Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Miss Drag Queen contest @DTM on 1st April

Nea and I went to Helsinki last Friday, to see Miss Drag Queen 2011 contest @DTM.

Nea's lashes ♥__♥

The dress I wore is made by me. Maybe I should take a better picture of it and show you...

Here's the drag queens. I took videos of couple of the first artist but unfortunately somehow managed to lose them .. The first contestant was Laila-Annikki - and the second one was Miss Hero (who also was  the 2nd winner of the contest!) She was my favourite.. after Linnea, of course!) ..

While waiting for the results of the contest, Martina Aitolehti was performing few songs ..(hahah)

The hosts, NikoLa and Cristal Snow. (Nikola is the drag artist who was performing that funny song @Tampere Pride 2010! And I used to like Cristal Snow's music some years ago.)

And the winner was .. Of course, Linnea Von Kattendam ! (She's also the Drag Artist of the year 2011!)

Me with the winner !

Had a great night! Sorry about the lack of good pics ... Maybe next time there'll be more!

 And last.. The video of Linnea Von Kattendam's performance!


  1. You go to the best nights out! I like the queen with the orange dress. she looks awesome! :D

  2. wow how great:D I wanna c smth like that too :) ... =D

  3. @Robyn: Yeah, I go to the best nights out .. even though they happen quite rarely here 8(

    @Siz: There's no drag shows in Austria? :D Hmmh if I remember right, when you come here in July, we can go to see Linnea Von Kattendam! ;)



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