Thursday, 14 April 2011

Johanna Tukiainen - make up

I've wanted to do this look for ages! Now I finally did it .. Nea borrowed me her lovely blonde wig too, this look would be nothing without it!

(in case some of you don't know .. Johanna Tukiainen is one of the most unnecessary celebrities in Finland ... Google her!) 

At first .. Me without the wig. Yeah, I promise, I won't get tanned in summer! Pale is beautiful! ♥

Me as Johanna Tukiainen

The same wig - but a different look. Nea as Dee Snider!


  1. lol the blonde wig changes your face so much! This is great.

  2. Lol, I love the lip liner! I had to google Johanna Tukiainen... I think I get what you mean by unneccesary! Did you do the Dee Snider look too?

  3. AAAAAA JONNA. I AM HORRIBLE ! XD And my cheeks are baaaaaad.. maybe I have to do that again ... and do it better :D But ahh you're gorgeous Tuksu.. I think you should go to see her like that lol!

  4. good job, looks just like her! :D

  5. @Amanda: Thanks!

    @Cydonian: Hahah I know! I wouldn't even regocnise myself lol .. :D

    @Robyn: Hahah! At least she gives me a good laugh .. So much fun to read about her life, lol. I didn't do the Dee Snider look.. Maybe I should ! :D

    @Nea: Hahahh. The idea wasn't do a perfect make up looks, just to have some fun! :D But yeah we should do something like this again someday. Or maybe something with sequins! ;) Hahahhh yeah I know, I'm starting to get ready for tonight soon and I guess I'll do thios make up .. Could you bring the wig ?? XD

    @Tinja: Lol thanks!


  6. You look like a doll!

  7. @Lucyana Mendes: Aww thanks!



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