Tuesday, 13 July 2010

July update and outfits

I've been spending time with my friend who came here from Hämeenlinna, so I haven't been online lately. I had an amazing time! The whole June was very anti-social month for me, I mostly spend time at home alone, playing with make up and watching movies. So it was great to spend some time with a friend now! I didn't ask a permission to post pictures of us, and I don't know if I would even want to post them.. Of course it would be nice to show how beautiful friend I have but maybe I don't want to share everything here..

But, I have received few requests, people have been asking me to do more outfit posts,  so I've decided to share few! My friend took some pictures of me while she was here, which is nice because usually I take all my photos on my own. And, it's very difficult to take nice pictures on my own, trying to find new interesting places to put my camera and use self-timer.

The first outfit. This is the shirt I forced my mum to buy for herself, I think this looks stunning on her, it makes her look so young! But, she doesn't really like it and she just gave this to me.. I like it, the colour is lovely and I love large shirts! Unfortunately this isn't long enough to be worn as a dress, so I had to wear a black miniskirt with this.

The second outfit. I bought this red polka dot dress from Topshop when I was in London for the first time in 2008, and I wore this to the first Boy George concert I went to. The knit jacket is from H&M.

The third outfit. It's just something casual I wanted to wear when it was very hot outside..

Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of my make up looks.. And they don't show up in the pictures so well. But one day my friend wanted to do my make up, which was very nice look. I liked the colour combo, purple and orange. Actually, if you open the first picture of me in that leopard tunic, you can somehow see that make up look. She didn't want me to use black eyeliner, because she thinks my eyes don't need it.. (I disagree, though.)

And today, it was soooo hot here, I was feeling very lazy, laying in the mattress on my floor, eyes closed... My friend was getting ready, she wanted to go to Tampere. I asked her to do my make up again, and she did it while I was still laying in the mattress. Hahah.. The look was bright, pink and yellow with blue liner on the upper lashline. Sorry, I have no pictures of it..

Anyway, sorry about this text-oriented posts.. I usually prefer to do more simple posts with less text but I seemed to have lots to say now.. I feel I could write lots of more but I think I wouldn't want to bore you to death ;)  I've missed you all and I'm going to start the catching-up now!!

And, just to let you know... If you've noticed that I've unfollowed your blog, please don't be offended, it's nothing personal and I still like your blog, I just MUST unfollow some blogs now... I had nothing else to do last month than blogging, and I found many very interesting blogs which I started following, but now I think I should unfollow some... I just have to time enough for all, unfortunately. When I see hundreds unread blog posts in my reading list, it kind of stress me and I'm trying to hurry to go through them all.. That's not what I want.. I want to focus on what I read, and enjoy the blogs I love! The blogs I unfollowed, I saved the links to my bookmarks though so I can visit those blogs occasionally when I have some extra time. I want to keep blogging fun, not stressing! :)


  1. You look great. The red dress is so sweet. xx

  2. youre so reading my mind with that polka dot dress!! honestly you know what i would love? the "perfect work makeup" whatever you think that is! id love to see that :)

  3. Awww! Love the polka dotted dress. I've been looking for something polka dotted and just haven't quite found it yet. That is adorable!
    Also: random, but I <3 your hair :)

  4. Woooow! Those outfits are sooo great looking! Especially the red dress with white dots! So pretty!

  5. absolutely love your hair (and your outfits of course!) xo

  6. Great ootd especially the red dress :)

  7. thank you so much for your lovely comment!!!and here is the tutorial that inspired me on how to make a zipper flower!!it's really easy, you'll see, and the girl in this video shows how to make it step by step!!!...enjoy, and let me know how it went!!!kisses

  8. Lovely photos!! I really like that polka dot dress! It's so sweet and pretty!! I want to see more make up tutorials from you :-) xoxooxxoo

  9. @Ansa: Thanks!

    @nyc lu: Thank you! :) Ok thanks for the suggestion, I'm going to do that!

    @Cydonian: Thanks! :) Good luck with your search! Hope you find something.. Quite weird that you haven't found anything polka dotted yet :o I think polka dots are everywhere!

    @Anastacia: Thanks!

    @Cindy Whitehead: Thanks!

    @liloo: Thanks :) The red dress seems to be everyone's favourite :D It's actually the first dress I've bought... since I was a very little girl.

    @Dani Banani: You're welcome ^_^ Oh, where is that tutorial?? Did you forget o put the link? :o Yeah, I'm definitely going to tell how it went after trying it..

    @Fashion Cappucino: Thank you! :) I'll do make up tutorials.. Soon, I hope. Now the heat is killing me, I can't be bothered to do anything, it's too hot here :(


  10. I just adore that jacket!

  11. I love your second outfit so much, the dress and jacket are beautiful!

  12. Thank you for voting for me<3 Lots of love your way!
    Come enter my giveaway!

    xo Lynzy

  13. I just LOVE all of your outfits , xoxo

  14. sorry i forgot to post the link!here it is:

  15. looking gorgeous!!! love the outfits!!!


  16. I love the way you mix feminine styles with edgy accessories. You look fab!


  17. I love your red polkadot dress! have to hunt down one... and hey I gave an award to you on my blog :)

  18. wow these pictures are great :D your friend did a great job with taking these :D

  19. @Robyn: Thanks! Me too :D It's my favourite.

    @Kat O: Thank you!! :)

    @Lynzy: You're welcome, you deserve every vote you get and more ♥ I come and check it out!

    @Jemina: Thanks!

    @Dani Banani: Thanks! I'll watch that tutorial and try to do it.. I'll let you know how it goes :)

    @aGdame: Thanks!! :)

    @Valerie: Thanks! I love mixing feminine styles with edgy or masculine things. I love opposites together! :D

    @Tinja: Thanks :) Good luck, hopefully you find one! And thanks! I'll check it out soon.. I'm still so left behind with all blogs, I'm trying to catch up..

    @Siz: Thanks!! :D She did great job.. ^_^ And the best thing is that she didn't take these like on purpose, I mean that I didn't ask her to take these, I didn't pose at all.. We were just sitting somewhere or something, and she took pictures :D I love pictures like that more than pictures where you pose for the camera!


  20. I love your red polka dot dress. Red and black are one of my favorite color combinations.

  21. Red is so your color! I love your hair. That polka dot dress is my fave!

  22. Ojj Jonna you look adorable

  23. that dott-dress is perfect!

  24. thats an amazing red on you x

  25. i love your dress !
    awesome blog post :)
    thanks for stopping by at my blog ...

  26. girl!!!!!!!!!!
    ur red polka-dot dress really awesome.
    i think the polka-dot is back again..i have a polka-dot skirt..and ur post really inspired me to post my own polka-dot..

    tks for leave comment..keep follow :D


    hug and kiss^^

  27. Great outfits! Love the polka dots! hugs

  28. @Becca: Thanks! They're definitely my favourite colour combination too, they've been for a looong time.. I've just recently started liking other colours & combos too.

    @E: Thanks! Red really is my colour ^_^ But recently I've been trying to start using some other colours too..

    @Mara: Thanks!! :)

    @Johanna: Aww thanks Johanna!

    @Sirpa: Thanks :)

    @Charleston: Thanks!

    @Emmi: Thanks :) That dress seems to be everyone's favourite... To me actually, dresses make summer and winter and every other season too. I always wear dresses and skirts ^_^

    @michelle_: Thanks!! :)

    @Queen D: Aww thanks!! To me, polka dot has never gone anywhere ;) I love polka dots!

    @Taj Acosta: Thanks!!


  29. Aw, I totally know what you mean by having too many awesome blogs to look through! It's good to keep things streamlined and just follow the best ones, I think. There are simply too many out there to follow them all!

    All of these outfits are great, but I especially love the red polka-dotted dress! It's simply divine, and it looks fantastic on you!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  30. I LOVE your polka dotted outfit so much! :) You always look super pretty in your pictures lovely

  31. @Ce qui m'inspire: It's so sad that I just can't have time for all amazing blogs :( I want to.. I want to follow them all and read all of their posts.. But it's impossible, and I keep finding new interesting blogs all the time :(
    And thanks!!

    @FashionGirlMonica: Thanks!! :)


  32. You look so adorable in the red dress! xxx

  33. I just found your blog, and I like it!!

    I looooveee your hair, is soo fun,!!!
    you look good girl, you pictures are so cool.

    Fallowing you now, check at my blog, and fallow me if you want.

    LV oxox♥

  34. The red white dress is beautiful <3
    I like ur blog :) xoxo

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. @Ariel: Thanks!

    @Luisa Verdee: Aww thank you!! :)

    @Mandyy: Thanks! I'm happy to hear you like it :)


  37. true pix taken accitentally are much better than those where u pose


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