Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Trannyshack @ Madame Jojo's

When Nea and I arrived to London on 20th October, we went to take our bags to our hotel and applied a bit more make up... then went to Soho and Madame Jojo's!

That's something I've wanted to do for years.. Go to Trannyshack. But I've been too young before..
And this was my first time in Soho too!

Dusty O was hosting and DJing there. Loved his fur coat and make up!

Vodka cola..

Some performances..

Vanilla Lush looked and sounded amazing!

Took a picture with Dusty (but that guy wanted to be in it too and .. lol. At least he bought us drinks!)

Also met Philip Sallon!! I never thought I could meet him someday.. I've heard so much about him! He's a legend.

Was a great night!


  1. Looks like an amazing night!
    Hope you had a good time:)

  2. FUN FUN FUN!!!!!! thanks for sharing babe :)


  3. Looks like a great time! You and Nea are so pretty!

  4. Looks like you had a real great time! Hooray for amazing nights!

  5. Fun times! I really want to go to Trannyshack :(

  6. @R May A: It was an amazing night :))

    @Jemina: You're welcome :)

    @kathyeffinjacobs: Thank you!!

    @Pili: Yeah.. Hooray for amazing night but booo for the fact that they have to end so soon :(

    @Robyn: You live in London, right? You could go! :D Today is Trannyshack again!


  7. aww so great :) I guess you're goin there again and again and again xD as often as you come to england?! :)

  8. @S-iz: Definitely! Every Wednesday when I'm in London, I'll go to Trannyshack. ;) xx

  9. :D yeah ^^ it looks like smth you have to be @ everytime it is :D =P [and you of course have time xD]
    so when you live in London you definitely go there every week x)

  10. @Siz: Yeah, I'll go there every Wednesday when I have nothing else to do.. Really, in Lndon it will be so hard to choose what to do, there's so much happening :DD x

  11. amazingggggggg thx for sharing hun

  12. @Princess Feef: Of course I wanted to share if there's something great happening in my life even once in a while :D ♥

  13. :D but that's great so you'll never get bored at all :)
    and you have smth to do all the time ^^


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