Thursday, 13 May 2010

manga make up

Shiva Queen made an amazing manga make up tutorial, and I thought the make up was sooo creative and fun so I had to recreate it!

I love this look, though the lips aren't exactly like I wanted them to be.. But I had no time to re-do them, because someone called me and asked me to go out with him. (no, I didn't go out looking like this though.. lol)

Well.. My lovely friend Siz from Austria is probably coming to Finland in this summer, and we were planning to do manga (or some other creative make up) and go out! Actually we've been planning to do so many things together, I think we should make a to-do list for us!  I'm so looking forward to finally meet her, we've been friends online for about two years.  :)

When I showed these pictures to my mum, she looked like "O__o" and said "Alien! I'm glad you don't do these make up experiments when I'm at home... Would really scare me if I bumped into a creature like that!"


  1. whoa :D so cool!
    really looks good =D
    <3 you've done perfect work.. I think I couldn't have done it that good :D <3
    did you have that same colour he used for the dots in they eyes?

  2. WOW! That is amazing. I am totally intimidated. You are awesome! I only mess around with colours, you go much futher then that, and you do it well. My makeup seems so...boring compared to yours. :)


  3. Wow! Amazing but creeepy in a good way :)

    tweet tweet tweet


  4. um this is creepy real and I looove it!!

  5. Hello's I just found your blog and I really like it, it's brill!
    Your style is epic!!!
    peace & bows

  6. wow! i love your make-up so unique!
    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)


  7. You are a wizard with makeup!

    If you are not already doing makeup professionally then you should definitely consider it!

    Going to tweet this and share on facebook.

  8. Siz: Thanks! Yeah lol, I'm so good at copying other talented people! ;) I'm sure you could have done it well too.. Try to do it and let's see? :D No, I didn't have the same colour. I used white kajal and white shiny eyeshadow for the dots, he used white aqua colour and glitter :)

    Rebecca: Thank you so much! At least your make up is wearable! And I only did the same make up which Shiva Queen did, so the idea wasn't mine :)

    prettyneons: Thanks, I'm happy to hear you like it! I'm going to check out your blog soon :)

    Glowing Doll: Oh thanks sooo much! I'm not doing make up professionally.. It's just a quite "new hobby" of mine. I'd love to really learn more about make up but all make up courses seem to be quite expensive :(

    And last but not least...
    Clare, melina bee, Carina Joana, Becca: Thank you all! I really appreciate your nice comments!! :)

  9. You are so creative =) love those betty boop lips hehe! i must say you are inspiring me to do more serious make-up! :DD

  10. Whao! great work friend
    Keep in touch

  11. I think I might try this look out for like halloween or something, i love it!


  12. wow this is so damn wish yoo would show with your eyes open...would love to see how it bowled over!!!

  13. Tinja: Thanks!! Shiva Queen is creative.. I'm just copying! lol. :D That's great to hear I'm inspiring you.. If you do some make up experiments, post pictures on your blog! :)

    Sahi: Thanks! Yeah I'll keep in touch :) x

    Becca: Thanks! That's a great idea, post pictures if you try this look! x

    VENUSCREEPER: Thanks so much!! :) I took few pictures with eyes open too but it seems like I've already deleted them.. Sorry :/

  14. I love this! I'm a bit of a manga lover so that probably contributes to why I like this so much! If I didn't have to go to work in an hour I would so try this! So much fun trying different make up looks. :) You did a great job!

  15. Theresa: Thanks! If you try this some other time, please post pictures on your blog, I want to see :) I agree, trying different make up looks is so much fun!

  16. ohhh i love it !!!!!!!!!
    made my day :D

  17. well I'll try it next time :)
    today I did a BG inspired one :D
    next time I think I'm goin to try that manga thing too :)

  18. Siz: Yeah I saw your Boy George inspired make up :) I think I'm going to do tomorrow Worried About The Boy make up! I just have to go through the video tonight and choose the look.. But yeah, looking forward to see your manga make up! It's really fun makw up to try ^_^

  19. I'm looking forward to see your worried about the boy inspired m-u :D
    yeah I think I perhaps could do (*watches ont he clock xDD*) it today? XD or dono uhm at least it's goin to be the next I try (I'm so not sure if I can do that one xDD)
    I'll upload then pix on my blog (if it works) if it really looks bad I have to think if I upload it ;)

  20. Bow you've seen it :) Don't start doing this make up too late, it's not the quickest possible make up ;) But it's definitely so much fun to do! And I'm sure you can do this look.. It isn't so difficult! While you're ding it, watch Shiva Queen's tutorial and do things the way he does.. You can't fail :)

  21. well xDD ok I didn't do it coz it got too late... ^^
    but I know when I'm doing next m-up looks this one is goin to be the first ^^...
    perhaps I'll do it when I'm in styria coz maybe my sister wants to join me :P ^^ I think she'd like that one ^^

  22. Great, looking forward to see :) I'm sure doing this make up with your sister would be fun! :)

  23. Ok, this doesn't look as bad as the other ones, but you still have to practice! You don't know how to shape your makeup at all. It's so sad. :(


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