Sunday, 13 March 2011

blue & black cut crease make up

I was playing with make up before going to The Saturnettes gig, and this is the result. Didn't want to do anything too dramatic but not too simple either ..

Loved the purple blush! Usually I always focus on the eye make up, but lately I've noticed that playing with different blushes is fun too!


  1. Hey! Thanks so much for your kind words! I'm afraid I don't use my blogspot anymore... I've moved on and grown up a little! Here's my new tumblr:
    Though it's quite different to the old blog.
    Thanks again for your support! Keep your awesome blog going :)

  2. Aaaaawesome! You should move to London, I bet the Illamasqua people would snap you up!

  3. I love that bright light blue - it contrasts perfectly with the black cut crease :)
    your lips look amazing by the way!! x

  4. @Marta: Thanks!

    @Laura Audrey Brown: Ohh thanks for the link! I'll check your tumblr out :)

    @joana: Thanks!

    @Robyn: I WISH ;D That's the plan .. to move to london at least !

    @..R May A..: Thank youu :)



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