Friday, 21 May 2010

Ideapark & first heels

Sorry, it's been a while since I've posted anything! Somehow the sudden heat just makes me so tired and lazy, can't be bothered to do anything but find the coolest place at home and lay there.. But now I finally managed to find some energy to post something and tell you about my trip to Ideapark last weekend, and show you my first heels!

 At Rockjet I had to try on this pink tulle dress. I didn't buy it though, but it inspired me to design some amazing dresses I want to make someday. Suddenly I have sooo many ideas in my head.. I think I should try to draw them before I forget!

It was weird, we were at some shop and I just said to my friend that I'd love to get peacock earrings but haven't seen them ever anywhere. Then I turned around, and what I saw.. Peacock earrings! Only one pair, but I couldn't buy them though, as the other was a bit crooked.. But, at H&M I found this lovely peacock hair pin and I had to buy it! As I've said... I love peacock feathers!

And.. The main reason why we even went to Ideapark: shoes. I thought I'm going to buy some cute ballerinas till I find some other summer shoes later.. But instead of ballerinas, these shoes caught my eye.. I was like no, I don't even want to try them on as I know for sure I couldn't buy them. But, while I was waiting my friend to be done with her shoe fittings, I decided to try these on anyway and... They fitted perfectly. I walked around the shop few times in them, walking wasn't so difficult as I had thought! I was still hesitating though... I have never before had heels and these heels were 10cm high.. How could I have so high heels as my first heels? And I'm so tall even without heels anyway, can tall women wear heels? But I'm glad my friend persuaded me to buy these shoes.. They're amazing!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

manga make up

Shiva Queen made an amazing manga make up tutorial, and I thought the make up was sooo creative and fun so I had to recreate it!

I love this look, though the lips aren't exactly like I wanted them to be.. But I had no time to re-do them, because someone called me and asked me to go out with him. (no, I didn't go out looking like this though.. lol)

Well.. My lovely friend Siz from Austria is probably coming to Finland in this summer, and we were planning to do manga (or some other creative make up) and go out! Actually we've been planning to do so many things together, I think we should make a to-do list for us!  I'm so looking forward to finally meet her, we've been friends online for about two years.  :)

When I showed these pictures to my mum, she looked like "O__o" and said "Alien! I'm glad you don't do these make up experiments when I'm at home... Would really scare me if I bumped into a creature like that!"

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day!


My mum is simply the best mum in the world,
I love her!  ♥

Friday, 7 May 2010

to-do list

My friend Siz did a 'to-do list' on her blog and I thought it was such a nice idea, and wanted to do mine too..
So, here it is, my to-do list for summer:

1. Go to gigs! At least every Jann Wilde's gig in Finland.
2. Sew something! Though first I need to buy a new presser foot for my sewing maching, I've somehow managed to lost it.
3. Experiment with make up! Practising makes perfect..
4. Photograph nature and everything. Even Finland can look quite beautiful in summer.
5. Blogging! In summer I'll have so much more time to do it.. Write new blogposts and also find new interesting blogs to read.
6. Go for a looong walks.. It's amazing, when it's just you listening to music and walking, in the middle of the night..
7. Go to swim. I very rarely swim even in summer, but I think it might be fun if my friend comes to the beach with me at night! I bought new cute bikini like two years ago, but I've worn it only twice..
8. Study german. I haven't had chance to study it at school anymore, and I'm starting to forget everything I've ever learned.. So I have to start learning it on my own!
9. Eat lots of ice cream. It's so lovely to sit in the sun, and eat ice cream..
10.Go shopping, make finds in the flea markets.. But, still trying not to spend too much money so I'll have some shopping money for my trip to London in October too.
11. Read books. Maybe it would finally be time to read some books I've never read before. I always keep reading my favourites over and over again but never try anything new..
12. Spend few weekends with family at our cottage in the middle of nowhere. I've kind of missed it!
13. Bake something. I've seen so many cute recipes in the internet, I want to try them!
14. Do nothing!! Be lazy, sleep, rest and relax... Enjoy some time on my own.

I guess these are the most important things to do in the summer! Only 3 weeks left till my holiday begins! I'm so excited. :)

Thursday, 6 May 2010


Tonight I've been doing something I'd never have imagined myself doing; looking for shoes from the online shops! Not because I wouldn't like online shops, but because I've never liked shoes! Hahah, I haven't ever been such an ordinary girl.. Most of girls love shoe shopping, don't they?!

Well, it seems like I've falling in love with shoes. I'm so looking forward to going shoe shopping, trying to find perfect shoes for summer! This summer I'm going to buy some lovely shoes.. Not just go to a shoe shop and quickly buy the first tennis shoes I see and then run out of the shop (like I've done every previous year).

Here's few gorgeous shoes I found. Most of them have heels though.. I have to admit, I've never had high heels! But, I think I want to get also high heels this summer, and try to learn to walk in them.. Of course I also need some other shoes.. At least ballerinas and maybe some others too.

(shoes : Brandos, Irregular Choice, Lola Ramona)

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Jann Wilde @ Vappurock on 1st May

It was my 30th Jann Wilde gig! It was great to go to their gig again, it's been 7 months since I saw them last time. Just because there hasn't been any gigs since October.. But yeah, it was so much fun yesterday! They also played some songs from the new album which will be released on 5th May, I loved them too and can't wait till I get the album!

Their style has changed over the years, it's not so colourful and interesting anymore. Couple years ago we always were excited before the gig, thinking "what will Wilde be wearing today?!" but now they look quite ordinary. But however, the music has stayed the same, still as amazing and interesting as always, and that's the most important thing anyway! Though, I liked the gigs more when Wilde wasn't playing guitar but only singing, I could take much better and more interesting pictures when he was moving a lot.. But even though these days he plays guitar again, I still love going to their gigs and never get bored!

It was the first time when this friend of mine came to their gig and she wanted to take a picture with the drummer..

After the gig my friend Nea and I went to sit somewhere, talked a lot, took pictures etc .. And also, she bought me a hamburger! It was the first hamburger I've probably ever eaten. Without the meat though..

I was wearing the zebra dress, (fake) leather jacket and leggins. I didn't want to keep the collar of the zebra dress as a bow how it 'should' be, I wanted to add some masculinity to my outfit and made a tie of it! I love that collar, it's so multipurpose! Weather wasn't nice though, it was so cloudy. Luckily it wasn't raining though, but the air was quite wet and didn't let my hair stay the way I wanted it to be like!

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