Monday, 21 February 2011

Camden Town (feb 2011)

Didn't want to put everything into one blog post, would've been too long ... So wanted to dedicate one post to Camden Town!

I LOVE Camden Town. It's the best place for shopping in London I think.. Oxford Street etc., they're so mainstream, full of stuff that everyone wears .. In Camden Town, you can find more extraordinary things! There's lots of rock and goth style clothes ..

 And of course, great shoes ...

And what's the best .... vintage clothes!! ♥ We were like in heaven ! I just loooove those extraordinary stunning vintage clothes! (unfortunately taking pics wasn't allowed at those shops...)


  1. Candem, oh Candem! One day, I must go back with an empty suitcase to fill it with a full day of just shopping there!

  2. @Pili: Yeah! This time we only had cabin luggage so couldn't do so much shopping ... But I know where I'll spend my money when I'll finally be living in London! heheh ♥ xx

  3. yay Camden Town :D the best place to go shopping =D ... I LOVE camden town because of the goth clothes :)
    and you sure bought some things didn't u? :D

  4. Camden looks so beautiful and grey! And that rose print fabric (corner of the vintage shop pic) is to die for!

  5. It looks like a very cool town with a lot of cute shops *.*
    i wanna go there now LOL


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