Friday, 21 May 2010

Ideapark & first heels

Sorry, it's been a while since I've posted anything! Somehow the sudden heat just makes me so tired and lazy, can't be bothered to do anything but find the coolest place at home and lay there.. But now I finally managed to find some energy to post something and tell you about my trip to Ideapark last weekend, and show you my first heels!

 At Rockjet I had to try on this pink tulle dress. I didn't buy it though, but it inspired me to design some amazing dresses I want to make someday. Suddenly I have sooo many ideas in my head.. I think I should try to draw them before I forget!

It was weird, we were at some shop and I just said to my friend that I'd love to get peacock earrings but haven't seen them ever anywhere. Then I turned around, and what I saw.. Peacock earrings! Only one pair, but I couldn't buy them though, as the other was a bit crooked.. But, at H&M I found this lovely peacock hair pin and I had to buy it! As I've said... I love peacock feathers!

And.. The main reason why we even went to Ideapark: shoes. I thought I'm going to buy some cute ballerinas till I find some other summer shoes later.. But instead of ballerinas, these shoes caught my eye.. I was like no, I don't even want to try them on as I know for sure I couldn't buy them. But, while I was waiting my friend to be done with her shoe fittings, I decided to try these on anyway and... They fitted perfectly. I walked around the shop few times in them, walking wasn't so difficult as I had thought! I was still hesitating though... I have never before had heels and these heels were 10cm high.. How could I have so high heels as my first heels? And I'm so tall even without heels anyway, can tall women wear heels? But I'm glad my friend persuaded me to buy these shoes.. They're amazing!


  1. gorgeous gorgeous earrings!
    and those shoes are so pretty i want to steal them from you! hehe
    Thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

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  3. Ahhh, I totally understand your peacock fascination.
    Maybe I should try a peacock influenced look next?
    I got a stunning hairclip made of peacock feathers a few years back and it is still one of my favourite pieces.
    Oh and good choice with the wedges. I like to refer to wedge heels as training heels, because they totally are. Def a good place to start.


  4. Great pair of heels! =)

  5. whoa this dress is so nice :) you need to sew your own version of it :)
    draw your ideas.. it's sure better to hold them on paper to not loose them incase you'd forget ;D

    such earrings I often saw :D we have some shop called bigou brigitte (don't xD know if I spelled it right!) it's a shop with only jewlery.. :) and there are so many different earrings & stuff sorted by colour :D pretty nice.. ^^

    your shoes O___O whoaaa! xD I would have bought them too if I'd ever saw them xD honestly!!
    xD perhaps it's good that you've started with high ones xD I don't know.. ^^ haha! but wow they're really nice shoes!

  6. Becca: Well on the picture is the peacock hairpin but the earrings I saw looked almost the same :) Yeah I love those shoes, I'm glad you live so far away so can't steal them ;)

    Tinuke: Thank you, I'll check them out!

    Bec: Yesterday I saw peacocks live again... I can't understand how some animals can be sooooo beautiful! The colours and everything... Just absolutely amazing :) Yeah, try to do it! I'd definitely want to see :) I've also tried a peacock inspired make up if you want to take a look.
    I'm in love with wedges! It's so easy to walk in them... As if they weren't heels at all!

    Tinja: Yeah, thanks :)

    Siz: The dress is lovely :) Actually it reminded me of the green dress George is wearing in Taboo Lol..
    I'll sew my own version and everything else as soon as I get a proper sewing machine.. I don't have time to sew everything at school and I don't like my own home sewing machine :( Yeah, I'm going to draw.. At least try! If I manage to draw something nice I might post pictures.. Maybe ^_^
    Sounds cool! One shop we have to add to the list wher you and me are going to go shopping when I someday come to Austria :'DD
    Awww thanks :D Actually, these heels don't feel so high anymore! It's so easy to walk in them.. Well only problem is that I'm very tall but.. Who cares? Lool actually Tender (the drummer of Wilde's band) said to me today that tall girls can't wear heels.. XD hahah


  7. Hi,
    I just discovered your blog and like it :)
    Love your style :)
    Will follow you for sure,
    peace and love xoxo


  8. cool hairstyle i like it , lovely shoes i love they they are really cool

  9. Liloo: Thanks! I'm happy to hear you like it :) Checking out your blog now xx

    style: Thanks! The shoes aren't just cool but also very comfortable :)

  10. Hello again.

    I have decided to pass on the Sweet Blogger Award to you cause I think your blog rocks! Check it out here and pass it on!


  11. you have to sew that BG dress too ... xD I didn't think of that dress when I looked at that you're trying on in those pix ^^ but whoa wouldn't it be nice to have clothes looking like Georges?.. xD today I thought I'd like to have something looking like he used to wear x) maybe I'll find smth in that 2nd Hand store where I got my skirt :)

    okay :D but I'm not sure if they have those earrings you'd like to have then still ^^

    tall girls can wear them too :D
    he maybe doesn't like a girl being taller than him x'D

  12. love your hairstyle...

    visit mine...and follow me pleae

  13. Great stuff!

    If you can, do enter my CSN $60 Gift Certificate giveaway!
    Thank you!

  14. Hello! This is the first time that I visit your blog and I see is very nice!!
    Good photos!!
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  15. OMG! Those are some cute shoes! I love the zipper and tie details!


  16. I tagged you on my blog, giving you an award

  17. Bec: Thank you!! I passed another award to you. Love your blog!

    Siz: Hahah maybe I should sew it.. Though it would be quite expensive as I'd need so much materials for it.. Andwhere would I ever wear such a dress?? Lool, I could wear it and do such make up he has in that video I linked... And go out in Tampere or somewhere XD Would be so much fun!
    Well, that pink tulle dress I tried on doesn't really look like the green George's dress.. But somehow it just erminded me of it. :D If I had such a green dress, it would be more like having clothes looking like Leigh Bowery's.. George didn't wear such a dress, only when he played Leigh Bowery in Taboo. ^_^ But yeah, it would be great to have some clothes like George used to wear! And other new romantics in the 80s :) Second hand shops are the best places to look for clothes like that.. I don't think they would sell such clothes in 'modern' shops like H&M or others..
    I know tall girls can wear heels too, why wouldn't they :) Well of course not all guys like being shorter than girls... But that's their problem, not mine! :D

    joninel: Thanks! I've just changed my hairstyle though ^_^ I'll visit your blog!

    Imsu: Thanks! I'll check it out, if I'm not already too late.. :)

    Tere: Thanks!! Yeah, I'll visit you! Always want to visit new nice blogs :)

    Glowing Doll: Thank you! Yeah they are!

    NANCY: Thanks! Yeah, they're lovely :)

    liloo: Thank you so much!!


  18. xDDD yeah you could sew that green dress put on the same make-up and go out in tmp I'm sure you wouldn't be invisible with that style xD
    true 2nd Hand will have such clothes no modern store'll have that style anymay... but it'll be nice to find that I didn't see clothes in that retro trends 2nd handstore which reminded me of BG... perhaps next time I'll walk in they'll have smth new that reminds me on him and I'll buy it :D (if I can wear it of course xDD)

  19. Siz: Hahah I know, I definitely wouldn't be invisible then! But I think it would be so much fun, not alone but if I had a friend who's dressing outrageously too.. :D And as I've said sometimes I'd like to be invisible... But if I had such a costume on, I think I wouldn't be so scarwed of attention either :)
    Well, mabe you'll find such clothes next time.. Or somewhere else some other time. Have you asked if your grandma has any clothes like that? I just got those clothes from my grandma's sister, as I mentioned on twitter too I think, and there was at least a jacket which I tried on and my sister and mum said it's like Boy GEorge's XD Though I wouldn't wear it really.. I'm going to post about those clothes later today or tomorrow probably :)

  20. well my grandma doesn't have many old clothes anymore she dresses in a really modern way.. which makes her look quite young (you know that one which looks so young ... we talked about ;D..)

    yeah it'D be fun to do that.. not alone of course xDD but it'll be fun :D and ppl would only look like you're an alien (not that they wouldn't look at me yet like that :'D)

  21. Oh ok.. Yeah I know her :DD I wish parents and grandparents would have saved all their clothes.. I'd love to see what my mum and grandma used to wear when they were young! But most of them they've thrown away :(
    Dressing up in a funny way would be so much fun with a friend.. :DD

  22. yeah :D dressing up is fun nomatter to what :)
    true would be interessting... my grandma sure wore the latest stuff ^^ coz she now is still trying to wear what's in fashion :) I think it's cool having a grandma that doesn't dress as an granny :P
    hm.. my parents sure thew away the old clothes buut I think my grandma could still have some things saved she really really liked :)


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