Sunday, 24 January 2010

cocos chocolate balls and get away with murder

My mum used to make cocos chocolate balls when we were young. But once, about ten years ago, when it was my or my little brother's birthday, we ate those cocos chocolate balls far too much ang got sick.. And after that mum has never made them again.

A while ago when my dad came home from abroad and brought some chocolate bars for us, Bounty bars reminded me of the cocos chocolate balls I used to love as a child..

And today, I made cocos chocolate balls..  Looks delicious, don't they! Yummy..

Yesterday was the premiere of Jeffree Star's music video, Get Away With Murder. I love the song, and the video too. It's fierce.. And it reminds me of Pete Burns! The hair, the eyepatch..

I'm gonna break your heart and get away with murder
You should've known from the start that it wouldn't last forever
I can't control myself - I feel like someone else
I'm gonna break your heart and get away with murder


  1. yummy :) coco chocolate balls :P
    I love those ^^ ... I usually eat like we call it "Rumkugel" but I don't know if there is an english word for it ^^... it looks exactly like your coco chocolate balls.. but exept for that thing that there is rum in it ^^ ...
    usually we eat them around x-mas ^^

    I think I'll have to watch the video :D


  2. I love them too! I had forgotten about them but those Bounty bars reminded me.. And they're so easy to make too! Yummy :D
    I haven't ever eaten anything like "Rumkugel" .. Don't know if I like rum :'D

    It's so funny... That I have problems with spelling the word "chocolate" XD I had to edit this post many times because I had written it like chokolate or chocolade or chocholate or... something like that. XD It wasn't just today.. I write it always wrong! Few weeks ago when I wrote it and couldn't remember how it should be written, I asked my little sister to show me.. She's 9 years old and she's been studying english only for 6 months but she knew it! XD Lool.. Maybe I'll remember it someday!..

    Yeah, watch the video! It's amazing... Do you like Jeffree Star? :)


  3. there isn't much of rum in them if you don't like overdo it ^^ .. usually it is like a spoon or something ^^.. but not like the whole bottle ;D... I'm sure it depends on who is baking them ^^ haha

    I 2 have problems with the word chocolate.. xD I don't know but maybe there is the german word Schokolade in my way or how we say in austria like Schoklad xD... weird and the same is with the word interesting.. I used to write it with double-s instead of one because of the german way xD...

  4. Hahah... They'd be quite big balls if there's whole bottle of rum in them. XD lool.. I'd like to taste them too :D

    Why does the word chokolate have to be so difficult... XD In finnish it's "suklaa" and it's easy.. But I've had problems with writing it in german too. :')

    And heey you didn't reply when I asked, do you like Jeffree STar ? :D

  5. xD no they arent big ;D... but I think you'll be drunk if you put a whole bottle of rum in the dough ^.^

    suklaa is easy :P why can't that be like english & german version too xD haha ;D

    Sory must have overlooked... yes I like Jeffree Star.. :) especially his look ^^

  6. Hahah.. Would be fun to get drunk because of eating those balls. :'D

    Yeah, suklaa is easy! Maybe we should start spreading that word.. And someday everyone has forgotten about chokolate and Schokolade because they all use suklaa! XD

    Coooool :) I love Jeffree Star.. His look, music and everything. :D

  7. xD yes it would.. I've never been drunk because of some food that had rum or something like that in it :P

    yes lets spread that word all over the world ^^ I started already xD I told my cousin :P ^^ I somehow love that word suklaa ^^ ist nice..

    Jeffree Star is really cooL ^^ ... I love his pink hair ^^

  8. You just haven't eaten those food enough! XD

    Hahah.. I think my cousins know the word 'suklaa' already.. But I don't know who are my cousins really XD lol. I told my friend from Puerto Rico! :D That's a good start... Soon everyone will know about it. XD

    Yeah his hair is awesome.. And voice and those songs and I love his makeup! Wish I could do a makeup like that too.. But everytime I try to create something like his makeup, I end up looking like I have a black eye! As if someone has hit me... =(

  9. xD perhaps I should try makin them with a whole bottle and see if I get drunk xD...
    (I've never drunk rum xD so I don't know how I react on much of how drunk I can really get because of rum.. haha)

    we already started good with spreading suklaa :P
    we'Re sooo close to the whole world xD!
    lats take the world domination xD and let everyone know that suklaa is the new word for chocolate they have to use... xD else they have to pay a fee ... LOL

    xD I once tried something with purple and it really exactly looked like somone hit me... xD haha... I hated it... LOL but somehow it was funny ^^ know I know how to do a fake black eye :D

  10. mmm They do look yummy! I'm now hungry lol, well, I had to say that the video especially the last part through there did remind me of Burns a little... lol. But it was great! :)

  11. Siz, hahah, try it and let me know how it goes. XD Maybe I could make thse cocos chocolate balls with some alcohol too! lool. Let's get drunk without drinking anything!
    Yeah, your cousin and my friend... Very close to the whole world!! ;) Hahah I'm sure that everyone will like the word suklaa so much that people WANT to pay for using it instead of having to pay a fee for not using. XD
    Lool it's very useful skill, to know how to do a fake black eye! Hahah... :D

    Fab, yes they look yummy and tasted yummy too! ;) I love the video... I wonder if they make it look like Pete on purpose.. :D


  12. xD ... yeaH I could do that but I'm not sure if I want to get drunk alone at home xD ... LOL
    it is more fun to do that with friends :P.. have you ever written a SMS when you where totaly wasted? ^^ ... I did! ^^

  13. Lool! Well, let's do it together someday.. When you come to Finland XD
    Hahah I'm sure it was very... not embarassing SMS. XD I haven't written! Actually, I've been drunk only twice in my life..

  14. yes let's do it togehter ^^... :)
    when I'm in Finland ^^ (which I hope is as soon as possible) ^^ I would even start working there before studying :P but I'm sure to know the language is better than to not know it ^^

    xD I wrote it to my cousin.. haha xD she didn't understand what I wanted to tell her... I'm sure I didn't really get the right letters ^^ for the words... LOL
    it was fun.. but xD don't ever write a SMS while you'Re drunk and holding a cigarette haha.. this hurts ^^... a little bit! (I've burned my little finger xD)

  15. Yeah I hope it's soon too! Can't wait till I can eat and get drunk with you! lol :DD If you come here and would find a job.. I'm sure you'd learn the language ^__^ The best way to learn language is to live in a country where it's spoken!

    Hahahah.. :D I'm glad I don't smoke.. So I won't ever burn my fingers while writing SMS while I'm drunk XD

  16. yeaH ^^ I once applied at nokia ^^ but unfortunately they didn't take me 'cause I had no experience ... =/
    :) but if I find something I'm sure this would be my first choice ;D instead of studying for 3 years :P

    xD I only smoke sometimes... ^^ expecially when I'm drinkin ^^ ...

  17. Yeah I remember when you told me about that.. Have you tried to find something else? It would be great if you could move here soon and get a job.. And live here and learn the language here :D Maybe we could be flatmates! :D lool I'd need someone to live with me so I could move out of this house and I couldn't afford living on my own..

    I've never ever tried smoking :D Not interested..

  18. that's a nice idea :) flatmates ^^ <33
    I keep on looking but right now I concentrated on vienna ^^ .. maybe I should move my eyes more to tampere ^^ ... :D but I kept on thinking that it was because I can't speak finnish yet.. ^^ though I'm now studying on my own well ^^ I didn't do so much yet because there wasn't so much time... but ^^ I keep on trying .. I won't give up so easily :D

    I think it's cheaper the way that you don't smoke ^^ I don't know how much cigarettes cost in finland but here it is 3,50€ and more depents on the brand...

  19. It would be great to be your flatmate ^__^
    Keep your eyes wide open, to Tampere and Vienna! :D Hope you'll find something..
    Never give up, always keep trying =)

    I asked mum, she said they cost 4-6€ in Finland.. So it's definitely not cheap here either.. :D And I don't know, what do you get from smoking? It doesn't taste or smell good.. It's expensive and unhealthy.. Well, if someone wants to spend their money on that, that's not my problem :D

  20. :) yeaH I try to apply to what I can find and fits to me :D... I would like to work in tampere more than in vienna I don't really like vienna ^^ the only thing I like about vienna is the goth-store :P

    yes I can't understand those who smoke like the whole package a day or so O.o weird!...
    I think sometimes if you want is okay but if you do smoke all the time it is bad.. you start to smell like them and it isn't healthy plus you're spending so much money on that

  21. What kind of job would fit to you? :D Yeah living in a city where's nothing else you like than a goth store.. Well, you couldn't spend all your time there? :D

    Count how much they spend money on it in a year.. Imagine what else you could get with that money! But it's everyone's on business.. If they want to smoke them all the time, ok.. But don't come too near to me, I hate the smell XD

  22. no I could't spent my whole time there 'cause it would be expensive too ^^ I would everytime see something I want to have xD.. and these things are so expensive =( because they only have that brand called "Aderlass"... and brands are always expensive...

    I would love to work as a 3-D designer... but therefor I'd have to study in germany at an university I can't afford... that would be my fav. job =S
    but well because I can't do that it would be secretary or advertising or maybe salesgirl... xD

    they could give the money to us... we need that :D

  23. Hahah.. Have you asked if they could give you a job at the store? ^__^ I hate going to shops like that.. When I know there's lots of things I'd like to have but they're all so expensive! In Tampere there's a Backstreet.. I haven't went there in ages but I used to like the clothes they're selling. And Nitrobabe, there's lots of amazing dresses.. But they're expensive too =/

    That's soo unfair that someone can't study what they want because they can't afford it.. =/ Studying should be free for all..

    Hahaha I'm sure if we suggest that to the smokers, they'd love the idea.. Giving money to us instead of buying cigarettes XD

  24. yes I asked if they'd give me a job but they don't need more employes at the moment =(
    I would've loved to work there ^^
    perhaps we have an expensive taste xD

    I know =( but well I can't change the situation because the politicans only see the money.. not that this isn't fair what they're doin'

    xD or perhaps they'd be angry with us because they don't get any cigarettes for that money xD

  25. Oh =( Maybe someday the need you there =)
    Really, I don't have so expensive taste.. Well, some things I want are expensive but I don't really mind about brands so I can go shopping in second hand shops too :D But eyah that's one reason why I wanted to study sewing.. I could make whatever clothes I want for myself, without paying so much :DD

    Well, as we talked about it on youtube.. Let's become politics and make our own party.. And really change the situation ;)

    Lool I'm sure they wouldn't be angry.. They'd be more than happy to give their cigarette money for us. XD

  26. I hope that they need me someday :D because I just love this store... :D
    xD usually I don't have such expensive taste in clothes and stuff... but when I want to buy here in austria some goth looking clothes it is the only thing I can do because the train cost's enough so I can only go to vienna to shop for those clothes.. I would order them but I always have to try if I fit in..xD because of my size!

    xD okay you're right they'd love to pay everything for us instead paying their cigarettes xD :P

  27. If they don't need you, you could open your own store where to sell goth clothes :D
    Yeah.. Paying over 50€ for the trains when going shopping, that's quite expensive..
    And clothes are much better and more fun to shop in stores, not order them :D

    Hahaha.. Of course :D

  28. xD that's good would you like to help me xD with an own shop..
    yeaH ^^ so much fun when you stand in the right stores :D... I don't like these "normal" stores... they don't really have nice clothes only sometimes..

  29. Yeah I'd love to help you with it! :D I've really been interested in opening an own shop.. I've been thinking that maybe someday I could open an own shop where to sell clothes I've made.. :D
    Sometimes I find nice clothes in "normal" stores too.. Especially H&M has quite often something I like.. It would get too expensive to always buy clothes in Nitrobabe and Backstreet :D

  30. xD actually I'm allowed to make an own store.. I do have that "Unternehmerprüfung" xD sorry I haven't found a correct english word for it yet ^^ but here in austria you need that certificate and I have this since I graduated at high school :P
    I never found something I liket at H&M... xD but I recognized that even the H&M in vienna has different stuff than the H&M here.. perhaps you have a better H&M xD

    that's why I only go to vienna once a year to buy some stuff I saved for :P because nexus would be too expensive too at all ^^

  31. Cool :DD so you could really do it! I have no idea if you need something like that to make an own store here..
    Yeah maybe I have a better H&M here or we just have so different taste in clothes :DD

    You only go shopping once a year? :o
    Soon I'll be able to sew my own clothes and then I don't have to buy so expensive dresses and I can just make them for me ^___^

  32. yes I really could do it.. but therefor I would need money xD...
    I think you do have a better H&M 'cause when I was in vienna I liked the stuff they had in their shop-window :D and when I think of the stuff the H&M at my place has it is really a big difference!

    about that yes ^^ once a year to vienna 'cause it is so expensive.. the rest is bought at some cheap stores ^^
    I really should learn sewing xD to make my own dresses... =P would be much cheaper.. and I really like selfmade stuff alot ^^ selfmade rocks ;D

  33. That's true.. I've thought that maybe soemday I'd make an online shop, I wouldn't need money for the rent of the shop and I wouldn't have to pay wages as I'd be the only one working there and yeah I could sew the clothes too ^__^

    Maybe the H&M is better here then.. Don't know :D

    If you like selfmade stuff and you want to learn to sew.. Why not to start learning then! ;)

  34. yeah that sounds good.. you makin' an online store.. with your clothes :D

    I would but now I don't have time for it anymore... 'cause I have to start thinking what I need to take with me to vienna :D

  35. Maybe someday... :)) But at first I need to study and learn to sew and then graduate and move to London and find a job and palce to live.. Then I can think more about opening the own online shop :D Maybe you want to make the website for me then as you might know how to do it? :D

    Yeah... :D But someday when you have time.. Do it :))

  36. of course I would do the homepage for you :D
    xD well I know how to.. :) so we could work together plans for your website to let it look the way you want to :D

    yeah when there's time I'll do it :D

  37. Yaay :DD I'll let you know when I'm ready to do it so we can start planning :DD It might be still year or two.. Or more. :D But someday I'll probably do it.. Especially if I have a website designer for me ;)

    Maybe someday you'll becoem a pro at sewing too and we could make the online shop together ;D

  38. that would be nice :) doin our own shop together :D ...
    yeaH I hope I don't forget how to do websites xD over the years *g*

  39. yeah :) maybe you should just practise and keep your skills alive ^_^

  40. xD yeah but how? *g*
    I could restart my homepage... and desing it new plus uploadin it again ^.^ but I think I got too lazy about that *g*

  41. Yeah.. Starting a homepage is a good way to practise :D

  42. :) yeah.. ^^ I really should redo my page :)
    but the uploading thing takes it's time >.< wish it would be faster ^^ ... hm.. lets see.. if I upload and redone my page I'll tell you :) so you can look at it if you want ^^

  43. Yeah let me know :) I definitely want to look at it..

  44. I will :) perhaps I'll do in easter ^.^ or when theres time before I'll do it before
    (btw.. my easter holidays start with 27th of march) :D so quite soon =)

  45. Yeah it definitely is quite soon ;)

  46. Yaay, have fun :DD I only have these two days.. Friday and Monday off.. lol. :D

  47. I enjoyed it :) but still there were mayn things to do xD.. all in all it was fun and relaxing xD

  48. Nice :) Not a long time left till it's summer break..

  49. true ^^ time goes by so fast!

  50. Very fastr! Can't believe it's only 4 months till I turn 18.... :D

  51. yeah time rushes so fast O__o
    I'm soon 21 O____O omg!

  52. yeah time rushes so fast O__o
    I'm soon 21 O____O omg!

  53. Wow! :D 21... Great :D
    Not a long time left till we both are about 60 years old grannies too :(

  54. whoaa O_o xDD I think there's enough time left yet ^^...
    that scares me O_x ... you scared me with your thoughts about how fast we could be 60 xDD
    only thing left for me to hope is that I'll look like my grandma :D so I won't look like 60 ^^ when I'm 60...
    I think I once told you?... :D she looks so young ^^


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