Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Pete Burns @ The Eagle on 12th Feb

Dreams really can come true. It's proved, again! I never thought it'd be possible for me too see Pete Burns performing live (I know, I should have lived in the 80s....) but well, it happened!! ♥

Before the gig we were sitting outside and drinking .. It was so warm!! I love London weather .. Couldn't even imagine going to spend time outside in this freezing cold weather in Finland in February!

That WKD Blue drink is delicious! Unfortunately they don't sell it in Finland ... Haha, seems like I take a pic like this every time in London... with different drinks though!

James Divine.

Waiting... (before the gig Yvonne and I were dancing on the stage for hours, heheh .. but luckily there's no pictures of that!)

Finally ! I was like in heaven, really ... Never been so excited at a gig before. I was dancing and singing.. Yeah, me, singing! (I never ever sing anywhere!)

Pete still is beatiful. Even though not a natural beauty anymore, heheh. But really, I don't think his surgery has gone as wrong as people say, he doesn't look like an ugly monster ...

I adore his style. Those puffy sleeves, leather bra, tie ... Just amazing.

He only played 5 songs though..

Rebel Rebel, That's The Way (I Like It), Something In My House, Brand New Lover and of course .. You Spin Me Right Round.

The videos I took ..

Well, that's all about this trip to London. Unfortunately this time we didn't take so much pictures with people at The Eagle or East Bloc (went to party there on Friday, met Alejandro and his friends there!) .. But hopefully going to London soon again !! I just love that city more and more everytime I'm there .. ♥


  1. It's fantastic that you managed to have a great time! And also that you got to see live an artist you love and thought you wouldn't be able to see!

  2. Pete Burns is always in the gossip mags over here moaning about how all his surgeries went wrong. Literally every few months he'll be in one! Aha, blue WKD is nice, it's known as a kid's drink over here because that's what everyone starts on when they're about 15 :P

  3. Aaa love the videos (and there's some quite familiar looking guy in front of you...ha)! ^^ Haha I didn't even notice that leather bra! And love that last pic. :DD xx

  4. Looks like fun! I loooove your dress - did you make it yourself?

  5. oh wow - you got to see him live!
    looks like a great night!! x

  6. sul on makee tyyli. meikeistä tulee vähän mieleen siouxsie sioux, ei ollenkaan huono asia :)

  7. yoo girls ROCK!!! I really hope i get the chance to meet yoo in person and actually experience your side of the world!!!

  8. amazing :D <3
    maybe you get more chances to see him :D and maybe he then sings more than 5songs!! :D fantasic!! =D

    you took great pictures!! :D He's so pretty!!

  9. @Pili: I knooow! It's just super fantastic and I'm so happy. ♥ It's already the second time in my life that I've managed to see a favourite artist of mine that I thought I wouldn't be able to see ... First Boy George, now Pete Burns!

    @Beauty's Bad Habit: Well, if my surgeries went so wrong that my lips almost needed amputitation and I'd have to have 18 months of reconstructive surgery ... I guess I'd be moaning too, hahah.
    But yeah it's so funny how he still has so many surgeries, I'd be too afraid of them going wrong again ! But whatever, it's his life and money and face !
    Heh, I don't care if it's known as a kid's drink, it tastes sooo good, and it also looks great. :DD

    @Nea: Hahah! Oh you didn't notice that leather bra?? WHAT were you looking at the gig then if not his outfit? XD

    @kathyeffinjacobs: Thank youuu! It was fun!The dress is not made by me, I actually bought it in some vintage store in Camden Town!

    @R May A: It indeed was a great night! ♥

    @Anonymous: Kiiiitos :) Heh oonkin aika useesti saanu kommenttia et mussa ja Siouxsiessa ois samaa näköö! Pitäis varmaan joskus tarkotuksella kokeilla tehä joku Siouxsie meikki. :D

    @Orchid: Thank youu! Yeah would be amazing to meet you in person someday!!

    @Siz: Indeeeed ♥ One of the best nights in my life. I'm very happy now, I don't have to want anything more, if there will be a second chance, it's great, but I've seen him now once and that's perfect. :))


  10. NICE OUTFITS! Going to see Pete Burns sounds FREAKING SWEET! You spin me right round baby right round.....

  11. yeah :D but maybe there's a 2nd time ;) you never know but the best thing is that you at least had a chance to see him live :D

  12. @Vulcan_Butterfly: Thanks! It was FREAKING FANTASTIC!! ♥

    @Siz: Yeah, who knows :D But I'm extremely happy that there was at least the one time. ♥


  13. Mä luin tosta, kun olit tuol Pete Burnsin keikalla, niin tulin kateelliseks. Mä oon myös Pete Burnsin suuri fani, ja mä haluaisin niin kovasti nähdä hänet myös livenä!


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