Saturday, 3 July 2010

Eclipse inspired make up

I went to see Eclipse today with my sister Janika. I was kind of excited, but on the other hand I didn't want to expect anything of it. Eclipse has always been my favourite out of the Twilight saga books, I was hoping that the movie wouldn't disappoint me too badly. (Love Janika's pink leggins!)

The movie was actually pretty good! The best out of the Twilight movies too.

There was few things I'd have done differently though:
-The part where they were in the tent and Jacob and Edward were talking, that should have lasted longer in the movie.. It's one of my favourite parts.
- Jacob & Bella's  kiss didn't last long enough in the movie!
- At the end I'd have wanted Bella to tell Jacob how she told him in the book too; that the worst part of it all was that Bella saw it all in her mind, her & Jacob's life, what could it be if she chose Jacob instead of Edward. -Also, Edward is soooo annoying when he doesn't let Bella meet Jacob in the book and I'd have wanted to see more of that in the movie too.

Otherwise the movie was great! Not perfect, but no movie based on book could ever be perfect.

Of course there's one little thing that I'd change of the end of the book too. I'd want Bella to choose Jacob instead of Edward. I can't understand how could she say no to this brown-eyed handsome hot guy and want to spend rest of her life with some ice cold annoying vampire with ugly sideburns and very thick eyebrows! Are you wondering if I'm "team Edward" or "team Jacob" ? lol!

So.. When we got home, I decided to create some kind of Eclipse inspired make up look. I'm not extremely happy with this look.. I did it in less than 10 minutes without even knowing what to do, I had no specific idea in my mind, I just started playing with the colours I chose.

Orange (Victoria's hair)
Red (newborn vampire's eyes)
Brown (Jacob)
Glowing white (vampire's skin in the sun)

And can you see the vampire glow in my skin?

Products used:

1) H&M - concealer
2) H&M - Kitty Beach Party orange eyeshadow
3) Markwins International - red lipliner 
4) Ludinelle - khol pencil, brun syrien 04
5) H&M - Kitty Beach Party brown eyeshadow
6) Rimmel London - stay matte pressed powder 001
7) Luminelle - Péché mignon eyeshadow amande vanille
8) Oriflame - beauty power curl mascara


  1. Your eye make up looks amazing =)

  2. I love this, you're really beautiful :)

  3. This is great! Those colors really bring out your eyes. Preeeeety!

  4. your eyes are soooo pretty!
    lovin the makeup as well :]
    it brings out your eyes perfectly!!

  5. wow this is pretty... I love the colours :D
    so sad I couldn't get me that hello kitty shadow thig =( when I went to get me that there hasn't been any of that =(
    such nice bright colours <3 fantastic!!

  6. GLOWING SKIN! Love thiis, really like it
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment, as always
    You're lovely
    Keep following,
    Love, johanna

  7. Love the make up =D the orange in the eyes looks amazing!
    i don't really like twilight but i agree, Team Jacob all the way!! =D
    and i love vampires, but edward doesn't do justice to other vampires lol.
    also you talked about a link to my blog in your, but i didn't found it lol

  8. Ansa: Thanks! :)

    Heather: Thanks! :)

    Eye of the Beholder: Thank you!!

    T, the Bee: Thanks :) This was the first time ever I wore orange make up...

    Louela Daniele: Thanks :)

    Siz: Thanks :D Not my usual colours.. But I want to try new things :D Oh that's sad.. But hey, you're coming to Finland so soon, maybe here's some Hello Kitty palettes left :) At least yesterday there was.. So maybe there's in less than two weeks too. :) I'd really recommend you to buy this palette, as I think you wouldn't want to spend lots of money to buy different colours, this palette is cheap and has many nice colours and the quality is very good when considering the prize too.. :) This is good palette to start playing with colours. Though of course even better would be those 88 or 120 palettes they sell on ebay or somewhere :D

    Johanna: Thanks :DD You're awesome.

    Abby: Thanks!! :) Yay finally someone told me their opinion on Twilight too and not just the make up :D Thank you!
    I've always loved vampires too.. And I still do. Even though Edward is vampire, I don't like him, he's very annoying.. :'D But Jacob is awesome!
    I tagged you in this blog awards & tags post, you can answer to those 8 questions in the end of that post if you want :)


  9. yeah maybe there are some left and waiting for me xD would be nice coz it really looks like the colours are good quality :) and there are colours I don't have and some I wouldn't buy but I need them u know ;D to get different styles =P

    yaeah 88 or 120 palette would be nice xD but sure isn't that cheap ^^

  10. That's a great look!
    I still have to see Eclipse, but I want to avoid all the screaming crazy Twihards at the cinemas, so probably next week!

  11. Love the orange eyeshadow!!! i cant wait to see eclipse!! it comes out here in a week and ill be on holiday :( so ill have to see later than everyone else when i get bk! x

  12. Gorgeous! You definitely captured the colors and the mood of the movie... very nice!

    I just saw the movie for a 2nd time last night, as I usually do with book to movie adaptations (your expectations aren't as high the 2nd time). I enjoyed it more but I have an issue with how little time the Cullens get shown. When they do focus on one, it seems awkward and pushed. I also have some issues with casting and visuals on some of the characters -- but that's just me being anal.

  13. Hi Jonna, thank you for your comment, and yes I agree with you about the eyeshadow colors, I don't consider them as a rule but it is true that peach looks nice with my blue eyes, which gave me the idea of trying on orange and i realized it suits me too. i also love experimenting, and it's said that you should never highlight both eyes and lips, (smoky eye and red lipstick) but i do it anyway cuz i love the dramatic result :)

    about the school... it takes 1 year and costs 1050€. Compare that with the other schools which lasts for 10 weeks and costs 3000 euros, so it's pretty obvious why i'm going there :DD

    if you give me your e-mail i can tell you the name of the school, i just don't want to shout it out here :)

  14. wow, amazing look!!!! I love the outfit that you wore!

  15. the make-up look is amazing. you seem to be doing lots of gorgeous looks with that hello kitty h&m pallette. i think i'm gonna have to buy one :)

  16. Siz: I'm quite sure they're waiting for you.. :D Yeah I know what you mean, colours you don't have and you wouldn't buy but you need.. Just like me. :DD Then you surely wouldn't want to spend lots of money to buy those colours.. And these are cheap and still good quality :)
    I think I'm going to link those palettes in my next post.. They're surprisingly cheap .. :D A palette like that would be amazing!

    Pili: Thanks! Twihards :'DD Hahah. At first I thought that I'm going to wait till I can watch it online for free or something, I can't stand those 'screaming Twihards' (lol what a word) either.. But, the cinema was half empty when we went to see it :o I was so surprised.. And happy!

    Vicki: Thanks! Oh.. :( But maybe waiting for little longer is worth it then :) Enjoy your holidays!

    Cydonian: Thanks! :) Glad that you think so.. I personally find this look quite hilarious. At least the vampire glow in my skin.. I laughed so hard when I looked myself in the mirror in the sun. XD
    You're right about the expectations being lower the second time.. But well, after the first movie I already learned not to expect anything even when I got to see those movies for the first time. :D I used to have lots of issues with things on those movies... But well, I just have to accept that it's impossible to make it ecxcatly like it should be.

    Tinja: Yeah, I didn't mean that they wouldn't be true and useful, of course it's good to know what colours look good with your eye colour, it's very useful to know :) But they shouldn't be rules, like "oh, I have green eyes, I'd love to wear blue make up but some make up artists have said that it doesn't look good with green eyes, and neither do pink which is my another fave colour :(".. Make up is expressing your creativity, it has no rules :D
    And yeah smoky eyes and red lipstick look gorgeous on you. ♥ It's doesn't look too much.
    About the school.... Wow. I'm amazed!! :o My email is

    Michaela: Thanks! :)

    elfpixie: Thanks! :) I have to do looks with that palette because I don't really have much eyeshadows, unfortunately.. And that palette is very good :) I'd definitely recommend buying it! It's not even expensive :)


  17. yeah :) hope there really is one wating such a cheap and nice palette...
    I think I once mentioned claires has big palettes too but I haven't looked at the price... perhaps I'm goin to get me one of those when I come back from suomi ;D (and if there's money for that left)

  18. Sigh, you're so prettttttttttty! And I am in LUST with that jacket you are wearing in the first pic!

  19. Siz: I'm quite sure there is :) Would be so annoying if they're going to be sold out now just before you come, though they've been in stores for weeks or months already.. They must last still a week or two :'D
    Go and look at the price and let me know too :D If it's cheap you could buy one from me and bring it here XD

    Robyn: Aww thanks!! :) The knit jacket is from H&M, and it's my absolute fave!


  20. yeah that would be annoying xD ...
    I could xD look at the price but therefor I need to go to vienna coz at home there is no claires x)
    or better ^^ you say what's the price you'd accept ^^ and I get it if it's about that or even lower ;D

  21. Love the firey look. Skin looks amazing too!

  22. Siz: Not even week left till you come :DDD yay!!
    Oh well.. XD Are you going to Vienna next time when you go to uni again?
    I can't say what's the prize I'd accept.. I'd want to see that palette first :') Otherwise it's hard to think about how much I'd pay for it..

    BLIX: Thank you!


  23. hey ;) you're goin to england.. and there is also that shop.. the same one they will too have it coz I go on monday to vienna just to be able to sleep a bit before the flight ;) my flight is already in the morning at 10:45 and they said I have to be there 2 hours earlier... so I'm not sure if I could show a picture of it and look at the price.. there are more than one of those I mean different colours mixed together


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