Tuesday, 20 March 2012

purple & red make up

I was organizing my wardrobe on the other day and realised that I have over 100 clothes on my racks - and I only wear about 30 of them! I have to do something about it .. I suppose I'd be too lazy to do something similar to the outfit challenge I did year or two ago.. But I will start to like all my clothes, little by little I'll create new outfits and maybe do some refashioning too. Who knows where I'm going to end up in few months, after I finish my school, and I don't wanna take any waste of space with me when I go.

I also wanna start wearing more colours, other than just black and purple everyday ..

This look is actually inspired by my dog's red collar and purple leash; I was going out for a walk and noticed how lovely those colours look together. And it's been ages since I last wore anything red, or did my eyebrows with some other colour than black!

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