white eyeshadow! Heh..

(the next post is going to be about THE FACE!)
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