Friday, 19 November 2010

THE FACE - Alejandro's birthday party

On 22th October at The Green Carnation, Soho ... THE FACE featuring Alejandro's birthday party!

Before going to the Green Carnation, we were spending time outside in Soho and drinking. Talked with some old punk! Also chatted with a nun who was laughing at our looks. Some guy called Nea Lady Gaga and proposed her too.

Then we went in .. At first there wasn't so many people, we were so early.. Took pictures of our amazing make up looks created by Mark.

The jacket & the skirt are made by me. I also made the bag. (black furry bag with red PVC bow)

The night was SO much fun!! The best party I've ever attented. Was lovely to meet Alejandro and Nejc again.. Also randomly met Joseph Harwood (who's been my facebook friend for a long time but haven't talked much with him before)! And also got to know some other amazing people too. Even Steve Strange was there!

I might have been a bit too drunk though so can't remember everything though.. We asked the bar staff to recommend the strongest, sweetest, cheapest and biggest drink. Heheh..
Alejandro was DJing too, and the music was amazing! 80's ♥

photo by Taku

photos by Nea (I guess)

photo by Naddy

photo by Dragazzi de Jonge

 photo by Dorota Mulczynska

photo by Alex Gerry

video by BasementFilm


  1. You look STUNNING babe, LOVE it!!!

  2. Awww <3 <3 <3
    Btw actually the first pic is taken by Taku.. I think.. well I'm not quite sure. But I have a feeling that it was Taku who asked if he can take a picture of us :D

  3. @Jemina: Thanks hun!!

    @graphology: Yeah I know! Mark is soo talented :)

    @Nea: Khih ♥ I wish we were in London tonight.. The Face at Punk :(
    Oh ok, I don't remember who it was... I can't remember the details XD


  4. OMG I love your makeup, so beautiful!

  5. looove this make up!!! your skills are brilliant!

  6. omg, your make up is frickin' insanely awesome! I love it! x

  7. wow you guys all look amaxing!
    i wish i could make my own clothes, that jacket is so funky >.<


  8. Your make up looks gorgeous!
    loving your blog :)

  9. aww looks like looots of fun :D
    and great pictures <3 love them ^^
    you don't look wasted in them so maybe you weren't too drunk ;)

  10. @Ryan: I loved it too!!

    @Marta: This make is done by a talented Illamasqua make up artist Mark, not me :) Thanks anyway!

    @augustlovers: Yeah I loved it too!

    @Sue: !! :)

    @Angie: Thank you!! Why couldn't you make your own clothes? It's not that difficult ;) At least if you buy ready patterns and you have a sewing machine.

    @Amandita: Thank you!

    @Daiane: Yeah ♥

    @R May A: Thank you!! :)

    @Siz: It really was looots of fun! ♥ Hahah.. I was surprised to see how not-wasted I look in those pics.. But I was drunk XD


  11. AMAZING <3 loved all the pics ,, and u two looked stunning

  12. @Ofra Cosmetic: Thank you!!

    @Johanna: ♥

    @Princess Feef: Thanks! Everyone at The Face looked so amazing and were soo nice♥

    @tonimacaroni: ♥


  13. this is really a cool make up

  14. I had the opportunity to see some of your make up looks and I must say you've got quite some skills :D

  15. hey be glad u don't look wasted in the pix xD you may have seen the pix of me being wasted on FB xDDD so bad ... lol

  16. You are so talented. This look is awesome! Preeeeeety.


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