Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Well.. I've had an increased need to write lately. Don't know why.. Maybe because people on facebook or on other sites, they don't tell me to shut up like my family does all the time, hah. But I feel like I'm writing to my internet friends too much.. Though I don't understand how would it be possible to write too much, as I'd be more than happy to receive lots of messages and comments! But for some of my friends it takes weeks to reply to my messages, and some don't reply at all. I understand that people have something else to do, and I'm happy for them. But I have too much time!

I've also been handwriting a diary daily since 2004.. When I started, I was just a little girl and I wrote only simple things. These days I write longer, more about what I think and feel, not just what I've done during the day. But it's difficult, I think so much... but my hand isn't fast enough to write everything down! Writing with computer is so much easier..

So, I thought writing a blog would be a good idea. It will safe my friends from my endless messages. And might also help me to not feel unwanted and boring and stuff like that. I don't write a blog directly to anyone so I won't be so disappointed if I don't get any replies or comments or anything. Though of course it would be nice to hear what people think.. But I can't imagine anyone reading this blog? So this blog is probably just for me.. Self discovery, boredom killer.. and stuff like that.

I was thinking, whether I should start blogging under a pseudonymous (that's a difficult word!).. I decided to just be who I am.. This blog is about me, my life, my interests.. I won't write anything I wouldn't say in the reality. So why not to use my own name.. You can see my name in my links to facebook and twitter anyway. And my blogname.. Nukleopatra. It's a song and an album by Dead Or Alive. I love the band, the album, the song, and the word nukleopatra.

You saw a he man body,
with an angel's face,
I was a different gender,
kinf og the she-male race
.. ♪



  1. you know who i am.. lol ::::DDD19 January 2010 at 18:49

    Should I answer in english.. aaa ! "and stuff like that" TWO TIMES! That's all I noticed :D I thought you'll write in finnish.. but wow I still understand every word!

  2. Oh... I have absolutely no idea who you are!!?? :o Answer in any language you want.. I can use google translator if I don't understand! Stuff like that - it may be an effect of watching some hot italian guy's videos on youtube too much! lol. And yeah, I want to write this blog in english because I already write a diary in finnish.. And the only one who has said she's going to read my blog, she doesn't understand finnish! Hah.. Hmm.. This is the first time I got a comment from you in english, strange! :D

  3. I like it :) And I do think that Nukleopatra is an amazing song :D I didn't know you wrote for a newspaper? :D You know who I am lolol
    Fabi :]

  4. Yaay :) I wrote for a newspaper?? No I didn't.. What made you think I did? lol :D

  5. haha i ment like for a journal or something? i'm not very sure... lol

  6. A journal and a diary is the same thing I think? :D Yeah maybe I don't just talk about it so much so you didn't know XD It's soo normal for me.. I've done it since 2004 as I said :)


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