Wednesday, 16 February 2011

purple draped bubble skirt

I went to London last weekend. (going to blog more about that later..)

Had a massive outfit crisis before leaving, didn't know what to wear as all my clothes felt far too ordinary .. I don't want to go out to have fun in the same clothes which I have already worn in my everyday life, at school etc.. (That's why I hate my style, I always wear the same stuff, don't have any special clothes for parties or anything, my everyday life is my party. heheh)

So I had to make something new on Friday. I used my leather blazer's leftover fabrics to make this skirt .. The result surprised me as I had only less than 5 hours and no patterns or anything to do this !

If I had more time, I could have done something more groovy but well.. at least this was something I haven't worn before!


  1. That's an awesome skirt! Great job!

  2. wow great :) .. maybe you should more often do things in few hours ;) you would get more things like that and won't have any outfit crisis anymore ;)
    btw I too have outfit crisis when I'm goin to party XD since I go and hang out every wednesday with my friends at a club so it's hard to always find a new look or do something new with my hair xD

  3. loving that skirt :)
    amazing job!! x

  4. wooww amazing skirt!!
    perfect mix between the leather and the purple color
    but i think it's kinda short isn't it?
    or just my opinion?

  5. Wow that skirt is amazing. I am in love with the color, purple is so pretty!

  6. @Pili: Thanks!

    @Siz: Thank you :D You're so right ... I should do more clothes :D I can do them really fast if I have to ... But when we do something at school, it takes forever to get it ready, don't know why x)
    Oh ... Poor you :'D you really should learn to make your own clothes too! Party every wednesday ... so difficult to choose the clothes :'D

    @R May A: Thanks! :)

    @kathyeffinjacobs: Thanks!

    @ince luciana: Thanks!! :) I know it's a bit short, but I didn't have a choice, I used all the fabrics I got, as I said I made this skirt from the leftover fabrics of the blazer I made earlier . But well, it's not too short anyway, it's still wearable !

    @ryan: Thank you! I love purple too .


  7. xD yeah it really is specially when it's still cold outside xD and you walk 45mins in the cold X)... but with the summer I guess it gets easier... (hopefully xD)... or well I guess I just have to learn sewing as you said ^^ would be easier then I'd have maaaany clothes xD

    you definitely should do more clothes :D you'd never have to buy any clothes anymore :D because you'Re so talented and you can do them :D


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