Monday, 22 February 2010

movie weekend

The last weekend was so unusual! Normally I spend the weekend mostly at home, resting and relaxing but now there was only few hours when I was there!

On Friday, my classmate and I went to the movies, to see Avatar. Even though I don't usually like watching any scifi/fantasy movies, I liked this one! And the 3D classes were cool too.. Hahah.
No buses went to Nokia after the movie, because it ended so late. So I stayed the night at my classmate's house.
On Saturday, I went home to take a shower and get ready. And soon had to go back to Tampere. It was a beautiful day, I could even see the sun! And the blue sky.. It was nice as the sky has been white/grey for so long!
I was wondering what to wear.. It has to be something comfortable because we were going to watch movies for hours. At home I'm always wearing my mum's old shirt which is a tunic for me.. But I couldn't wear it anywhere else than home because it doesn't look as good as it feels! It looks like what it is.. A far too big and wide shirt! Well, I found a solution.. I disguised my home tunic with a waistcoat that I haven't realised to wear before! Now I could wear my most comfortable tunic without it looking too big for me..
09VO1B Saw marathon! We went to watch all 5 Saw movies at my another classmates house, and stayed the night there.  There was supposed to be almost everyone from my class but some of the cancelled so there wasn't so many of us.. Anyway, we had so much fun! This was actually the first time when I saw any of my classmates anywhere else than at school! The movies were good too..


  1. xD so you liked saw? ^.^
    I loved them when I first watched SAW II with a classmate at cinema.. I started to be a fan of those movies :D

    btw this tunic looks so good on you :) it really fits with that waist coat :D

  2. Yeah I liked SAW :)They were great. Not scary at all.. But it was amazing, how has anyone come up with all those games :D

    Thanks :) I like it too..

  3. xD I think that the most amazing thing about that saw movies is.. that it was some students project xD they didn't have money for the first one.. and it was some term project or so ^^ really nice! :D

  4. What??? Really? I didn't know that! :o Wow..

  5. yeah ^^ I was really shocked... (but the good way) xD it's really cool ^^ right straight form university to a super successfull horrormovie maker :D

  6. yeah.. I really thought I didn't get it right xD.. but I own this special DVD where there are informations on .. :D nice to watch and get to know that a bit ^^ (they even played a role in the 1st movie.. and all their friends ...) because they had not enough money xD

  7. so interesting .. makes the movie more fantastic :D

  8. When I see those movies next time, I'm sure I think of them as even better when I think about what you told me about them.. :D really, I can't believe.. It could have been like whoever, like us making a video as school project.. And now everyone knows it :D

  9. xD I'm so glad my school was no big thing xD haha we had to make a movie project for school.. but only 10 min and it's soo hard to get a movie together within 10min playing time O.o...
    xD once we had to create any radio ad we could think about and make it sound like some radio ad.. xD haha was fun!... but I'm glad noone knows any of that stuff...

  10. 10 min movie?? Wow that's short.. What kind of movie you made?
    Sounds fun! Haha.. wouldn't you like to become famous with your school projects? :')

  11. we tried to make a horror movie xD at least it wasn't scarry at all xD... but it really is hard to get something good done with that short time

    not with that projects xD LOL

  12. Lol I'd love to see the movie you made :DD

  13. haha xD no it's too embarrassing xDD
    i mean it was too short time to make anything exciting happen xD and our idea was so bad.. and we as actors weren't good either

  14. Hahah :D Do you have that video on your pc?

  15. well in styria I think I still have it don't know... xDD but it's so embarassing


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