Tuesday, 20 July 2010

picnic in Hämeenlinna

It was Siz's last day in Finland yesterday, and we decided to go to Hämeenlinna. Siz wanted to see the castle, and I've never seen it before other than only through the windows in train so it was nice to go there.

We didn't know how to get there from the railway station, so we just started walking and it happened to be the wrong way. But it didn't matter, it was nice to walk there and take pictures.

On the way to the castle, we got the idea that we could go and buy some food and do a picnic before going to the castle. And yeah, that's what we did. We bought soo much food!

We found a nice place near the castle where to do the picnic, we managed to sit there for a while until some guys told us to go somewhere else, they wanted to put some toilets there. (for some festival, I think)
It was just so weird and fun, why shoould they put the toilets just there where we where  having our picnic! Hahah.

So we had to find new place. It was so nice to sit there; eat, drink, talk, laugh, listen to good music!

Then, after we had eaten enough, we went to see the castle. It wasn't open anymore so we couldn't get in, but it was nice to see it even outside.

Then we went back to Tampere, to get Siz's luggage and then went to Nokia and spend few hours sitting in my balcony, watching old gig pictures taken by me and also some other pictures, and we were talking a lot. Before 4 in the morning my mum and I went to take Siz to the airport and she went home. :/ I really enjoyed this week with her! And I'm so glad, she's coming back already in September when I have my birthday!


  1. Those pictures you took of the flowers are beautiful =D
    also i like Siz's t-shirt ^^

  2. @Abby Vicous hey thanks :) it was a cheap one ;) but I love it too coz it's Pirates of the Caribbean :D

    @Jonna it was soo nice to spent that time together ... I was so sad when I was going on plane in Helsinki but in vienna few hours after I managed to feel a bit better my parents were telling me they're going to pay the flights :D yay! ^^ and now it is booked ;) <3

  3. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh love those pics especially the architecture ones :)

  4. It looks so lovely there! I can't wait until I can visit and see the lovely scenery :)

  5. @Abby Vicious: Thanks :D Yeah her shirt is nice.. Especially if you like the Pirated of the Caribbean. Lol I haven't ever seen it!

    @Siz: It really was nice! Yeah you didn't have so much time to feel sad because you heard so soon that they'll pay for your flights and then you even already booked them! :D ♥

    @Johanna: It was :)

    @liloo: Thanks! :D

    @Cydonian: It's lovely there :) Oh, you want to visit Finland?? :D


  6. Such pretty pictures. That place looks beautiful.

  7. Beautiful Beautiful pictures, and I like Siz' tee, have a lovely day :)), xoxo

  8. It looks so beautiful there! I wish i could go back to Europe, its so full of culture and inspiration...and you guys are always way ahead of us Americans when it comes to fashion haha

  9. @BLIX: Thanks!

    @Jemina: Thanks! :D Have a nice day, you too!

    @Anastacia: Yeah :)

    @Eye of the Beholder: Yeah it looks beautiful :) Oh, just save money for it and come back!


  10. yeah :D haha I think I've never had so extreme feelings before xD I mean in the morning feeling soo bad and then suddenly feeling soo good xD haha I think this was really the first time I had such two different extreme feelings xD haha

  11. @Siz: Aww :D It's so weird to have such extreme feelings.. At first so sad and suddenly so happy!

  12. yeah I really think I never had such extreme feelings O.o

  13. I would loooove to visit Finland. Pretty much everywhere in Europe, I'd like to go. :)

  14. @Siz: Well, now you have at least once :D Must have felt weird.. But yeah it's much better this way, at first you were sad and then suddenly sooo glad! Much better than the other way around would have been ^_^

    @Cydonian: Oh that's nice. If you ever come here, let me know, would be nice to meet you ^_^ (though I'm not going to stay here for many years anymore) . I'd aldo like to go everywhere in Europe, and outside of it too!


  15. soo true :) I'm so happy about it still ^^ and I can't wait till I can pack my stuff again ;)


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