Monday, 15 November 2010

London pics #1

I haven't been blogging in ages.. Just haven't felt like blogging, or doing anything else either. But now I think it's time to come back again and start catching up.. I've missed reading blogs and your comments and everything!

So.. I'm going to start posting about my trip to London! I think I'm going to do few posts about it, otherwise it'd be far too long.

Let's start with some landscape pictures. Such a beautiful city ... ♥

Our hotel.

Piccadilly Circus. (Stromae - Alors On Danse)

Camden Town.

London Eye

Big Ben.

Westminster bridge.


 Even sky was crying on the day we have to go back home ..


  1. awww pretty pictures :D <3
    love them =)

  2. Great photos! It makes me very jealous!! I hope to get to London one day! :) thanks for sharing x

  3. Great shots, really! I so want to go back to London! I went years ago, and didn't get to ride the Eye of London!

    And I so wanna take so many photos with my new camera of London!

  4. @Siz: Me too ♥ I love London ... (as everyone knows, heheh)

    @augustlovers: Thank you! I'd definitely recommend going to London someday. .. it's an amazing city! :D

    @Pili: Thank you! I did ride the London Eye when I was in London for the first time couple years ago..
    I know the feeling! Can't wait to go back to London! :)



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