Thursday, 21 January 2010

complaining about irc-galleria

Oh god.. Why does every site has to be changed? When changes usually are for the worse.. Well, there's nothing wrong with the new Facebook, I'm used to it, and can't even remember what it was like before the changes. But I don't like the new look of youtube channels.. Whatever. But what about IRC-Galleria.. No way. IRC-Galleria got the new look about 3-4 months ago but I'm still not used to it. And it keeps changing for the worse.. The newest change: The visitor list shows only the one latest visitor!?? Ok..? And I don't like that friend adding thing in IRC-Galleria either. Sending friend requests - it's something to do on Facebook, not in IRC-Galleria! They're so copying every other site, why didn't they just stay as IRC-Galleria! The best thing to do would be deleting my account from IRC-Galleria, as I really don't like it at all anymore.. But it's difficult, I've been there since February 2005 so it's been a long time.. I'm not good at letting go! Hah.. I'm soo boring, just complaining about some little changes to websites.. What else could I do now, I'm soo bored! Days are too long when I have a short school day.. 

Ok, a change of topic. Listen to this song! I heard it few days ago and thought, hey this sounds familiar. Yeah, it's the same song Jeffree Star linked on twitter a month ago, and said "listen to this song and dance around naked" . Though he linked the version without featuring him. But obviously I prefer this version feat Jeffree Star.

And yaaay, just two days till Jeffree Star's music video premieres on myspace! I'm so looking forward to seeing it..

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