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black cut crease make up tutorial

I've always admired this make up look when I've seen some guys wearing this, but it was for the Tammerfest when I first time recreated this look for myself. I absolutely love it, it's my favourite make up look of all the looks I've ever done. Long false lashes would have made this look even better though.

Hopefully you like the tutorial! If you try this look out, I'd love to see the results! :)

How to achieve this look:

1. Apply primer, foundation or whatever base you usually use for your make up. Then apply white eyeshadow all over the lid.

2. Take a black eyeliner pencil and draw a line following your crease.

3. Take a brush and blend the colour outwards.

4. Apply black eyeshadow and blend the colour outwards. (instead of applying black now, you can use whatever colour you want!)

5. Add white eyeshadow to the brow bone and blend it with the black colour so there's no any harsh lines.

6. Line the waterline and the upper and the lower lashlines with a black eyeliner.

7. Apply mascara and fill in the eyebrows.

The final look:

Products used:
1) H&M concealer 
2) H&M - Kitty Beach Party blue eyeshadow3) Wet N' Wild - kajal & eyeliner black black
4) Bobby Brown - charcoal 12 black eyeshadow
5) Max Factor - False Lash Effect mascara
6) Ludinelle - khol pencil, brun syrien 04
7) Rimmel London - stay matte pressed powder 001


  1. Love it, it looks like something WhatStyleIsToNickel on YT would wear!

  2. Wow, such a bold look!! It looks great, and you make it sound very easy with the step by step instructions!

  3. awesome. love your make-ups and thanks for tutorial :)

    well, i can sew and i really would like to do clothes i'm drwaing in real but i'm still at school and i don't have enough own money (and time) to do it. Hope one day my dreams come true and i'll be a great fashion designer ;)

  4. Great make up. Love it! Amazing! It really reminds me that Dior that I mentioned

  5. Great great job, love the color you used.

  6. I love it!! I usually wear black eyeshadow but in the outer corners of my lids. I'll have to try this :)

  7. Yeahhhh love it, well done :)

  8. I have always been a fan of cut crease looks and you have done the style justice! It looks awesome with your eyes. Very pretty!!!

  9. Nice tutorial!
    Such cool cut the crease look!

  10. Awesome! I love cut creases...although I haven't done it in a long time. This really makes your eyes stand out.

  11. I love this! I've always adored cut crease looks hehe I just love how bold it is and how it makes all the attention go to your eyes :) lovely!

  12. yay :) it looks so pretty!! :) maybe I try this one too ;) when there is time ^^ u know! ^^

  13. Wow!! It looks so dramatic!! Definitely cool for a girl's night out!! My sister is into makeup so I'll share this with her! xoxooxxoo

  14. Wow!! It looks so dramatic!! Definitely cool for a girl's night out!! My sister is into makeup so I'll share this with her! xoxooxxoo

  15. WOW!!! I LOVE this so mcuh, thanks for the tutorial, awesomeness indeed!!! xoxo

  16. great eyes!
    very nice post!


  17. I love it when you do bold looks =)

  18. Great tutorial, can't wait to see more

  19. wow, I love it, you look so much like Edie Sedgwick with that make-up and she´s my Fashion Icon! xoxo MM

  20. @Robyn: Thanks! And thanks for reminding, I once found some WhatStyleIsToNickel videos on youtube and they looked interesting, I thought I'm going to watch them later when I have more time but forgot..

    @Pili: Thanks!! :) It really was surprisingly easy to do.. I've always admired this look but never tried this, I thought it's too difficult, but when I actually tried it, it was quite easy! :D

    @Zuzia: Thanks! :) Yeah I so know what you mean.. I have the same problem, I'm still at school and don't have money enough. I'd love to sew more but.. :/ Everything is possible, and I believe dreams can come true! Good luck! I'm sure you'd be a great designer.. I love your designs! :)

    @Johanna: Thanks!! :) Yeah this is the same make up I wore in the pictures in my last post.

    @Ddays Of Our Lives: Thanks! Black & white is always a great choice.

    @Ashley: Thanks!! If you try this, let me see the result! :D I always used to wear black eyeshadow in the outer corners of my lids. But during my holiday I've so much time, I've tried different looks.

    @liloo: Thanks! :)

    @T, the Bee: Thanks!! I love cut crease looks.

    @Anastacia: Thanks!!

    @BLIX: Thanks! I love cut crease looks too.

    @FashionGirlMonica: Thanks! :) I love cut crease look.. It's bold look but still not too bold, so it's wearable everyday if I want. + I can use different colours.. Today i'm wearing this kind of look, but used purple instead of black. :D

    @Siz: Thanks! :) Yeah try this and let me see the result!

    @Fashion Cappuccino: Thanks! I love dramatic make up looks. Hopefully your sister likes this and finds the tutorial helpful! If she tries this out, I'd like to see how it turns out :)

    @Jemina: Thanks!! I'm glad you like it.

    @Carmen: Thanks!!

    @Heather: Thanks! :D

    @Amandita: Thanks :) I love doing them!

    @Johanna: Thanks! :) More coming soon!

    @Michaela: Thanks! To be honest, I had never heard of her but just googled her, very pretty girl!


  21. Oooh, thanks for the tutorial! I was always wanting to do this and not sure how.

  22. Why don't you do a pin-up look? Like 50's or something? sounds great

  23. I like it!!
    That looks pretty wild!!!!!!


  24. amazing make up! and i love the tips too! so easy to follow!

  25. You do such an incredible job with all these dramatic eye looks! I love it. <3
    And every time, I just have to say, you're eyes are nothing short of stunning!

  26. I've wanted to try a 1960s look like this for a while, I think it looks great on you - it really suits your eye shape and makes them stand out x

  27. Sounds easy, could try it out! I think too I should experiment a bit with my festival look but not sure yet what I'll do exactly :)

  28. Its lovely! :D I think the black on the crease is such a cool idea, you're so so creative! Every time I see a new look you've done I can't help but wish I had creased eyes too, yours look so good! :D


  29. It looks so dramatic, i love it!

  30. I've given you the I <3 your blog award.

    Congrats, you deserve it!

  31. You're inspiring me to do something beautiful and dramatic with my makeup!

  32. It looks so good on you! it never work on me though lol

  33. I'm your 100th follower congrats.Your really good at applying makeup.I followed I love your blog Please check my blog too.And follow thanks.

  34. wow!!! gothic..
    love the way you create the ilution for deep eyes with black eyeliner.


    hug and kiss

  35. @Cydonian: Thanks! I'm glad if you find this tutorial helpul.

    @Johanna: I will do that! I've written down all of your suggestions, and I'll do those looks as soon as I have time!

    @aGdame: Thanks!! :)

    @Martwa Marta: Thanks!

    @Theresa: Thank youuu ♥

    @Kat O: Thank you!

    @Tinja: It was surprisingly easy! If you try this out, please share a picture on your blog! :D Looking forward to see your festival look!

    @Gets: Thanks! :) This wasn't entirely my idea, I've seen some guys wearing black cut crease looks before so.. Aww, even if you don't have creased eyes, you can create awesome cut crease looks! I wish my eyes were not so creased.. Most of the make up looks look good only when my eyes are closed! You could check out Anastacia’s make up blog , she's created many amazing looks even though she doesn't have creased eyes :)

    @Fashionlee: Thanks!

    @Ashley: Thanks!!

    @E: Yay thanks! I'm so happy to hear I'm inspiring.

    @STARR: Thanks! Aww why didn't it work on you?

    @sparkleshinemagic: Yay thanks for your nice comment, and thanks for following too! I'm going to check out your blog soon.

    @Queen D: Thank you!!

    @Clare: Thanks :)

  36. Oh really? I'm glad you liked that George Wu collection

  37. The way you wear makeup is seriously art. You are so talented! I am definitely going to try this look out. If I succeed, I will post about it. :)

    Thanks for the tutorial!

  38. yeah I will sure post the result when I've done ;)

  39. Wow excellent post... I've always admired this look in fashion spreads, etc, but never had the balls to do it myself. But, hey, now I will!

  40. @Lauren Ellingham: Oh, I didn't think of that. (to be honest, I wouldn't even recognise Katy Perry if I saw her)

    @Johanna: It's gorgeous! Really, I'd love to have some of those dresses.

    @Jennifer Fabulous: Awww, thanks!! :) Looking forward to see your post about the look! I'm sure you'll succeed :)

    @Siz: Yay! :D

    @WALK THE SAND: Thank you!! Very nice if I managed to encourage you to finally try this look ^_^ Hopefully you show me a picture of it!


  41. awesome makeup =0
    thx for stopping by my blog ... hugs

  42. thats so cool =D

    i will try to re-do it and post the link for u to see it =)

  43. @Princess Feef: Thanks!! :) Would be nice if you re-do this, I'd definitely want to see it! :D x

  44. Wow, that looks really 60s! I saw that style when I was in Boots in england last week and I thougt 'Wow, I need to learn how to do that', so I'll def try out your way! :)

  45. @Nats: Great to hear if this is helpful to you :D If you try this out, I'd love to see the result! x

  46. I LOVE this looks! really made your eyes pop!!


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