Thursday, 6 May 2010


Tonight I've been doing something I'd never have imagined myself doing; looking for shoes from the online shops! Not because I wouldn't like online shops, but because I've never liked shoes! Hahah, I haven't ever been such an ordinary girl.. Most of girls love shoe shopping, don't they?!

Well, it seems like I've falling in love with shoes. I'm so looking forward to going shoe shopping, trying to find perfect shoes for summer! This summer I'm going to buy some lovely shoes.. Not just go to a shoe shop and quickly buy the first tennis shoes I see and then run out of the shop (like I've done every previous year).

Here's few gorgeous shoes I found. Most of them have heels though.. I have to admit, I've never had high heels! But, I think I want to get also high heels this summer, and try to learn to walk in them.. Of course I also need some other shoes.. At least ballerinas and maybe some others too.

(shoes : Brandos, Irregular Choice, Lola Ramona)


  1. Love the black and white ones
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  2. Nice picks! :) I can see these all complement your style, they are all cool and edgy :) buy two heeled shoes, one lower (kitten, like 2-3cm) and one higher about 5-6cm. And flats. You need them. always remember that your feet will eventually get used to walking in heels, you just have to keep it up and be determined. one day you'll be a pro! keep the flats in your bag with you! especially if you go to bars.... hope you find something you absolutely love! <3

  3. wow these are fabolous schoes :D I like the black& white ones :D
    the boots in the right cornor are soo stunning O.o
    xD reminds me that I need new shoes 'cause mine are getting holes O_o
    xD I've never ever liked shoe shopping... and somehow I think I can't walk with heels.. though they look good :D.. I have 2 pair with heels but xD rarely wear them... ^^

  4. BarelyVogue: I love them too! Yeah, I check it out :)

    Tinja: I've finally realised that I could complement my style with shoes.. :') I don't know why I didn't realise it before.. I haven't ever liked shoes, always worn such a simple boring tennis shoes.. I can't go out without shoes and tennis shoes have always been such a easy choise..
    I'll definitely buy heels.. I just have to practise walking in them somewhere alone at first, hahah..
    Yeah, thanks for the tips! :) x

    Siz: They really are fabulous.. :D I love them all! My shoes always get holes too.. No matter what kind of shoes I have, they're broken after few months :') That's why I don't like buying expensive shoes.. I know I'll have to new ones soon XD Somehow I kind of like shoe shopping now! Though I've never before... Well, it's still possible to change my mind when I actually go shoe shopping next time and have to face the difficulties of finding perfect shoes, might start hating sheos again and buy tennis shoesXD hahaha hope not.. Heels really look good :) I wanna learn to walk in them... Though they're not wuite practical in everyday life, when running to the bus or something.. hahah. :)

  5. true.. well I'd like to have nice heels but somehow.. I think I'd be too clumsy xD haha to wear high heels.. so I have one pair with low heels but still heels... :)
    shoe shopping would be more fun if it was a store having my style LOL xD.. at least shoes I like are often expensive O_o

  6. Lulu: Yeah, I know :D Thanks!

    Siz:Me too.. Think I'm too clumsy XD But, maybe we'd get used to heels and manage to not be clumsy after a bit practising? Isn't there any stores having your style?? :o Maybe you could look from online shops? That's true.. Nice shoes are often so expensive :/ Which is sad because shoes never last long XD At least I manage to broke mine quite soon. ..

  7. yeah I get mine broken too xD I always wear my shoes until they get holes.. xD
    there are stores which have my style.. but they start with prices around 40€ well at least the prices upwarts have no limit ;D

  8. Carina Joana: Yeah they are :)

    Siz: I wear them till they get holes too.. Shoes are so expensive so of course they have to be worn till they're broken :D Most of the shoes are expensive anyway, more than 40€.. Unfortunately.. But Tennis shoes and ballerinas are cheap though!

  9. Hi,

    I love shoes, but thats a recent thing for me too. I never used to be a girly-girl but in the last few years all that has changed. I have only just mastered a heel, and not even a massive one. Lol. I'm already tall, so thats my excuse for avoiding the skyscraper like ones. But seriously, I can trip wearing flat shoes, I'm scared of the damage I could do in heels. Lol


  10. Just like me! :) I've always avoided heels too, as I'm tall girl even without them and also worried about tripping.. But last weekend I bought my first heels! I'm going to post pictures of them quite soon.. :)

  11. absolute miracle!

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  12. Adam: yeah, I'll check out your blog :) x

  13. This white and black shoes on the down column in the middle are so gorgeous!

  14. Alex: Yeah they are! :) x

  15. well not only tennis shoes & ballerinas are cheap last I saw nice heels 10€ but O_x not my size >.< they had every size but mine that was so mean I wanted to have those! I even looked at the same store at some other place! but they then didn't have those shoes at all

  16. Wow all of these shoes are gorgeous! I agree it is hard to start wearing high heels if you haven't before lol. I'm 5'11 haha so it's really hard to find high heels that won't make me look freakishly tall lol. I give props to all the really tall girls that aren't afraid of wearing heels like that. I usually wear flats too, I have like way too many pairs lol. But I wanna try to start wearing different kinds of heels too :)fingers crossed with both don't break our necks lol! :P

  17. Siz: You're right.. But I've mostly seen cheap ballerinas and tennis shoes, more rarely some others though of course they do exist too an there's also some expensive tennish shoes and ballerinas. :D Ohhh that's so annoying... Cheap nice heels but every other size but yours O__o

    FashionGirl: Yeah they are gorgeous! It's hard to start wearing heels but when you start, you don't want to stop :D Sorry I don't know those sizes you said, I have no idea how tall is 5'11 :( But I'm very tall too, 178cm and no matter what heels I wear, I'm going to be freakishly tall but well that doesn't matter, if someoen doesn't like it, that's their problem :D Though of course, sometimes I'm feeling qite awkward when wearing those heels when I'm somewhere where's lots of short people.. You have way too many flat pairs?? How is it possible to have TOO MANY :D I don't have many pairs of shoes as I've just recently started to like shoes.. Hahah yeah, fingers crossed! Though, it makes me laugh when I think that, I've been wearing mostly heels for the last few weeks or so, and I haven't broken my neck or ankle or anything, but one day when I was wearing my flats, I managed to sprain my ankle... lol XD


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