Sunday, 2 May 2010

Jann Wilde @ Vappurock on 1st May

It was my 30th Jann Wilde gig! It was great to go to their gig again, it's been 7 months since I saw them last time. Just because there hasn't been any gigs since October.. But yeah, it was so much fun yesterday! They also played some songs from the new album which will be released on 5th May, I loved them too and can't wait till I get the album!

Their style has changed over the years, it's not so colourful and interesting anymore. Couple years ago we always were excited before the gig, thinking "what will Wilde be wearing today?!" but now they look quite ordinary. But however, the music has stayed the same, still as amazing and interesting as always, and that's the most important thing anyway! Though, I liked the gigs more when Wilde wasn't playing guitar but only singing, I could take much better and more interesting pictures when he was moving a lot.. But even though these days he plays guitar again, I still love going to their gigs and never get bored!

It was the first time when this friend of mine came to their gig and she wanted to take a picture with the drummer..

After the gig my friend Nea and I went to sit somewhere, talked a lot, took pictures etc .. And also, she bought me a hamburger! It was the first hamburger I've probably ever eaten. Without the meat though..

I was wearing the zebra dress, (fake) leather jacket and leggins. I didn't want to keep the collar of the zebra dress as a bow how it 'should' be, I wanted to add some masculinity to my outfit and made a tie of it! I love that collar, it's so multipurpose! Weather wasn't nice though, it was so cloudy. Luckily it wasn't raining though, but the air was quite wet and didn't let my hair stay the way I wanted it to be like!


  1. wow nice pictures :D
    btw your hair don't look bad in these pix .. really =)

    aww wish I could have gone to much more gigs of wilde than just one =)
    they're fantastic live :D

  2. Wow, there's some awesome hair in this post! Love your zebra dress.

    Thanks for the sweet comment!

    tweet tweet tweet


  3. Nice to hear u enjoyed the gig :) love your zebra dress and your friend looks reeally cool! :D

  4. The Zebra dress looks great!!!

  5. I agree with you, in flea markets and old trends. The one who invented the fleas was a genious. And it's interesting to look in old mags what the trends where, sometimes you can be inspired, even if it's not a brand new thing.

    Thanks so much, you are too pretty and so cool! Love how you stand out of the crowd :)

  6. Hello dear, I gave you the Blog Love Award! :D go to my blog and see the rules and copy the award to your bloggie :)

  7. Siz: Yeah my hair looks bad.. You should have seen it in the morning before I went outside! :D It looked so much better.. But thanks to wet air it looked like that...
    WEll, when you come here for a holiday, we can go to gigs together then! And when you move here, you can go to eeeevery gig they do! That's so true, they're fantastic live! :)

    Clare: Thanks.. There's definitely some awesome hair in this post ^__^

    Glowing Doll: Thanks!! It's made by me :)

    Tinja: I LOVED the gig ♥ Thanks ! Yeah my friends are sooo good-looking :))
    Indeed, the one who invented the fleas was a genious!! I love old magazines.. I don't have any, but at school I got the change to look in old fashion magazines.. Sooo interesting and inspiring! :)
    And thanks!! :)) Yeah I'll check your new blog posts soon !

  8. yeah I'm soo looking forward to that :D... really can't wait =D

  9. Time will go by sooo fast, soon you're here :DD Can't wait either!

  10. yeah I've talked with my mum today xD she said I shouldn't go to the festival.. but I should book a hotel for 1 or 2 weeks instead :D
    so it could be quite soon :)... ^^ just need to take a look at the prices .. ;D perhaps I'll find me a cheap hostel ^^

  11. Wow that sounds great!! So it could be this summer?? :D

  12. yeah :D so we need to do a to do list xD haha!... and of corse 1st point on it is: take lots of pictures I think :)

  13. Definitely :) + the make up thing.. gigs.. swimming.. :D What else?

  14. well I think I'm goin to write it in my blog to not forget it ;D
    and this post then will be updated all time we find new stuff to do...

    so now we have...
    swimming, make-up thing, gigs, shopping?


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