Friday, 7 May 2010

to-do list

My friend Siz did a 'to-do list' on her blog and I thought it was such a nice idea, and wanted to do mine too..
So, here it is, my to-do list for summer:

1. Go to gigs! At least every Jann Wilde's gig in Finland.
2. Sew something! Though first I need to buy a new presser foot for my sewing maching, I've somehow managed to lost it.
3. Experiment with make up! Practising makes perfect..
4. Photograph nature and everything. Even Finland can look quite beautiful in summer.
5. Blogging! In summer I'll have so much more time to do it.. Write new blogposts and also find new interesting blogs to read.
6. Go for a looong walks.. It's amazing, when it's just you listening to music and walking, in the middle of the night..
7. Go to swim. I very rarely swim even in summer, but I think it might be fun if my friend comes to the beach with me at night! I bought new cute bikini like two years ago, but I've worn it only twice..
8. Study german. I haven't had chance to study it at school anymore, and I'm starting to forget everything I've ever learned.. So I have to start learning it on my own!
9. Eat lots of ice cream. It's so lovely to sit in the sun, and eat ice cream..
10.Go shopping, make finds in the flea markets.. But, still trying not to spend too much money so I'll have some shopping money for my trip to London in October too.
11. Read books. Maybe it would finally be time to read some books I've never read before. I always keep reading my favourites over and over again but never try anything new..
12. Spend few weekends with family at our cottage in the middle of nowhere. I've kind of missed it!
13. Bake something. I've seen so many cute recipes in the internet, I want to try them!
14. Do nothing!! Be lazy, sleep, rest and relax... Enjoy some time on my own.

I guess these are the most important things to do in the summer! Only 3 weeks left till my holiday begins! I'm so excited. :)


  1. That's quite an extensive list!
    Now you've got me thinking what would be my to-do list for my summer!

  2. Looks nice! The best things in summer is the small things really, like fleas, walks, ice cream, reading etc. It's not the tan that makes summer, it's all these little things! Number 14 is the best anyway!!!! :D

  3. :D that's a nice list :)
    I'm so looking forward to see your make-up experiments & findings :D
    ice cream in summer is the best ever :D
    hope your friend goes swimming with you in the middle of the night :D

  4. ooo i need to bake something as well!

  5. Good to do list! I never get through mine...

    Good luck with yours!

    tweet tweet tweet


  6. Pili: Have to be extensive list so I won't get bored during the long holiday! It's good to have some kind of list what to do in summer.. At least for myself, otherwise I'd probably just end up doing nothing..

    Tinja: You're so right :) Hahah yeah, number 14 is the best. Hopefully weather will be nice though.. Only few weeks till the holiday starts and still it doesn't feel like summer yet!

    Siz: Hahah me too, so looking forward to see them! Especially the make up experiments :D Ice cream WHENER is the best ♥ I'm sure she goes.. She has promised already ^__^

    { I V Y } : Bake! :)

    Clare: Thanks! And good luck with yours.. Hopefully you'll get even something done from your list if you have one! At least something like the number 14 from my list ;) Very important!

  7. thats sweet!!!

    yoo guys look so cool in your previous the colors!!!

    feels so good to go thru' your blog after so long...damn my work!!!love yoo.

  8. Orchid: Thanks so much!! :) Feels so good to hear from you again! Hope your work isn't too hard hough.. Love you too! x

  9. we have to do a todo list soon :) 'cause it'll be quite soon O_o
    so it also means xD we should add the point meeting eachother to our todolist here on blog xD don't u think so? ;D
    it's to 90% sure that I'll come from 7th to 15th jul.. :) only depends on the card ^^ not anymore on my parents ;D

  10. Only about 2 months!! It will be so soon... O_o Definitely we have to do a to-do list!! So we remember to do everything fun we've talked about :) I don't want to edit my previous posts here but I've already mentioned about you and me meeting each other this summer on my manga make up post :DD
    Did you talk with your parents yet? When will you try to get that card? :)

  11. :D well now it's so soon ^^ so we should start our to do list :D
    and as I got my ticket already (you know ;D 'coz of tiwtter :DD) we know that it's definitely goin to happen in few weeks :) so only short time left for us to do our to-do list ^^


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