Saturday, 19 February 2011

London pics ! (feb 2011)

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I was in London last weekend. It was just a quick visit, only for the weekend.. Went there mostly for the Pete Burns gig (which I'm going to blog about later.)

This time I went there with my friend Yvonne. Didn't even have much time to plan this trip, it just happened, heheh. I knew that there's going to be Pete Burns gig but I didn't think it'd be possible for me to go.. But, the flights happened to be quite cheap and Yvonne wanted to go with me so .. :D

It was my first, and the last time I stayed in a hostel. The location was nice though, it was right in the centre of London, very near London Eye etc.. But hostel - no it's just not for me, I need my privacy and space !

We didn't even use tube at all .. Buses are better, we could see so much more ! And it's not even so difficult to use them when you get used to it and the maps.

Note to self: Never get on the bus if you don't have a valid travel card or some other ticket ...

We even happened to drive past Euston station, and The Shaw Theatre! Heheh, memories ... ♥ Went there for Boy George gig 3 years ago! It was my first trip to London .. And the first time I saw Boy George.

It was soo warm in London, and there was no snow!

Love those colourful houses!

You can't go to London and not take picture of Big Ben. Hahah ..

I was playing with Yvonne's camera while she was applying make up in Selfridge's toilets !

She loved those glasses. And the guys in the shops - they loved us ...

Such a beautiful purple building.

(some of the pics taken by Yvonne!)


  1. Haa didn't like the hostel? What a surprise :'D But well.. guess it's better than nothing and it was just what.. 2 nights? ^^ Awesome pics! And yeah I also noticed that there's quite good maps at the bus stops ! And we learnt that it's always better to use the front door when getting on the bus !! That bus driver was INSANE! We had our suitcases and tried to get on.. he just closed the doors when Pirki was between them! AND then AGAIN when Ilona!! Ough.
    Luckily you have pics ! As you know I'm sooooo lazy to take them.. waiting for your post about Pete !

  2. Awesome! Lucky you having nice weather in London!

    I was stuck in London's Heathrow! for 5 days trying to get back home with loads of snow!

  3. you look like you had a great time :)
    loving your make up!! x

  4. looks like a really fun weekend :D, glad you enjoyed your stay =)
    looking forward to your post about Pete Burns gig :D...
    and :D love your pictures!! :)

  5. @Nea: Hahah! But it was the cheapest option.. And yeah, it was just two nights so .. who cares where I spend those few hours :D But whenm I stay longer in London, I won't stay in a hostel.. I need my space and privacy, and good mirror and everything. And I don't want to think about others, I don't want to be so quiet. XD
    Hahah .. I always use the front door, as I'm still quite confused how things work there and don't know if it's allowed to get on the bus using the other doors, and I still don't know if you have to show your travel card everytime, or actually I don't know when you should show it as sometimes they want to see it and sometimes they just ignore you .. lol.
    Soo you're waiting for my blog about the gig so you can steal my pics? :(( hahah. I always have to take pics, I need memories ♥

    @Pili: Oh .. I've always wished that I could get stuck in London too, hahah!

    @R May A: Thanks :) I really had great time, as always in London!

    @Siz: It really was a fun weekend. ♥ I wanna have weekends like this more often ! Going to post about the gig soooon. (lol, after months of not-blogging, now I have so much to say ... Btu don't want to post just everything at the same time :DD)


  6. haha yeah you're right posting everything on the same time isn't the best idea :D you can post everyday as long as you have things to blog about :D
    I need to blog about few things too xD
    but I'll wait until you post your gig memories :D

  7. Haha yes.. after parties in the hotel room! :D Ah those buses are weird! The best way is to show your travel card everytime and use the front door I guess. ^^
    HAHA yes! Noo.. I wouldn't steal *puppyface*! No, really I just want to see that evening through your camera haha ! And as I noticed on Facebook I'm disturbing one of your photos! HA. And it's just fun to read your blog .. ^^ x

  8. London is so beautiful *.*
    and love that striped pink dress :D

  9. so cool to see such lovely shots...i love what yoo are wearing...esp the 2nd pic...yoo are awesome!!!

  10. @Siz: I think I've posted a bit too often anyway but ... whatever, this is my blog. XD
    I hope I'll have things to blog about for a looong time. It's not so dark anymroe so make up experiments are possible again, heheh ♥

    @Nea: Indeed, after parties in the hotel room! Why would you go straight to the bed after a great night.. hahah. Yeah you're right, that's the best way, but remember to make sure your travel card is calid so you don't have to pay so much ... XD
    Glad that you like it ♥

    @Abby Vicious: The most beautiful city in the world. ^_^ And thanks !

    @Orchid: Thank youu ♥


  11. yeah :D you don't have to mind what others say :) I think you should post as often as you feel like :D
    and it is your blog so do whatever you want with it :D
    & I'm sure you'll find many things to blog about :)

  12. Whooou Kings cross! :D Haluan sinne. :D

    Ollaan varmaan kerrottukin, mutta meillä oli Heidin kanssa sellaiset suunnitelmat että oltais joku kerta tultu sun mukaan Lontooseen, ahtauduttu sun matkalaukkuihin, Lontoossa menty King's Crossille ja sitten siellä venattu niin kauan että seuraava juna tylypahkaan lähtee. Ah, home sweet home <3 :D

  13. @Mimma: Hahah, tervetuloo vaan ! Voin saattaa teiät juna-asemalle sit XD


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