Sunday, 28 February 2010


Let me introduce you our new puppy, Rölli!

I wasn't so excited about getting a new dog.. Because I didn't want to get a westie, I wanted a rottweiler! As we've always before had a rottweiler. But well.. I have to admit that this little white thing, he's very cute! ♥

Saturday, 27 February 2010

savings are safe

I got to satisfy my sudden hunger for shopping when I went to H&M yesterday but saved money as I found nothing! It's actually just a good thing. I'm not supposed to buy anything now as I'm saving money because I want to go to London again.

And all those dresses I wanted were sold from the online shop too. So what I learned from this: If I see something I want, I should buy it immadiately because tomorrow it could be too late.

Yesterday was nice. I went to see a friend before going to Tampere. And in Tampere, I accidentally bumped into a friend I haven't seen since summer holiday! So I spend some time with her and we did some catch up. Again, listening to how is she doing.. It made me realise how easy and simple my life is. There's no such relationship dramas in my life.

And.. We got a puppy today! I'm going to take more pictures tomorrow in the daylight.


There was a blackout last night. It lasted hours.. Really, you can't do anything without electricity! No internet, no TV, no listening to music, no reading or anything else.. Just nothing! I wonder, how did people survive when there was no electricity at all?
 But it was worst for my dad. Due to the blackout, he couldn't watch some important ice hockey game on TV!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

the early bird catches the worm..

.. and I'm afraid I'm not one of those lucky early birds!
Most of those lovely clothes had disappeared from the H&M online shop! Before I managed to buy anything... Well, tomorrow I'm going to H&M in Tampere, maybe there's something left..

waistcoat love

I bought the waistcoat a long time ago but haven't wore it many times. But last weekend I wore it, and fell in love with it! Today I was wearing it again.. With a long shirt (or should I say a dress) I borrowed from my mum's closet. I'm often borrowing her clothes.. Her large blouses are so comfortable to wear!
And my winter holiday started today! No school tomorrow, no school next week.. Even though I love being there, long school days make me so tired.. So I'm glad some time for rest too.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

H&M sale

Blouse 19.95€ (34.95€)
(I'd love it if it was some other colour..)

 Bolero 7.95€ (14.95€)
 A velvet dress 12.95€ (49.95€)

Dress 12.95€ (34.95€)

Skirt 19.95€ (29.95€)
 Dress 14.95€ (49.95€)
Dress 14.95€ (69.95€)

Dress 9.95€ (19.95€)
Dress 12.95€ (19.95€)

Jacket 17.45€ (34.95€)

I want to go shopping!

eye shadow killer

Yeah. I did it.Again. I dropped my black eye shadow. And it fell to pieces.

Why do I always drop my black eye shadows? But nothing bad ever happens to my other eye shadows. Maybe it's because I don't use the others, so I can't drop them. Haha.. But the black one, I use it every day. Anyway.. Now my make up bag is all black inside and whatever product I touch, my hands gets black too. How nice.

And I have no idea what kind of black eye shadow I should buy next. The ones I've bought here before, they haven't been good.. Either too glittery or bluish or messy or something. This Bobby Brown eye shadow was very good.. I bought it in London (after dropping my previous eye shadow I needed a new one...). I went to John Lewis to look for new eye shadow and the Bobby Brown was the first one that I saw and I thought it must be good as Shiva Queen uses it too. But they don't sell Bobby Brown products in Finland.. Well, I can still use this one but not keep it in my make up bag. But I hope I'll find some other good eye shadow too. And next time.. I'll try to handle it with more care and not kill it!

Monday, 22 February 2010

Nitrokiss @ Klubi on 21th Feb

It's been months since I've been at gigs, and the last time I've seen Nitrokiss was almost an year ago (@ Klubi 22.3.2009)! So it was nice to go to a gig again, after a long break. Even though the gig wasn't so special.. It was just ok.

They mostly played new songs that are still unfamiliar to me. Unlike Jann Wilde's songs, these songs requires more than one time to hear them before they start to sound familiar.

And how dare Petteri not take his shirt off! Or not even that white long sleeved shirt/jacket he was wearing.. That's the idea of going to gigs.. To see HOT rock stars and forget it's still freezing winter here! Hahah..

And he was wearing a PIPO during the whole gig! Ärgh. (What the hell is pipo in english?? Don't know.. Whatever. That thing he has on his head!) Too wintry.. And he looks much better without it..

Here's some pictures I took at the gig.
I took this picture (below) at the gig few years ago (@Tampere-talo 14.9.2007)
It's the only one I have left from there! Because when my computer broke down.. I lost all other pictures.. This one got saved because I had posted it on my irc-galleria blog then. Anyway.. He looks much better when he's wearing less clothes, doesn't he!

Yeah. I had fun!

movie weekend

The last weekend was so unusual! Normally I spend the weekend mostly at home, resting and relaxing but now there was only few hours when I was there!

On Friday, my classmate and I went to the movies, to see Avatar. Even though I don't usually like watching any scifi/fantasy movies, I liked this one! And the 3D classes were cool too.. Hahah.
No buses went to Nokia after the movie, because it ended so late. So I stayed the night at my classmate's house.
On Saturday, I went home to take a shower and get ready. And soon had to go back to Tampere. It was a beautiful day, I could even see the sun! And the blue sky.. It was nice as the sky has been white/grey for so long!
I was wondering what to wear.. It has to be something comfortable because we were going to watch movies for hours. At home I'm always wearing my mum's old shirt which is a tunic for me.. But I couldn't wear it anywhere else than home because it doesn't look as good as it feels! It looks like what it is.. A far too big and wide shirt! Well, I found a solution.. I disguised my home tunic with a waistcoat that I haven't realised to wear before! Now I could wear my most comfortable tunic without it looking too big for me..
09VO1B Saw marathon! We went to watch all 5 Saw movies at my another classmates house, and stayed the night there.  There was supposed to be almost everyone from my class but some of the cancelled so there wasn't so many of us.. Anyway, we had so much fun! This was actually the first time when I saw any of my classmates anywhere else than at school! The movies were good too..

Friday, 19 February 2010

something about my bags

This silver bag has always been my favourite. It's small enough, but not too small! And I love silver colour. But.. I've used the bag so much and it's dead now! It's too worn out to look good anymore..

I like my leopard bag, but it's unnecessary big. Sometimes I need a big bag but I don't carry so much stuff with me when I go to school or to see friends.. So usually a smaller bag is enough for me. And  I couldn't even use this leopard bag with my leopard clothes!

I've needed a new bag. But I haven't said it out loud, because I don't like wanting things when I know I couldn't afford them at the moment.. And still, few days ago my grandma gave me a bag! A small, simple, black bag with many pockets. Just like I've needed!

Monday, 15 February 2010

RE: SQ'sW QA Answers Time January

I wanted to make a video response to this video as he (Christian) suggested in the end of it. I tried filming it, but I can't.. I can't stand seeing and hearing myself on the video. I'm very shy person and I feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, and speaking english just makes it worse as I'm not good at pronouncing the words in english. I know I should practise, I won't ever learn otherwise.. But talking to the camera isn't my cup of tea.

Well, I'm bored and decided to make a some kind of response here on my blog instead uploading a video on youtube. Writing is something I like to do.. But I write on here so anyone isn't "forced" to read this.

If you were to place an item in a time capsule that would be opened 100 years from now, what item would you choose and why?
-My diaries. It's actually more than just one item, as you can see.. I've been writing diary daily for about 9 years. I never let anyone to read them, I only write them for myself. I write about everything, whatever is on my mind.. Things I don't want or just can't talk to anyone about. But in 100 years, there wouldn't be living anyone who'd know me or know those people I've written about so it wouldn't matter. If the people in 100 years would read my diaries.. They'd get to know me. And I'd be happy to know that I'm not totally forgotten when I'm dead..

Best TV-show?
-I watch TV a lot.. All the TV-shows I watch, they're ok, some are better than others but I don't know what would I call my favourite. I like Sex & The City, Desperate Housewives.. I just started watching Ashes to Ashes too. One great show I watched in summer was Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso. I also love Project Runway. There's been some amazing designers.. My favourites are Christian Siriano (who's actually the reason why I started watching Project Runway, it was before I got interested in fashion or sewing.. But I saw him on TV, he looked fierce and after that I was glued to TV every Thursday when Project Runway was on TV, lol) and Antti Asplund, from finnish Project Runway. What else.. Well, I watch Salatut Elämät. I have no idea why I watch it.. It really isn't good show. But everyone watches it and.. It's just a routine, everyday from Monday to Friday at 19.30, Salatut Elämät. Hahah..

Person I admire most?
-My mum. She's very close to me.. I love her, she's the best mum ever!

Favourite movie?
-Since I was a little girl, my favourite movie has been Braveheart. Even though I haven't watched it in ages, I always say it as my favourite movie. I like watching movies, I've been watching them a lot during the last year.. Party Monster was great! I also liked The Notebook. I mostly like dramas. I like watching something that's based on a true story, or something that could happen in the reality. I'm not huge fan of horror movies, as I haven't watched them a lot.. When I was a kid, I used to like The Shining. I also loved Stephen King's books then.Watching horror movies in the company of someone who's scared.. It's fun though! At last Christmas, we watched When Stranger Calls with my family and it was sooo much fun.. Mum was so scared.. And later my brother wanted to scare him and called her from unknown number and mum was in  panic and couldn't answer the phone!
I haven't seen any SAW movies. But, next weekend I'm going to spend a night at my classmate's, we have a SAW night and there's going to be almost everyone from our class. We're going to watch all 5 SAW movies!
And hey, I almost forgot! Naked Civil Servant. It could be called as one of my favourite movies too.

Who inspires me?
-Boy George. He's the person who's had the biggest influence in my life. It's not just the style, clothes and make up.. But the music and personality.. Just everything! He's absolutely stunning. There's some other amazing guys too who inspire me, like Pete Burns, Marc Almond and Jeffree Star. Without Boy George I wouldn't even had probably heard of those others though! Well, without Jann Wilde & Rose Avenue I probably wouldn't have ever heard of Boy George.. One thing leads to another.. But well, maybe I could make another blog post about that some other day, it might be a too long story for this as it doesn't exactly reply to the question "who inspires me". But yeah,  it's Boy George who inspires me the most.

Moving to London
-I'll move to London in 2012, after graduating. It's been my dream for years. It started when I came back from London in January 2008 and it was time for me to decide what to do in my life, what I want to study.. I was totally lost, I had no idea what I wanted and I made a wrong choise and I wasted one year in a school I knew I wasn't going to stay till the end and well.. It's a long story.. But now I know what I want, I'm studying what I want and I'll move to London in 2 years as it's what I want! I'm just tired of living here, it's so boring here.. I think London is the place where I'd belong.. I'm sure I'll love living there. People are amazing there, and it's so warm too! And the city is so big.. I just love it. Tampere is so boring. And I don't even live in Tampere, I live in some even smaller and more boring city next to it!

Are you single?
Yeah I'm single too. I've been a single for a year now.. But I don't mind. Even though sometimes I'm so lonely.. It would be nice to feel loved.. It could be amazing, if I met the right person but I haven't been so lucky. In my previous relationships there's always been too much jealousy.. And cheating.
And I haven't even seen anyone interesting lately. Well, I have but it seems like I always fall for guys who're gays so I have no chance! Anyway, I don't need a boy-or girlfriend, friends are enough to make me happy!

I know, watching a video would have been much more interesting than reading a blog post.. But I made my best to make this as less boring as possible, by summarising my answers a lot, I could have written at least 10 times longer! I'm actually very proud of myself, as I could control myself and not write so long this time!

It was very interesting to watch Christian's video and hear his replys to those questions and everything.. I love learning more about him, and watching his videos.. He's gorgeous!

Siz, or whoever else is reading this, please check him out! ShivaQueenWorld


Saturday, 13 February 2010

leopard hoodie

This is the hoodie I made. Long hoodie with a large hood, and slightly gathered sleeves. It's very warm..

This hoodie could be used as a spring/autumn jacket. Oh, I can't wait till it's spring.. I really miss seeing the sun, and walking on asphalt!

I can wear this hoodie at home too when it's cold here.. So when I'm watching TV or something, I don't have to be wrapped anymore in those green fleece blankets you can see on the couch behind me. Leopard pattern is much more my style.. Green isn't a colour for me at all.

And no make up! Couldn't be bothered to put on any make up, it's Saturday morning and I'll probably just stay at home today so.. I give my face to a break from make up, and let it feel clean and fresh today.

Friday, 12 February 2010

i ♥ libraries

I went to the library today. I was meant just go and return the film I borrowed two weeks ago (Naked Civil Servant) and check if someone has returned the book I've been waiting for weeks, Tainted Life.. But no, it's not returned yet even though it should have been already on Tuesday!

But it doesn't matter.. I can wait. And I found something else, very fascinating!

Rocky Horror Picture Show DVD. I've wanted to see it since I watched a video, Sweet Transvestite, that my friend Siz linked on her blog post. I can't ever resist transvestites.. Hahah.

Quentin Crisp & Donald Carroll - Doing It With Style. Unfortunately this book is translated into finnish though.. I always prefer reading books in their original language.

And last but definitely not least...

Dave Rimmer - New Romantics: The Look. I'm so excited about this book, I've always been very interested in new romantics! I love them.. The clothes, the make up, the hair, the music.. The everything! And this book contains lots of pictures too..

+ I still have four Soft Cell and Marc Almond albums I borrowed from library a week or two ago. I love libraries.. Because of them I can read, watch and listen to stuff I couldn't afford otherwise. Well, someday I'll buy all albums and books and films I want but as a student without a job I can't afford so.. I use libraries.

silver miniskirt

My silver tunic was far too small for me so I decided to try if it could be used for something else .. and I turned it into a miniskirt. Unfortunately I didn't realise to take a picture of the tunic, but it was similar to my other tunic which I have picture of.

Well.. I didn't draw patterns or anything, I just cutted the tunic into pieces and started to sew. Even though I used all the fabric I got from it, expect the sleeves, I couldn't make it any longer skirt.

The satin - it's so difficult to sew!

Anyway.. I don't think I could ever actually be wearing this skirt..

Today I also took home from school the leopard hoodie I sewed there. It's much better made and more wearable than this skirt.. I'm going to show pictures later.
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