Friday, 25 February 2011

Ziad Ghanem "Never End, Never End, Never End" -LFW A/W 11/12

I'm speechless. ♥

Kristian Aadnevik AW11

Feminime, rock, leather details, metal, feathers .. Simply amazing.

This was one of my favourite collections at London Fashion Week. I wouldn't mind having every piece of this collection in my wardrobe. ♥

(all pictures from

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Pete Burns @ The Eagle on 12th Feb

Dreams really can come true. It's proved, again! I never thought it'd be possible for me too see Pete Burns performing live (I know, I should have lived in the 80s....) but well, it happened!! ♥

Before the gig we were sitting outside and drinking .. It was so warm!! I love London weather .. Couldn't even imagine going to spend time outside in this freezing cold weather in Finland in February!

That WKD Blue drink is delicious! Unfortunately they don't sell it in Finland ... Haha, seems like I take a pic like this every time in London... with different drinks though!

James Divine.

Waiting... (before the gig Yvonne and I were dancing on the stage for hours, heheh .. but luckily there's no pictures of that!)

Finally ! I was like in heaven, really ... Never been so excited at a gig before. I was dancing and singing.. Yeah, me, singing! (I never ever sing anywhere!)

Pete still is beatiful. Even though not a natural beauty anymore, heheh. But really, I don't think his surgery has gone as wrong as people say, he doesn't look like an ugly monster ...

I adore his style. Those puffy sleeves, leather bra, tie ... Just amazing.

He only played 5 songs though..

Rebel Rebel, That's The Way (I Like It), Something In My House, Brand New Lover and of course .. You Spin Me Right Round.

The videos I took ..

Well, that's all about this trip to London. Unfortunately this time we didn't take so much pictures with people at The Eagle or East Bloc (went to party there on Friday, met Alejandro and his friends there!) .. But hopefully going to London soon again !! I just love that city more and more everytime I'm there .. ♥

Monday, 21 February 2011

Camden Town (feb 2011)

Didn't want to put everything into one blog post, would've been too long ... So wanted to dedicate one post to Camden Town!

I LOVE Camden Town. It's the best place for shopping in London I think.. Oxford Street etc., they're so mainstream, full of stuff that everyone wears .. In Camden Town, you can find more extraordinary things! There's lots of rock and goth style clothes ..

 And of course, great shoes ...

And what's the best .... vintage clothes!! ♥ We were like in heaven ! I just loooove those extraordinary stunning vintage clothes! (unfortunately taking pics wasn't allowed at those shops...)

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