Wednesday, 22 February 2012

purple & green make up

Make up of the day: purple and green eyeshadow, huge eyebrows, long winged liner, fake eyelashes and black lips with a touch of blue.

I really like purple & green colour combo, but it wasn't until today when I actually got around doing a look with these colours together.  I also tried a pair of fake eyelashes I got from my friend Tommi like forever ago. I think I should start wearing fake eyelashes more often! They really complete any make up look and make it more dramatic. I've always thought it takes too much time and effort to put them on properly.. But it's not really that difficult, it just take practise! 

The zebra dress is made by me.

Thursday, 16 February 2012


More outfit & make up posts - that's what I'm going to try to do more often from now on, again.

This is the latest jacket I made. Purple wool fabric, black lace and leather. I'm very happy with how it turned out, though the collar isn't as perfect as I'd have wanted it to be.. I love fake leather, but I hate sewing it!

And here's two other purple outfits. The left one has been my favourite outfit lately, I wear it almost all the time! The outfit on the right is the one I was wearing today. It's been like forever since I wore anything like that, as I've only wanted to wear some large shirts and ties recently.. But today I felt like trying something different again. I've lots of clothes, would be a waste to leave most of them just hanging in the racks and collecting dust!

My make up of the day was also more dramatic than usually. I've been super lazy when it comes to make up.. Haven't done any extreme or colourful looks lately, just simple black smokey eye look everyday. Boring.

I have to admit, I'm so obsessed with my iPhone that I even used Instagram to edit the pics! Unfortunately it automatically crops the pictures so I can't use it for absolutely everything though..

Christmas in Soho

Christmas in Soho launch party and show at Trannyshack on 7th December

"XMAS IN SOHO" -the fantastic new Christmas track and video written and put together by Ben from BOISOUNDS MUSIC and THE VERY MISS Dusty "O"in aid of the non for profit organisation STATUS - encouraging people to get tested for HIV.
Featuring a plethora of SOHO entertainers , singers , drag artiste's , and faces about town this project is truly a SOHO based community one ; Dusty "O" , beehive queen Miss Mari Wilson , Linda Lewis , Jennie from the Belle Stars , Jay Jon from Dead or Alive , Zee Asha from Chicago and Culture Club fame , Nathan James , Holestar , David Hoyle , Marc Massive , Lorenza Johnson , The famous Trannyshack Gurlz , Gozra Lozano , Bambi Fantastic , Marc Abe and many more .  

Buy the single here ...

Massice Ego - I Idolize You

Marc Massive & Dusty O - My Heart Goes Bang

Jey Jon

Vicki Vivacious & Vanilla Lush
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