Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Tammerfest 2010

I've had great time with Siz. She really chose the perfect time to come to Finland, she had a chance to see all the best finnish bands with me!

Tammerfest this year was AMAZING!

I managed to get in to Telakka on Friday 16th, no one asked to see my ID! Those bands at Telakka.. Well, it all felt so surreal.

First there was playing The VooDoo Nights. I was so happy to finally see them live again. When JWRA split up in 2007, I was so looking forward to start going to the gigs of Arde's (JWRA's guitarist) new band. But, they've had mostly gigs with age limit so far, so I've had a chance to see them only once before. But well, that's about to chance soon, after my birthday I can go everywhere!

It was so nice to see Arde again and talk with him after the gigs! He's such a gorgeous guy and I love his style too!

Then, Jann Wilde played with his band The Neon Comets. I didn't take many pictures, because I had to save battery for the night's special guest band, and also because for the most of the time some of the band members were hiding behind the bar which was in front of the stage and I couldn't see them from where I was sitting. It doesn't matter, I already have so many pictures of that band.. They played a brand new song, 'Jello', which I loved!

And the so long waited special guest band. Jann Wilde & The Rose Avenue!! That band split up three years ago.. I didn't think I'd ever see them again but well, never say never! Jann,Tender, Arde and Rene. Just absolutely amazing and nostalgic to see them playing together again! I have only 3 pictures from that gig, because the gig was so special, I wanted to have videos of all the songs they played!

On Saturday 17th we went to Viikinsaari. It was fun too! There played many bands, but Siz & I just sat somewhere drinking and talking for the most of the time. We went to the front of the stage watching few bands though.

At first, Skin Alive. It's Arde's another band, where he only plays guitar and sings backing vocals. Also Pappa from The VooDoo Nights plays guitar in this band. I've never seen Skin Alive live before, only listened to some songs on myspace, so it was nice to see them.

And then, Jann Wilde & The Neon Comets again. The set was exactly the same as it was yesterday, but it didn't matter, somehow it sounded different anyway.

After the Viikinsaari gigs Siz, Nea and I were sitting in the harbour and having fun.

Jann Wilde also wrote about the Tammerfest gigs in his blog, so check it out!

I'm just sooo happy now. Somehow it feels like it's 2007 again! ♥

I'm sure many of you are waiting to see the make up looks and tutorials, and I promise I'll do them soon.. I already have pictures for one make up tutorial (the make up I was wearing during the Tammerfest, you can see it on the pictures), all I need is time for posting them and writing the tutorial, and more is coming too so stay tuned! x


  1. Ohh it seems like you had a great time. Your make up reminds me the Dior look of a few collections ago

  2. ohh yeah it was soo much time :) yay! and it was so nice to get to know nea too :) she's nice =)
    and it was always fun to hang out with you in Tampere ^^ I'm so looking forward to come again :D yay!

  3. lol I can't write anymore ;) I meant it was so much fun this time hanging out and so :) not so much time xD it was too little time!

  4. fab photos my dear!! im hittin a northern ireland music festival this sat called glasgowbury and your photos have really helped put me in the mood :) thanks for stoppin by my blog while i was on hol! x

  5. Can't wait to see more make up looks

  6. @Johanna: Yeah, I really had a great time! Oh I haven't seen the Dior make up you mean.

    @Siz: Hahaha :D It really was lots of fun! Yeah Nea is nice, I know.. So nice you met each other ^_^ You come back in 6 weeks!!

    @Vicki: Thanks!! :) That sounds fun! Have fun at the festival. I'm happy to hear my photos helped to put you in the mood :D

    @liloo: Thanks! :)

    @Clare: It really was!

    @Johanna: Sorry I haven't done so many make up looks lately.. I've been so busy. :/ But, I'll do! All requests, and even more!


  7. Here's the Dior Make up

  8. I just found your blog, and I like it!!

    I looooveee your hair, is soo niceeee,!!!
    you look good girl, you pictures are so cool, you had fun uh?

    Fallowing you now, check at my blog, and fallow me if you want.

    LV oxox♥

  9. Nice pictures!! You put a lot of hard work into this post and it definitely pays off!!


    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  10. Look like so much fun, and you look marvellous, your hair and make up is always amazing :)), xoxo

  11. Yay! Fun times. You look beautiful!

  12. Yay! The last picture looks so exciting!

  13. Amazing. I can't help but admire how great everyone's makeup looks. Really gorgeous. :)

  14. you look gorgeous, sweety! and seems that you had loads of fun!

  15. Sounds like you had an awesome time!! I love the band pictures!! Can't wait for your make up tutorial!! xoxoxooo

  16. @Johanna: Thanks for the link! Love that make up, the lashes are amazing.

    @Luisa Verdee: I'm happy to hear that! Thanks! :) I really had fun at the gigs. And yeah, I'm going to check out your blog too!

    @Zabrinah: Thanks! Hard but fun work. I love going through the pictures I've taken at the gigs, and the hardest part is to choose what to post and trying not to post too many pictures. :D

    @Jemina: Aww thanks! It really was so much fun.

    @BLIX: Really fun times! Thanks!

    @Anastacia: Hahah, it's a funny picture.. we got tired.. :'D

    @Tina Marie: Thank you!! :)

    @Martwa Marta: We really had lots of fun. Thanks!!

    @Fashion Cappuccino: It really was awesome. I'm happy that you like the band pictures! I think you should also check out their music, maybe you'd like it too ;) I'm going to post is as soon as I can! There's so much catching up to do (again) when I've spent few days not coming online..


  17. Looks like fun. I really like your dress.

  18. yeah :D 6 weeks can't wait! :D =D
    oh I'm so happy ^^ btw I already checked my account ^^ I do have enough money to do different things with u :P we just need to find out what the cheapest way for me is to go from nokia to tampere everyday... how much was the monthly card? if it would be cheaper than going everyday maybe I should take that if they don't have a weekly ticket thing

  19. u are so ROCK!!
    always love to watch a LIVE CONCERT.
    seems you all have a great time together.

    tks for leave comment in my blog, really appreciate it ^^


    hug and kiss ^^

    PS : check out my new post, hope you like it.

  20. You do some really cool thing - love that as you are living life to the fullest! Great pictures of the band playing too.

  21. Glad you had fun Jonna! :D Your make up looks lovely, especially from the last picture! :D

    Love your pictures of the castle too. I would so love to visit one but there aren't any here, aww. ):


  22. @Glowing Doll: Thanks! It was fun.

    @Siz: I can't wait either! :D Let's just hope I get in to that gig then.. All the places are so different, at some places you don't have to show your ID and at some other places it's so strict that even though you turned 18 today, you can't get in yet.. You can never know :/ And I have heard nothing about that bar where the gig is!

    Good that you have money! I don't have, lol. I still have to save.. till October. But if there's something special we want to do and I'd need money, I think my mum might give me some, hey it's my birthday. :'D I haven't yet checked the cheapest travelling possibilities for you.. But I asked my mum and she said it would be cheapest if we walked/rided a bike to Kalkku (to the boundary of Tampere & Nokia), I think that'd be the cheapest because then you could buy the card I told you about (6€ for the first day, the second 4€, the third 4€ and so on).. I don't know, I have to find out if there's some other ways too. It would be so expensive to just use a bus.. I counted and it'd be more than 60€! The monthly card is 73€ so it's nt cheap enough either..

    @Queen D: Oh thanks!! :) Live concerts are the best! And yeah, we really had a great time.

    @Cindy Whitehead: Aww thanks!! I'm trying to live the life to the fullest.. Life is too short for wasting time!

    @Gets: Thanks!! :) I'm going to do a tutorial for that make up soon!
    Aww maybe someday you go somewhere where's a castle :) They're beautiful and interesting places to visit!


  23. yea hopefully :) would be nice if it was like in Telakka bar :)

    yeah I'm glad and I didn't expect me to still have money afterwards xD I was so surprised when I found out that I didn't need so much money :P that's so great! ^^

    hm... maybe we find smth if not then well lets see ^^ I still get money on my account from the grants ^^ u know so I think I would also be able to pay the 60€ but u know I could ask at our train station perhaps there is some special thing goin on ^^ I don't know... and goin and ask doesn't cost a thing so I could try maybe they know what's best for xD though they look at me like I'm a weirdo (when I asked for cheap flights to Tampere they looked at me like I'm a weirdo .... but well if they sell flghts why looking at me like that?)

  24. wow! looks like you had a great time and i love your purple dress! GREAT POST!

  25. I kinda like that zebra blouse on you. And it looks like you had a lot of fun on that stage. Go girl! :)

  26. @Siz: I really hope it's like Telakka.. But you can never know :/ They're all so different.. And I don't know anyone who's been at Varjobaari so I can't ask..

    That's really great that you still have money ^_^ I wish I got some grants too but no.. I used to get 19€/month but now I get nothing..
    I just googled bu can't find any bus card things that'd be cheaper.. You could ask your train station? Could they help you to find cheapest way to travel here? ;o So weird if they look at you like you're weirdo if they sell the tickets XD

    @Jade "Purple" Brown: Thanks!! I really had great time :)

    @Alee: Thanks!! Tammerfest was sooo much fun this year.


  27. hm... let's hope u can get in I mean your birthday is the next day so... and u could promise to not touch alcoholic stuff

    yeah I could ask them if they know smth xD

    that was so weird when I compaired the prices of the flights I asked them for cheap flights to tampere and he looked at me like I'm a weirdo and said: how do you want to get there?
    xD and I say: well not by train that's for sure!


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