Saturday, 30 January 2010

Take It Like A Man

The autobiography of Boy George. I just finished reading it. Again. I've read it countless times since I bought it in 2007.

But I never get bored with it! There's always something new to me.. Each time I've read it, has been different from the others. I'm always thinking like "hey, this wasn't here last time!"

My ability to read english has improved a lot since 2007. I don't have to check every word from a dictionary anymore. Reading with a dictionary used to be so frustatingly slow!

When I've read the book for the few first times, I had no idea who are people like Marilyn, Steve Strange, David Bowie and others.. For me, they were just characters in the book. But later on I've found out more about them, I've been listening to David Bowie and Visage.. And I used to be friends with Marilyn on youtube.. So what I meant to say is, that knowing who George is talking about in the book, it makes the reading experience different too.

Yeah. I just absolutely love this book! ♥

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

mind the gap

It's been 3 weeks since I got back from London. Can't believe it... 3 weeks?! It has felt like more than 3 months! Time goes by so slowly..

I miss London... I'm so looking forward to the next time I'm going there, which is as soon as possible. But don't know yet when.. Maybe in summer? I hope. Especially if there happens to be Dead Or Alive's tour in UK then! That's what I've heard there would be.. Yay. But really, now when I'm thinking about everything that happened few weeks ago in London.. It was like a dream! Luckily I've some pictures to prove me it was real!

I'm just so unhappy here in the freezing Finland.. Someone please, come and rescue me.. Warm me up.. Take me away, or show me how to enjoy my life here.. Make me happy.. Please?

Sunday, 24 January 2010

cocos chocolate balls and get away with murder

My mum used to make cocos chocolate balls when we were young. But once, about ten years ago, when it was my or my little brother's birthday, we ate those cocos chocolate balls far too much ang got sick.. And after that mum has never made them again.

A while ago when my dad came home from abroad and brought some chocolate bars for us, Bounty bars reminded me of the cocos chocolate balls I used to love as a child..

And today, I made cocos chocolate balls..  Looks delicious, don't they! Yummy..

Yesterday was the premiere of Jeffree Star's music video, Get Away With Murder. I love the song, and the video too. It's fierce.. And it reminds me of Pete Burns! The hair, the eyepatch..

I'm gonna break your heart and get away with murder
You should've known from the start that it wouldn't last forever
I can't control myself - I feel like someone else
I'm gonna break your heart and get away with murder

Saturday, 23 January 2010

unusual morning after a sleepless night

I can't even remember when was the last time I've slept well and enough. Over a month ago? Don't know what's wrong with me.. Anyway, last night wasn't much better either. I woke up four times in the middle of night, for nothing. Then after 7 o'clock when I woke up again, I couldn't fall back asleep.. It was so frustrating, lying there in the bed without being able to fall asleep even though I'm so damn tired.

So I got up and decided to do something unusual: go out for a walk with my dog. At 8 in Saturday morning. in winter?? Yes. I have to take the dog out 3 times a day, but usually I don't stay out longer than 5 minutes because it's so cold in winter, I hate it.. Anyway, this morning we went out for over 45-minutes walk! It was freeeezing... About -15°C. I wore clothes almost enough to stay almost warm.. But there's nothing that would keep my face warm! And breathing so freezing air, it hurts too.. When we got home after our walk, my black scarf, hair, eyelashes and eyebrows were all white! Not because of the snow but.. Well, I don't know that word in finnish either, but you know, when it's been a cold night and in the morning the grass is white, but it's not snow that makes it white.. Grass is something I can't see here in winters because of the snow, but anyway.. My face was the same colour than my jacket, red!

I thought about taking my camera with me but I decided not to, I guess it would have died there because it's so freezing! So I took few pictures with my phone, though I usually never use the camera of my phone because of the very bad quality.. But it doesn't look so bad when the pictures are so small!

Friday, 22 January 2010


It's so strange, HIM used to be one of my favourite bands.. But now, I had no idea their new album will come out in February and there's already new music video and everything. Today I heard the new song for the first time. Heartkiller. I was sitting in the car with my mum and the radio was on but the volume was very low because mum was talking on the phone.. I couldn't hear much what was on the radio but the little I could, it sounded so familiar and I had to turn volume higher.. Yeah, it was HIM. I recognised it was HIM even though I couldn't hear Ville Valo singing yet and I haven't heard that song ever before! But yes, it sounds great! The music video is boring though.. And btw, the picture I attached to this post, it's taken by me on 30th December 2009. It was the first, and the only HIM concert I've been to.

There's just so many great bands.. But I really don't have time for them all! I got all HIM albums.. But the newest one, Venus Doom, which was released like years ago, I haven't listened to it but maybe 3 times ever! I really should listen to HIM someday again.. But I'm so busy with the other amazing bands! Oh.. how easy my life used to be when I was younger.. It was so easy to choose what to listen to as there was only one band I liked! Now there's much more to choose from..

eyebrow experiment

I love outrageous makeup, I love drag queen makeup.. But I've never tried to make anything as spectacular for me because of the lack of space in my face. My eyebrows are so low, and I don't have any good products for covering them. And I'm not going to pluck them all.

Last night when I was about to wash off my makeup and go to bed.. Inspired by this picture of Jeffree Star, I wanted to try something..

This was only a quick experiment, I just wanted to see if I could cover my eyebrows with eyeshadow. It worked! So If I make my eyebrows to be part of the eyeshadow, I can draw new eyebrows higher!

Yay, I'll have so much fun trying new makeup looks!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

complaining about irc-galleria

Oh god.. Why does every site has to be changed? When changes usually are for the worse.. Well, there's nothing wrong with the new Facebook, I'm used to it, and can't even remember what it was like before the changes. But I don't like the new look of youtube channels.. Whatever. But what about IRC-Galleria.. No way. IRC-Galleria got the new look about 3-4 months ago but I'm still not used to it. And it keeps changing for the worse.. The newest change: The visitor list shows only the one latest visitor!?? Ok..? And I don't like that friend adding thing in IRC-Galleria either. Sending friend requests - it's something to do on Facebook, not in IRC-Galleria! They're so copying every other site, why didn't they just stay as IRC-Galleria! The best thing to do would be deleting my account from IRC-Galleria, as I really don't like it at all anymore.. But it's difficult, I've been there since February 2005 so it's been a long time.. I'm not good at letting go! Hah.. I'm soo boring, just complaining about some little changes to websites.. What else could I do now, I'm soo bored! Days are too long when I have a short school day.. 

Ok, a change of topic. Listen to this song! I heard it few days ago and thought, hey this sounds familiar. Yeah, it's the same song Jeffree Star linked on twitter a month ago, and said "listen to this song and dance around naked" . Though he linked the version without featuring him. But obviously I prefer this version feat Jeffree Star.

And yaaay, just two days till Jeffree Star's music video premieres on myspace! I'm so looking forward to seeing it..

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

YouTube's copyright policy

This is already the second copyright strike against my account. "A single additional claim against your account will result in the termination of your account".  I should delete videos to which I don't own the rights.. But how can I know!? I read those
copyright tips on youtube.. "Even if you took the video yourself, the performer controls the right to use his/her image in a video, the songwriter owns the rights to the song being performed, and sometimes the venue prohibits filming without permission, so this video is likely to infringe somebody else's rights." 
Does that mean I should delete all videos of concerts I've filmed? Except Jann Wilde's concerts.. I know I'm allowed to upload them. But what about the others? Oh noo... I really don't want them to delete my account! There's some videos I haven't on my computer anymore because I lost everything last autumn.. Or the one before last autumn? I have no sense of time anymore.. Anyway I've had my youtube account for years, and there's all my friends and comments and messages too.. I don't want a fresh start! So I have to get rid of everything?? Or just hope they won't complain about my videos?? Why can't even internet life be simple enough!


Well.. I've had an increased need to write lately. Don't know why.. Maybe because people on facebook or on other sites, they don't tell me to shut up like my family does all the time, hah. But I feel like I'm writing to my internet friends too much.. Though I don't understand how would it be possible to write too much, as I'd be more than happy to receive lots of messages and comments! But for some of my friends it takes weeks to reply to my messages, and some don't reply at all. I understand that people have something else to do, and I'm happy for them. But I have too much time!

I've also been handwriting a diary daily since 2004.. When I started, I was just a little girl and I wrote only simple things. These days I write longer, more about what I think and feel, not just what I've done during the day. But it's difficult, I think so much... but my hand isn't fast enough to write everything down! Writing with computer is so much easier..

So, I thought writing a blog would be a good idea. It will safe my friends from my endless messages. And might also help me to not feel unwanted and boring and stuff like that. I don't write a blog directly to anyone so I won't be so disappointed if I don't get any replies or comments or anything. Though of course it would be nice to hear what people think.. But I can't imagine anyone reading this blog? So this blog is probably just for me.. Self discovery, boredom killer.. and stuff like that.

I was thinking, whether I should start blogging under a pseudonymous (that's a difficult word!).. I decided to just be who I am.. This blog is about me, my life, my interests.. I won't write anything I wouldn't say in the reality. So why not to use my own name.. You can see my name in my links to facebook and twitter anyway. And my blogname.. Nukleopatra. It's a song and an album by Dead Or Alive. I love the band, the album, the song, and the word nukleopatra.

You saw a he man body,
with an angel's face,
I was a different gender,
kinf og the she-male race
.. ♪

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