Monday, 28 March 2011

The Saturnettes @ Varjobaari on 26th March

 (Yeah... A gig post, again! What a surprise ;) But this one doesn't contain so many gig pics!)

Before the gig, Nea and I were sitting ... somewhere where was warm .. listening to music, drinking, talking and taking pictures!


(Nea, I just noticed .. the way YOU combine prints, quite ardeish! Add some colours too;))

I looved Nea's lashes . ♥ Her make up was inspired by Illamasqua's new collection, Toxic Nature . You can see it in the shape of her eyebrows.. I've planned to do Toxic Nature inspired make up too, or not inspired but to just to try to copy some of the looks from their promo pics, lol. (I guess I should start doing things instead of just planning to do them!)

Well .. Today I'll meet Nea when she gets home from work and we'll play with make up.. I can promise you, it won't be pretty! I won't tell you what looks we're doing.. But blonde wig is necessary to both of our looks. ;)

At the gig I took mostly videos, as  I hate red/green light.. Maybe I should start uploading Jann Wilde gig videos to youtube again?

But I think I want The Saturnettes to have a gig at Klubi. The lighting is so good there and I love taking pics there, I don't even have to think about the settings of my camera, the pics are always perfect.

This was the first time in years that we took pictures with Jann. Mostly he was just making some funny faces and I'm not going to post those pics here ..  Some of you might have been lucky and fast enough to see one on facebook before I deleted it, hehh.


  1. cool pix :D
    btw why did u delete that one with the funny face?

  2. yoo girls are just adorable and so doll-like...loving all your posts below...just in love with yoo all...cheers!!!

  3. @Siz: Jann didn't like it so much.. :)

    @Orchid: Aww thank youuu!



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