Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Saturnettes @ Vastavirtaklubi on 3rd March

Last week I went to see The Saturnettes with my friends Nea and Mimma.

It was the first time I went to Vastavirtaklubi .. I've been upstairs once before but never downstairs, (only almost once when I tried to get in but was too young .. hahah.).

The Saturnettes is Jann Wilde's new band, or his side project or whatsoever, and this was their first gig. It was also the first time in almost 4 years that I even considered about not going to their gig .. (dunno why!) I'm glad I went there though, it was great!

Loved hearing so many new songs! They played only few songs I've heard before, and even they weren't something I've heard too many times yet, they're not even in older Jann Wilde albums. I was surprised to hear a very old song, Girl Named Sue ! Can't even remember if I've heard it live after one acoustic gig in 2007, which was actually one of my very first gigs.

Jann Wilde never disappoints, he's such an amazing songwriter.

Their music video for their first single 'Cadillac'. The video was released yesterday, and I love it, soo funny pics.


  1. wish I could've gone with you :D I'd love to seem 'em live again or bettersaid ;) for the "first time" xD
    can't wait until july ^^

    btw... have u seen?.. the Ark'll be @Tammerfest <33 yay!! must see!! ^^

  2. LOVE IT. thanks for introducing me to them <3

  3. @Siz: Less than 2 months left till you can see them! :D

    @.: Glad to hear you like them <3

    @Vulcan_Butterfly: Thanks!



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